EPD Narcotics Task Force Arrests Alleged Blackford Drug Dealers


News Release

Type of Crime: Narcotics Offenses
Date of Crime: 071012
Location of Crime: 742 E. Blackford and 820 E Blackford


Investigators from the Narcotics Joint Task Force served search warrants at two Evansville homes last night. The search warrants led to the seizure of narcotics, money, and several arrests.

Investigators arrested KENETHA WAGNER at 742 E. Blackford. She was charged with Dealing Cocaine and Possession of Marijuana. Investigators found 17 grams of rock cocaine and 6 grams of marijuana in her home.

A second search warrant was served at 820 E. Blackford. JANORIS TAPP was arrested after investigators found hallucinogenic mushrooms in her home. They also found over $9,000 in cash, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. TAPP was charged with Possession of a Schedule I Narcotic, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia, and Maintaining a Common Nuisance.

Investigators also arrested Shannon Thornton, Sharona Morris, and Michael J. Thomas for Visiting a Common Nuisance. James Morris was arrested for felony warrants out of Kentucky.


  1. The drug war is a lost and pointless cause.

    Arresting someone for possessing mushrooms and marijuana is a total joke, but one that’s just not funny anymore.

    Prohibition does not work.

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