EFD Statement on Miller and Miller Fire


Released by District Chief Dan Grimm
Public Information Officer

June 25, 2012

RE: Miller & Miller Funeral Home Fire

Fire Investigator Steve Jordan has not finished his preliminary report and says it could be up to a week but stated the fire is still “under investigation”. Jordan spent most of Sunday morning and early afternoon examining the building’s fire damage and its contents from the Saturday night blaze.

Due to public safety concerns, an emergency raze order was requested from Building Commissioner Ben Miller and the severely damaged structure was torn down Sunday afternoon.

Nine EFD fire companies, including over 30 Firefighters, responded to the commercial blaze that was dispatched at 10:22 PM late Saturday night. Firefighters were on-scene for more than 6 hours.


  1. As a rule I’m not critical of CCO articles, but this one has some serious problems. Where the heck was Miller and Miller Funeral Home located? I know that most Evansville and Vanderburgh County residents have been living here since Jesus was in short pants, but a few of us have not lived here for a hundred years (some of us moved into town 10 or 20 years ago and we’re still figuring the place out). So you need to add a “W” to your article (where was the damned place located?). While you’re at it, how about telling us Why the building is now a pile of rubble (it’s OK if you say that you don’t know).

  2. Firefighters were on scene from roughly 1030 pm Saturday night until at least 4pm Sunday afternoon. This was a nasty fire in a treacherous building, and provided many challenges including a lack of available water pressure that was ultimately overcome. Great job to all who responded, everyone got home safely !!!

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