Evansville Man Found Guilty Of Child Molesting Charges


Late Tuesday evening, a Vanderburgh County Superior Court Jury found 56-year-old Mark Allan Farmer guilty of Child Molesting (Level 1 Felony) and Child Molesting (Level 4 Felony).

The investigation by the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office began after a disclosure by the 6-year-old victim to the child’s mother.  A forensic interview was conducted at Holly’s House in which the child detailed multiple instances of sexual abuse by Farmer, that occurred over a period of time at his residence.  According to Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Detectives, Farmer admitted to at least two instances of sexual abuse involving the victim during an interview in February.

The case was assigned to Vanderburgh County Deputy Prosecutor Kelly Corne who handles cases involving intimate crimes against children.

“I’m very pleased the jury came to the correct verdict,” explained Corne.  “The bravery of young victims in these cases continues to amaze me.”

Before her testimony, the young victim relied upon the comfort of a therapy dog named Finn, a tool for the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office to comfort victims of intimate crimes.

Mark Farmer’s sentencing date is scheduled for January 18th.