Evansville man facing several charges, including child neglect and a weapon charge, after running from police


Evansville Police arrested 20 year old JON EICKOFF on several charges after he ran from officers who attempted to arrest him on a misdemeanor warrant.
The incident began around 7:45 on Sunday night. Officers were dispatched to the area of Broadway and Delmar for a person with a warrant that was possibly armed. Officers were told EICKHOFF was walking in the area and had a gun in his waistband.
Officers arrived and saw EICKOFF and his 4 year old son. When EICKOFF saw the officers he reached towards his son’s bike and began pushing it. When officers told him to step away from the child, EICKOFF stood up and reached for his waistband. Officers told him to put his hands up, but he reached towards the bike again. When an officer tried to grab EICKOFF’S hand, he ran away. EICKOFF fled and left his son behind.
During the chase, EICKOFF and the officer ended up on the ground in a struggle. During the struggle, a handgun fell out of EICKOFF’S waistband. EICKOFF was able to get up and continue running. The officer secured the gun and continued the chase.
EICKOFF ran onto an enclosed porch at 1427 Delmar and tried to hide under a rug. He was taken into custody without further incident.
The officer involved in the chase and struggle received minor injuries during the arrest, but declined medical treatment. EICKOFF was treated for a complaint of pain. The child was picked up by a family member.
EICKOFF was charged with:
Child Neglect L6 Felony
Resisting Law Enforcement L6 Felony
Residential Entry L6 Felony
Possession of a Handgun without a Permit A Misdemeanor
Failure to Appear Warrant