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EPD Conducts Traffic Details to Deter Speeding and Crashes


On Monday, May 6th, officers from EPD’s Special Operations Unit, Crime Prevention Unit, and

three grant officers (working the High Visibility Enforcement Grant) worked jointly to conduct a detail

in the 2200 block of E. Lloyd Expressway. Additionally, details were conducted around W. Lloyd

Expressway and Fulton Ave. There were two details on Monday: the first from 9:00am to 11:00am and

the second from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. The slowest vehicle that was cited was traveling 64mph and the

fastest vehicle was cited at 84mph. The average speed for cited motorists was nearly 72mph. The speed

limit in these areas range from 45-55mph.

The results of the traffic details are:

• 76 Vehicles Stopped

• 72 Tickets Issued

• 9 Warnings

• 2 Arrests

• 2 Vehicle Towed

The Evansville Police Department frequently conducts traffic grants at varying times throughout

the year. However, due to recent traffic crashes and the causes of these crashes, it is important for the

EPD to be proactive and present in the areas where these accidents are occurring and enforce traffic

laws. For the months of March and April the average number of traffic crashes were just over 355; that’s

nearly 12 a day, with some of these resulting in a fatality. One life lost due to a traffic crash is one too

many. Officers on the side of our streets with radar guns should not only act as a reminder to follow

traffic laws, but also to save lives. You can plan for future d