ERC Vote Talley on McCurdy Assignment & Extension


President Bob Goldman and ERC Secretary Jody Phillips voted in favor of assigning the agreement between the ERC and City Centre Properties to the McCurdy Development LLC group that includes former Bloomington Director of DMD Randal Lloyd and Ben Kunkel of the Kunkel Group.

ONB Commercial Loan Vice President Sara Miller and Jay Carter each members of the Evansville Redevelopment Commission voted not to assign or extend the agreement.

ERC Vice President Greg Elpers was not present and did not submit a proxy vote. The 2 -2 tie results in a no action therefore the contractual relationship between the ERC and City Centre Properties remains unchanged. Mr. Lloyd, when speaking before the ERC stated that he needed to vet the project but would not do so unless the agreement was assigned to him.

Today’s vote while difficult to accept presents an opportunity to unwind the failed deal hatched during the Weinzapfel Administration and become a foundation project for the Winnecke Administration to embark upon.


  1. what incredible incompetence and/or lack of ethics shown by Goldman & Phillips. To assign this contract to a party that they clearly have not had time to investigate or evaluate speaks volumes. Also, do these two jokers honestly think they will be on the ERC going forward ? Delusional re: the notion of an extension of this agreement out past the time the new administration takes over.
    Bob & Jody–please don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out !!! You have done a grave disservice to Evansville and you should be made to wear your shame with the Scarlet Letters E-R-crooked C

  2. This act of defiance by 2 members of the ERC, will anger the outgoing regime. May have heard a trash can kicked for the last time on 3rd floor Civic Center.

    • No, not the last time. He still has a few more opportunities to kick some cans as he carries out all his boxes.

      I know I speak for many when I say thank God he’s finally leaving.

  3. Given the outrageous arrogance of Whinyzapple and his flunkies this outcome was the best we could expect, but we certainly didn’t deserve it. I can’t wait to see the crap that Whiny is going to pull between now and Friday afternoon. One thing’s for certain: The taxpayers of this city never deserved the fiscal abuse that gravel-throated shrimp heaped on us over and over again while he enriched himself with our money and that of the greedy business-people who groveled at his tiny feet.

  4. Dr J, are you suggesting the consistently clueless looking ERC was actually doing as instructed by the departing Mayor?

  5. Funny , but, In an ironic way the lack of transparancy by the Weinzapfel Administration has allow us to see right through it, and it’s goals.
    Worst Mayor Ever!

  6. The C&P reported that:

    Local attorney Marco DeLucio followed Lloyd’s presentation by also advising the Redevelopment Commission to allow time for another developer to come forward with a new idea — such as a hotel.

    “Maybe there are other uses for that facility,” DeLucio said. “That it might be used as a hotel — it was built as a hotel — could it be used as a hotel?”

    Commission President Bob Goldman asked if DeLucio was speaking on behalf of one of his clients and why no other developers had come forward in the four years City Centre struggled to put their deal in motion.

    The ERC had a binding contract with City Centre which the ERC kept extending, and now the ERC President asks why no other developers came forward? To paraphrase from a C&P poster, the ERC put a “sold” sign on the McCurdy project, and the ERC can’t understand why potential buyers did not come forward. It was obvious the ERC was clueless, but this takes clueless to a whole new level. Unbelievable.

  7. If one believes, and I do, that public/private projects that use taxpayer dollars should be projects that do the most good for the most people, then certainly a hotel would be preferable to high-end apartments.

    There could be a couple of plush penthouses finished at the top that would significantly add to the income from the property. The hotel was built with beautiful open verandas facing the river at ground level. Those should be made accessible, in the months where weather permits, as part of a fine dining establishment offering indoor and outdoor dining.

    A shuttle service out of the hotel a couple of times a day during the summer season to Holiday World and other points of interest to guests could be offered. A pool and sauna would seem indispensable nowadays. Valet parking for those who wish to use it would be a nice touch.

    Build it and they will come, and a lot of those entertainers who will be performing at the Ford Arena will be staying at the McCurdy. It will become THE destination.


    • Press, I, too, believe as you do regarding private/public projects; unfortunately, as this particular project shows, the powers that be are only out for themselves (re: CCP receiving tax dollars in turn donating to the Weiny fund).

  8. I believe the correct word in your headline should have been “tally”. Maybe this was just a Freudian slip. Good day.

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