Evansville man armed with two knives shot by officers responding to a domestic situation


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Evansville Police were dispatched to 2039 Pollack around 6:00pm after a woman called 911 to report she had been threatened.
The caller, 41 year old Kendra Baker, said that she had recieved a phone call from TERRY LEE DAUGHERTY, 44. Daugherty threatened to come to the house and “cut her throat”.
Daugherty and Baker have a child together and shared the home at 2039 Pollack until Daugherty was arrested on April 16 for Felony Domestic Violence and Strangulation. Daugherty was out on bail from that case and a No Contact Order was in place as a condition of his release.
When the two officer patrol unit arrived at the scene, they spotted Daugherty behind the house holding two knives. Daugherty fled to the south and attempted to get into the house at 2045 Margybeth. The officers were able to contain Daugherty in the driveway of the house and repeatedly told him to drop the knife. Daugherty refused to drop the knife and at one point during the incident told the officers they would have to shoot him.
When Daugherty refused to drop the knife or surrender, one of the officers fired his handgun. Daugherty was struck once in the upper torso. The elapsed time from when the officers arrived to when Daugherty was shot was less than one minute.
The officers began first aid and called for an ambulance. Daugherty was taken to a local hospital for a single gun shot wound. His current condition is unknown, but he is expected to survive.
The officers invovled in the incident have given their first of two statements to investigators and will give a second statement in the coming days. Both will be on leave for a minimum of 72 hours. Their names are not being released at this time.


  1. I believe the cameras on the two officers were on this time. I am surprised that these officers gave statements so soon after the incident, though. I understood that it was EPD policy to give officers seventy-two hours before giving a statement. I believe we were told that was the case in the shooting of Arthur Fingers. Am I wrong, or was that the case?

    • They should have to do both so they can see if they stay consistent. Only doing one 72 hours later is pointless. They could say whatever they wanted and make sure they’re on the same page.

      • I agree that 72 hours is way too long to wait, but I thought they said that was standard procedure was to wait that long in the other incident. Now, these officers supposedly gave almost immediate statements. I was just wondering why the difference in the two.
        I expect that this incident is okay. Domestic situations cost more policemen their lives than any other kind of run.

  2. I am happy that the officers are okay. I hope the court system does the right thing and send this violent criminal to prison for a long time.

  3. Ghost of the Murderous Tom Joad must have had some serious run-ins with the law to always think their actions are suspect.

    The suspect has an overly suspicious mind?

  4. Yes it’s good to get violent criminals off the street and it’s great the cops involved
    we’re not injured ,my only question is was it necessary to shoot him with a gun when the police do have tasers or am I missing something??

  5. Tasing a subject with a knife is not going to stop the threat. Cops give a preliminary statement after the incident, and a formal statement later, per EPD policy. Cameras were in operation. They will show the officer was justified.

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