Evansville Museum Fall Show Provides Updates on What’s Happening on Mars


It has been seven years since the two Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, touched down on Mars and began their mobile exploration of the red planet. Where are they now? Are they still working? Three years ago, another Lander, Phoenix touched down and operated for five months in the artic region of Mars. What did it find? In our Fall planetarium show, MARS UPDATE, we’ll answer these questions and in the process, share with our audience the latest news from Mars.

Our show begins with a fifteen-minute synopsis of how our views on Mars have changed over the years – from the writings of author H.G. Wells and Percival Lowell to the NASA robots, Spirit and Opportunity. We’ll see how a world that was once thought to be full of life and Earth-like was in reality a cold, dusty, dry planet.

Also included is a slide illustrated presentation detailing where you’ll find Mars in the current night sky, the current status of the Rovers, what they’ve discovered, and what other spacecraft have been, or will be doing on Mars. Our Mars Update planetarium show will be presented at 1:00 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday from August 27 – November 27.


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