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Evansville #8 on List of America’s Most MISERABLE CITIES to Live In


City of Evansville Seal

On the heels of a pollyannaish state of the city address by Mayor Winnecke and in the midst of an expansion of parks we can’t maintain and a “smart cities” expenditure that is not explained Evansville, Indiana has been selected by a Gallup Poll as the eighth most miserable city in America. Of course Detroit is #1 but Evansville shares the stage with some real hell holes in the top ten.

City officials of course claim that the poll is bogus and that the details are not available but the truth of the matter is the details are available for those who are willing to dig into the data. The following link is to a site that when mined has those answers. Enjoy the read but please resolve to think this through and make a real positive difference before it is too late.

Pablum and temples to sport are not a way to a prosperous and blissful future. Jobs, working infrastructure, healthy habits, and education are the magic tonic for what ails Evansville. Reading water meters through a fiber optic cable will not solve even one of these problems.



  1. I blame our city leaders for this ranking, particularly the mayor and our sheriff. They joined the League of Women Toadies and the Chamber of Commerce in the consolidation proposal – and I’d imagine there’s still some bitter taste in people’s mouths over that fight. I wouldn’t doubt if the poll was taken shortly after election day. Plus everything that happened in the mayoral run two years ago you can see why people would be miserable in this town. Not to mention the mayor appointing a police chief who goes by “Billy” and leads a gang of thugs who throw grenades into grandma’s open screen door – the WRONG DOOR I might add – well, you can see there’s quite a few reasons why this is a miserable city.

    • If you dig a little deeper, there you find Weinzapfel, that destroyed his party locally, because no one messes with Johny. He put this Mayor in office by getting party leaders to jump fence. Messy and Beaver keeps the pot stirred for the king. Then pulled out a hemroid named McKneely, to take over the party and keep punishing the free thinkers of the party. Weinzapfel is really to blame for the “bitter taste”, and will be for many years to come. Lets all remember this, because when Johny runs for whatever, and he will, we all need to rally behind telling all voters, what they will be in for.

  2. I do disagree with their poll, but with prejudice! I have lived in several communities throughout the U.S., from Alaska to Georgia, all in all, I love Evansville, is it because I am from here, I don’t know or not. Try living in Indianapolis for two weeks, and one would respect Evansville that much more. And no, I have not read the poll, because as all of you know, you can design a poll to come out in different views. I guess my point should be, if you don’t like it, do something ACTIVE to help change. For me, I started changing my habits to make me healthier, therefore helping Evansville be heathier. We all can talk, we can blame, but it takes us ALL to make change. My challenge is that each and every one of us, instead of posting negative comments about who to blame or political rants, get out and do something about it! Let’s make Evansville better!

  3. Evanshell is a cesspool. Moving is expensive. The working poor can’t just up and leave town very easily or we’d have a mass exodus. Winnecke is a clueless buffoon that got elected by having an “R” behind his name in a time of hate for Democrats in Washington that have never heard of Podunk Evansville.

  4. Just in – –
    U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett plans to announce the indictment of an Evansville public official on Tuesday.

    Hogsett, along with federal agents and prosecutors, will announce the indictment in a 12:30p.m. news conference at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Evansville.

    A statement from Hogsett’s office states, “This prosecution comes as the U.S. Attorney’s Office has redoubled efforts to combat public corruption through the launch of the state’s first federal Public Integrity Working Group.”

    There has been no indication of who the indictment is against, but Eyewitness News will be at the news conference and bring you new information as we receive it.

    • Public Integrity Working Group

      In April 2012, Hogsett announced the creation of a first-of-its-kind Public Integrity Working Group targeting public corruption and white collar crime in Indiana. The announcement claimed the Working Group was “historic, in terms of both the number of law enforcement agencies involved and as to the singular focus on such an important issue – the integrity of our public offices and officeholders.”[5]

      Hogsett’s office setup a Public Corruption Hotline to assist the Working Group, which was reportedly modeled after efforts to combat corruption in northwestern Indiana. He has also responded to critics wary of partisan prosecutions by citing his recent prosecution of two Indianapolis city councilmen: one a Republican convicted of taking bribes to grease the wheels for a new strip club; the other a Democrat charged with swindling more than $1 million from an investor.[6]

  5. This indictment is an opportunity to declare that the cleansing of the Weinzapfel Administration’s cronyism has finally begun. There will be more. If Evansville is serious about getting off of the bottom of every list then it is time to clean out the cesspool. This Carter guy is the tip of the iceberg.

  6. To respond to Madonna, I would rather live in Eastern Europe…I have lived on both the East and West Coasts and in Indy and Tennessee and I think there is a sickness of spirit in this town. You practically have to pay people to smile or say thank you.
    When I was a child Evansville was a dirty town, but at least it was a fun dirty town. Now it is a mean, tight-lipped dirty town…

    • gotta agree with that. tight lipped fools and idiots that have no clue what is coming at them. But it is like this all over the country. We are on a ship to a new reality and it will not be pleasant.

  7. I came here for a six month gig in 1985.
    I found the people, and the area, so delightful that I have been here since.

    But now, 28 years later, I drive through Evansville and it looks like an East German city in 1980.

    I go to local watering holes-the few that remain- and there is a miasma of depression. Blame who you like but this town has had it.

    It’s lost its mojo , its spunk, its reason for being here.

    Corruption does this to a city, just as it does it to a soul.

  8. Drive thru Jimtown, it is sad the state of this city. I recall when Whirlpool employed nearly 10k people at 3 plants..that over time is a major hit, however Berry Plastics has helped somewhat. I’ll be out of here in 24 months or less.

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