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  1. For $5,000 you can go to the final testing of the Langston device in Nevada. I thought Debbie Dewey made that trip in 2012 and already gave the device her blessing.

    Evansville is about to cement its place in history as the SUCKERS CAPITOL OF THE USA.

  2. I’ve seen a lot in my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. Our “leaders” fell for this two-bit con game.

    • Its funny and sad but Evansville fell for the old perpetual energy scam. If you follow that link you will find this statement;


      Umm, that energy isn’t “wasted”, its needed to push that gas or whatever the liquid may be down the pipe. So even if you did “tap” into and use that pressure to make electricity that loss of pressure HAS to be re-added to the pipeline or the material stops flowing. So its not free, someone has to maintain needed pressure levels to keep things flowing.

      • Well said. It’s not complicated of an observation to make or understand. When I first read the headlines I thought it was very interesting, but it only took me, a tinkerer, a moment to figure out that this idea had nothing new to offer. Dewey the engineer has yet to figure out that the technology is snake oil.

        I am sure Langson thinks he is on to something, but he should take his idea to the Shark Tank and see if they buy it.

        • IE; That “super duper” acme device,they have there might work,but like what @dveatch says above,it takes from “work” to create “work”.
          I fully understand its application,and have developed and maintained thermodynamic drives that operate on/by the same mechanical functions.
          Cooling turbines,and superchargers,turbos and such. Those type systems were in fact developed based on the fact that they used “exhaust gas” positively to drive subcomponent functions before the exhaust pressure went atmospheric,or “out the exhaust.”

          The one viable use for such an product would also be a risk taker ,due to safety standards. That would be on well flares.
          Maybe if the device was reliable enough one could produce power before the flare burned off the gas.
          Believe me,as an innovationist myself I have delved into that concept back in 1972 when the first embargos started crippling the oil industries,my concept was for the oil pumpers themselves to have some remote power at the tank batteries out in rural areas.
          Pressures and regulators to control the vent pressures and the timing the site is left unattended pretty much “nixed” the idea, due to “safety issues”.
          Those always must be met per standards for any production item one produces, supplies or sells.

          Basically the device hooked into a gas/oil pipeline/vent is a huge bucket of bucks for the legal side if a “catastrophic failure” happened. (product liability claims)
          Back then to make safety standards,for production and sales,we found that such a system would have to be provided with an onboard fire detection and suppression system as well as “expensive as hell”, Mining/drilling standards equipment.

          (Conclusion) Too costly per safety regulation,through product liability issues.

          “My Indiana GrandFather had a name for iffy like that,called it out like this “must be made by the “Maypop” corporation”, We young fellas ask what that meant,he would say “that thing looks good,however it may,or,may not pop.”

          First time I heard him say that it was in a Tire place in central Indiana,the owner was a good dealer of new tire brands but was selling some cheap brand of recapped tires,as well–>”MayPops”. 🙂

          • I’m going back to school to become an engineer just so I can start my own firm, “Maypop Engineering.”

          • Isn’t that how you guys got that arena in your downtown? I think the question is still out on that thing..? “It may,or it may not pop” “MayPop” arena.. 😉

        • I call on you to explain this from the headline: Indiegogo Donation Solicitation.

          I mean, I’m gonna send some money, I just don’t know who to make the check out to. Haney-A-Go-Go, or the other more familiar and likely more trustworthy Indiegōgō. I’m leaning towards go going with the go go I know know rather than Hāneō who will no show go.

        • What this guy has here is nothing more than the business end of power plant (regardless of its scale). I’m sure there could be a use for their device and its intended power output levels but not the power source he is pushing. He isn’t the first one to develop the same technology, Iceland already uses the same principle on a large scale of tapping into a “pressurized pipe”, its called geothermal power plants.

        • Turbo chargers are a very effective means to boost the volume metric efficiency of gasoline and diesel engines. Mostly, as you likely know, because it allows you to tweak other aspects because of the positive manifold

          • True dat iz and you must always maintain a full tank for the maintaining of a positive manifold pressure (hehe). But I have always had an affinity towards superchargers but they too suffer the same “full tank” problem.

          • (oops accidental post) …positive manifold pressure. My dream is to one day turbocharge my 53 Studebaker and drive it 200 MPH on the salt flats.

            Turbo letdown generators (motors) for gas lines are already on the market. Langson claims his screw motor (pump, blower) is more efficient.

            I think Langson believes in his product. As you know, this screw pump would run on fine wine if is was poured through at a high enough multitude.

            However, the only profit this idea has turned was right here in the river city when Mr. Haney poured liquefied bovine scat through the system and generated a $200,000 check from the city coffers.

            If you study this graph, change “kws” to kw$, and change “Gas Flow rate” to “Bovine Scat Flow Rate,” You will see that in the hands of Mr. Haney the potential is immense. tohttps://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/237389/files/20131202132831-tfgpoweroutput.jpg?1386019711

            I have heard that Mr. Haney might be on of the mysterious Hotel investors.

            • 61 hours to go and they still haven’t raised a flipping dollar. If these guys can’t get even one fool to put a buck in on a crowd-begging site they sure as heck can’t sell anything to the DOD or anyone else. Winnecke is thus far their only customer and he dumped $200,000 for a breath of fresh lies from their lying lips.

              Let us not forget that 5 members of the Evansville City Council were also duped into approving a $4.8 Million loan for a snake oil factory. I believe their names were WEAVER, MOSBY, two others I do not remember, and the 5th vote O’DANIEL. Hopefully one of the supporters will wise up before anyone writes these hucksters a check for $4.8 Million more.

          • Indianaenoch, a screw type might be more efficient but I’ve no idea if that is really true, still it doesn’t address his energy for free problem. So all he has done is add a supercharger since a screw type compression system is their default type of technology.

            As for Mr. Haney, to my knowledge he still lives in Green Acres with occasional trips to Petticoat Junction.

          • @dveatch,

            Langson is a drag racer.

            Allow me to enter another name into the mix http://rattlerenergy.com/about_us/the_company.html

            At some time he must have noticed that when the blower belt came off the blower continued to turn with while the engine ran and he had an “ah-ha” moment.

            I would think a screw would have more torque at a lower speed than a fan, but e-gads, there is nothing new.

            Perhaps things, energy is wasted at time. but as you’re saying, nothing is free.

          • dveatch,IE: The screw types drives work ok,most of the trouble with’em is increased by bearing surfaces and friction breakdowns with thats due.

            Most turbine types and screw types use sump and slinger or mist type lubrication systems.
            Some actually use the fluids/gases they pump and complex miscibility methods with the lubricants as specified by substance type being compressed or pumped per those environmental operating conditionals.
            Most aviation designs use turbine oil similar by spec # per application.
            Once explained that to some “big time agribusiness guys” in a “duck blind”.
            They were speculating futures markets in Chicago,a huge formation at altitude was passing over the River bottoms heading back to Missouri? From some place classified,I suppose,the day was cold clear and blue,so,one could see the whole formation tankers,escorts,and bombers,way up. The cold winter air density transferred the sound as an far away rumble heading to the horizon…”nice.”
            I explained what type of formation it was,then, said, “geez guys they’res you’re market right there.” They said for commodities futures? I said yep! Beans,buddies,beans everyone of those things is sporting plenty of soybean based lubricants to slam the things across the range of a 24 hour mission requirement.

            Beans/liquid gold,as well as food stuff,turbines,oils plastics,materials,and,supercharged fun stuff,like a damned 53 stud laying down some refined torque “so to speak”.

            Your city should reinvest itself in the agribusiness concepts,that carries the rest of your state,and our nations backbone. That is honest work for a well earned buck.

          • @V-is-to-R

            I think people often travel backwards Indiana and can’t see crop for the fields. It’s very easy to miss the industry behind a bean field. We drive the interstate watching out for deer and miss the Deere in the field and the layers of economic impact it creates.

            The screw pump is a rather new development invented by the young man Archimedes. It’s only been around a few hundred years…before Jesus’s first birthday.

          • Bandanna mastered its use early in his career at IU and became very successful in his career by twisting the helix in his favor. 🙂

          • IE: You are right about the “Deeres” and the other things that drive the huge industries connected with the Fields Of Indiana.

            The drought in 2011 whacked the Hoosier economy from every direction perceivable. That boils into the blend straight to the National Clean Water initiative,those are the two “dots” that are primary blending for my own solutions and methodologies under modeling and development right now.
            Lately if one watches the weather it’s so apparent,I actually think the average person might begin to understand the urgent need for an “revamped infrastructure” to address the “Changing Climate” in a forward thinking consensus. Hope so anyway.

            Its all about the “dots” these days,and that is exactly why I’m putting down all in on “The Changed Climate” solutions.
            Agribusiness pretty much takes the first load of hits, and dots as that progresses. The productive state of the industries that support that blend “dots” into everybody’s budget eventually. So.

            Indiana needs to throughput rush a catch up starting with those roads you the Deere drivers need to sport the fields production to the market effectively. That circles above just what the “Duck Blind Guys” were talking about that day out in the bottoms.

            Geez even that day was back a ways,I get a chill when I think of it.

            The thought I kept private from those guys as we stood there silent watching and listening to the powerful formation cruise back home sent a riveting chill,into me.

            As a Veteran and service member myself,and being in such a group serving our country,once, was among formations heading into a mailstrom. One of the guys slapped up some music into the unicom on board as we began to line up to make our “delivery”.

            IE,seems you might go back that far,imagine the “Doors” conflicts,the eras,and the melody “Riders of the storm”.

            Something else to contemplate with today”s Changed Climate….gives me goose bumps again.

            pomis,et iaculis

            timeless,and priceless.

  3. Lol. It’s very interesting that they now acknowledge this technology is still in development and that no one will invest until it’s proven. There’s a lot more honesty here than we ever got as a city.

  4. Actually I’m reasonably sure they will get their pants sued off of them, GE has for many many years produced a unit to do exactly what these fools think is a innovation, granted they are working on a smaller scale but does anyone think that if a viable market was there GE would not have entered and dominated that market.






  5. I wish we could garnish the wages and file liens on the property of all involved to settle the debt!

  6. Funny, I don’t see any of the sunshine pumping yes crowd trying to justify this. Iirc, wasn’t vectren involved with this? What was their position on this?

  7. My guess wold be Vectren has better engineers than Dewey and knew it was a useful sham to keep the politicos happy and distracted.

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