Evansville man arrested on multiple charges after pointing loaded gun at an EPD Officer during a foot chase

Evansville Police arrested 29 year old CORNELIUS RATLIFF on several charges stemming from a car stop and foot chase.
The incident began at 1:15 on Monday afternoon at Weinbach and Covert when officers stopped a truck for speeding. Ratliff was a passenger in the truck. During the stop, officers saw narcotics in the vehicle. Both the driver and Ratliff were asked to get out of the truck. When Ratliff got out, he took off running from the officers.
Ratliff ran about a block and fell in a yard. As he was getting back up, he pointed a handgun at the pursuing officer. Ratliff did not fire the gun, but continued to run. When Ratliff tried to jump onto a flatbed trailer, he slipped and fell again. Ratliff was still holding the gun as the officer caught up to him again and told him to drop it. Ratliff began to turn towards the officer again, but threw the gun when he realized the officer was pointing his gun at him. Ratliff was taken into custody without further incident.
When officers recovered the gun, they found it had a round in the chamber. However, the safety was on, preventing the gun from firing.
Ratliff was charged with:
Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon Class B Felony
Intimidation with a Weapon Class C Felony
Criminal Recklessness Class D Felony
Pointing a Loaded Firearm Class D Felony
Resisting Law Enforcement Class D Felony 


  1. He’s very lucky the officer showed great restraint by not shooting him. Had he turned over I bet he would have been shot. This incident deserves a formal evaluation to determine if the officer should have shot him earlier when he pointed the gun at the officer. While I admire his composure I can’t help thinking he may be guilty of not following police procedures. Nobody wants a blue funeral.

    • It’s a wonder they didn’t. They’ve been known to go all dirty harry on guys with phones or hammers, wallets, canes, etc.

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