Home Community News Evansville Brownfields 2010 Audit


  1. It is apparent from the “Summary schedule of prior audit findings” that EBC continues to ignore prior audit exceptions.

    The audits themselves are required by statute. Evidently conforming to accepted accounting practices by the audited entity is not.


  2. This looks like an excellent audit. It, like audits and recommendations in the past, will be ignored by an incompetent Brownfields board.

  3. Priceless Comment in the Audit: “The methods… are not in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America”

  4. Frankly this audit makes Evansville Brownfields look like a lazy bunch of idiots and crooks.

  5. This appears to me to be acceptable practice in the continued operation of the city of e’ville.
    I can’t understand any thinking citizen’s surprise at this behavior.
    Next, people will be expressing surprise that the sewers “smell” too.

  6. Ever where Momma Doc (Connie Robinson) goes corruption follows. I ain’t the least bit surprised by this bull crap.

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