JUST IN: Evansville Mayoral Candidate Michael Daugherty Releases Current Public Records Requests


Evansville Mayoral Candidate Michael Daugherty just released the results of his current “Public Records Requests” concerning the contracts between Ford Center and the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and the Arena Maintenance Agreement on his website and sent us a copy to post.

Dear City-County Observer Readers

It is important to point out, that the City of Evansville has not fully complied with my recent Public Records Requests.  Consequently, I was forced  to file an additional Public Records Requests with the City of Evansville requesting that they send me the following additional  information:

A)  Copies of any current contracts or lease agreements between the City of Evansville and/or the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and the University of Evansville and all the Prime Tenants regarding events held at the Ford Center

B)  A list of all Prime Tenants for 2022 and 2023 and any financial concessions made to them by the City Of Evansville.

C)  All current contracts and/or leases between the City of Evansville and/or the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and VW Sports of Evansville concerning all events held at the Ford Center.

Posted below is the link to the documents received from my Public Records Request, because I feel that the tax-paying citizens of this community need to know where their hard-earned tax dollars are spent.



When I receive the information requested from my amended Public Records Requests, I shall send them to be published by both the City-County Observer and the Evansville Courier and Press.

Footnote: The City-County Observer posted this letter without bias, editing, or opinion.

If any other candidate for Mayor of Evansville would like to send us a “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” we shall post it without bias, editing, or opinion.


  1. Is this guy on fire or what? He has done more in 30 days than city council has done in 4 years!!

  2. .
    Since we are talking about sharing public records?

    This one is telling:

    Nearly 60% of Americans invested in education for themselves and their children, and have a College degree.

    Trump voters?
    12-15% have a College degree.

  3. The Ford Center barely makes money but let’s spend millions on a new scoreboard. Dumb.

  4. The ford center is at the end of life and it doesn’t make any money yet the current administration keeps pouring money into it. The makes no sense whatsoever. Fix our parks. Fix our roads.

    • Lets be fair. Roberts Stadium had many upgrades and a major facelift. Millions spend. Ford Center is our arena, like it or not. We must maintain it. Like it or not

  5. I have watched Michael and he swayed me from me as a lifelong Democrat, but now his findings has me concerned with whom I’m supporting for city council. Thisbis extremely troublesome. I will wait to see if any council members rally around Michael. If they do, they will get my vote!

  6. Rascher has lost all support from my family seeing how Winnecke has hidden so much of our finances. I’m afraid Natalie will still be controlled by Winnecke and his wife.

  7. All I do is smile bigger every day while Mr Daughtrys campaign skyrockets and the other two plummet. I told my husband this would happen as the other two candidates don’t have the experience that he has. I’m excited to see what he finds in the next month!!

    • Natalie Rascher will continue do do what Winnecke tells her to do. It won’t change one bit. Why keep putting money into the Ford Center when it’s not making any money. We have other issues to deal with here in the city of Evansville The scoreboard is not one of them. Michael Daughert for Mayor! He’s changing peoples votes. He’s the best one for the job.

  8. I don’t see how anyone can’t vote for this guy. If he is fighting this hard for the citizens before the election, imagine what he can do when in office. I’m behind you! You stopped by my house and shared how others say you wouldn’t get a vote in the 4th ward, but you still came up and spoke with me! I want a sign in my yard!

  9. My questions:

    Why has Courier and Press not done anything with these documents?

    Why did sitting city council members not do their due diligence?

    Why is this bring allowed from the citizens.

  10. Daugherty is blowing the lid off of the winnecke administration. I want to hear more about his former parks director’s light sentence. This administration is corrupt and everyone knows it.

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