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Evansville Hosts First Regional Mock Trial Competition


Evansville Hosts First Regional Mock Trial Competition

Evansville is giving it’s high school students a chance to learn about the law and put that knowledge into action.

This weekend is the first time the River City is hosting a regional mock trial for area high school students.

Evansville high school students are raising the bar in their studies by facing off in a State mock trial competition.

“I am playing a witness for the plaintiff. I play Alexis Schmidt whose an athletic trainer at a school,” says mock trial participant Ashley Jorgensen.

The Indiana High School Mock Trial Regionals simulates a low – level court trial. Students partake in real court proceedings presenting their arguments to a judge. Four area teams are taking on mock cases prepared by the Indiana Bar Association.

“They are competing and they are competitive, but they are also understanding that they need to be civil with each other,” says Scott Barnhart.

Mock trial is a way for students to get a glimpse into the legal world, and learn how to apply a competitive nature to life. Competition is tough, especially in court. By learning the protocols of the court, students are getting a first-hand trial experience while playing either the plaintiff, or the defense.

“We have our witnesses, we have our lawyers. We go through the whole thing of a trial so calling witnesses, bringing exhibits in, its like a real in depth thing about a case,” says Jorgensen.

The Indiana State mock trial is getting Evansville students ready for their “real trial.”

Students are will be taking their legal talents to the national mock trial competition later this year in Athens, Georgia.