EDITORIAL: The 2015 Evansville City Election Promises To Be A Wild Ride!


    The City-County Observer is anticipating the announcement in early January of 2015 by State Representative Gail Riecken that she will be a candidate for Mayor of Evansville. If we are correct about her announcement it will kick off a new model for elections in this city.  State Representative Gail Riecken has long been the poster-child for dedication and concern for the interests of the working-class and disenfranchised people of her district and this community.

    State Representative Gail Riecken is well known for her opposition to “Right-to-Work” legislation and she has had strong support of organized labor in her previous campaigns, but that will change in 2015. Reliable sources tell us that a few local labor union bosses will support incumbent Mayor Lloyd Winnecke for a second term over their long-time friend, State Representative Gail Riecken. The reason given for this political switch-up in loyalty is  “Winnecke gives the unions everything they ask for.  That, we believe, is a code for “We (the union brotherhood) own and control Mayor Winnecke”


    Union bosses like to brag about their organization’s political clout. If big labor, which is strongly Democratic, enjoys such great political power we would be interested in their explanation for the 2014 election results. On the national level, Republicans hold majorities in both the House and Senate. In Indiana, we have a Republican governor and super-majorities in both houses of the Legislature. Locally, the County government is controlled by the Republicans and the Mayor is also Republican.  Only our City Council has a majority of Democrats but is on the verge of losing that status.  Its interesting to note that unions may make large political contributions to campaigns, but they can no longer deliver a sizable bloc of votes in Evansville.


    Also, union endorsements are not heeded the way they once were. We wonder if the up-coming city election will jolt the labor leaders into the 21st century reality,  that a union endorsement means no more than one from the Chamber of Commerce or any other PAC committees. We expect that Representative Riecken’s reputation of compassion for and accountability to her constituents will make her a very formidable opponent for our free spending liberal Mayor.


    Mayor Winnecke has consistently shown his political loyalty to Downtown, Historical District and Haynie’s Corner area over the rest of the city, which has placed Evansville in a fiscal crisis with his free-spending attempts to buy “frills” and ignore basic needs of the entire city.  We also hope that the Evansville Mayoral campaign will shine some light on the monthly financial shortfalls that haunt the 3rd floor of the Civic Center.


    CCO has been told by highly reliable sources that the truth is that the first estimates for construction of the proposed Downtown Hotel came in $18 million over budget, which made the private share of the financing impossible to obtain. The second rebidding of this project with fewer hotel rooms also failed to meet the budget projections as well.  Both bid results have been a jealously guarded secret by the current administration from the taxpayers of Evansville.  We also hope that the upcoming Mayoral campaign we provide us with the real truths about how much of taxpayers money was wasted so far of the proposed Downtown Hotel project.


    We see the Mayoral election of 2015 as history in the making for the City of Evansville.  It will be the first time in the two hundred (200) plus years of Evansville history that a qualified woman could be elected Mayor of this proud city because times have changed.  Brace yourselves because the 2015 Evansville City election promises to be a wild and exciting ride!

    Finally,  attached below is a video that one of our readers sent this morning for your viewing pleasure. This video is about  recent downtown ground breaking for the hotel.


    Please take time and vote in todays “Readers Poll”.

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    1. Why is everyone so excited about the destruction of the middle class? Graph decline in union membership and decline in the middle class and they’re almost identical. Reagan’s war on the middle class has taken a heavy toll on America and we’re headed toward another depression. Taxes for the super wealthy are at levels they were in the 20s preceding the great depression. History does repeat itself.

      • You’re right about a strong middle class being necessary to a strong economy, and if the far right has their way the middle class will disappear in another generation or two. I think it’s just plain class envy that drives a lot of small entrepreneurs to hate the unions so. They see themselves as the “makers” and risk-takers, yet they don’t enjoy the security that unions afford their members. The real joke is on these small fish, though. They’re supporting a system that will eat them up, too, All they need to do is take an honest look at what WalMart has done to the millions of “Mom and Pop” operations that sold us quality goods instead of sweat-shop produced trash.
        All those things being said, I believe that the service worker union movement that is now taking hold may be the salvation of our economy. If they can succeed in gaining a living wage, the best of them will pry open the door to the middle class, which will strengthen the country as a whole.

      • The only segment of the middleclass that is losing ground is unions who ride on the backs of the poor. Nothing has done more to erode unions than NAFTA, it has pulled Hispanics up and pulled down the union middleclass and other low skilled workers. Clinton had veto power and failed to use it. NAFTA was to Clinton what the great society was to LBJ. The great Society secured the African American vote and NAFTA secured the Hispanic vote. The new middleclass that is growing leaps and bounds is government employees and highly skilled individuals. The risk takers will have their ups and downs but unions will gradually fade away. This country is the best place in the world for common folks and we’re open to almost everyone, there may be a better place for some but you’ll find you’re not accepted. Cities that have strong unions will fail, how do I know, simple observation. Our city is failing because of the political power of the unions, Winnecke or Reicken makes no difference, the results will be failure. Unions and tornados, both the same, they can wipe a city out.

        • As was recently observed who was the most upset about the elimination of those folks not living in the city for those boards…well, first of all, our own Barry Russell Union boss of local 561 who apparently has been a member of the utility board ever since the utility laid its first pipe. Entitlement mentality…oh, yes the one that executed the Johnson Control crazy and expensive contract laid upon our citizens.

          In the late seventies, some organization as it seems published a position paper that warned the world to avoid Evansville at all cost…why? Unions….why did Kroger leave Evansville and is as close as Owensboro, Unions…and eventually Whirlpool hated us so bad that even when Paul Cohen Plant mgr had convinced the union to accept a lesser pay corporate still left…amazing that they have five plant locations in the state east of us, Ohio…Until our City comes to the reality that the World does not need Evansville, but, we in turn most certainly need the World and stops the union control over who comes to Evansville, well you will see it in your paycheck if you have one…

        • We’ll never get new business to locate here as long as they know the unions will attack them, and bleed them dry. As long as Evansville hangs on to the unions coat tails we will go down with them. Being pro union, is being anti job growth.

      • Wow Toad, your disconnect from reality seems to extend well beyond your ever returning to a stable state!

        Try this on for size rather than jumping of your wayback machine which I guess gives you at least a tenuous grip on your own special form of reality.

        Obummer care is the primary reason the middle class is screwed. When employers are tasked with financial unknowns killing their bottom line, employees are either not hired, are reduced to part time or are fired. On top of prices of products and service being raised to allow for business survival.

        The other poison from this administration is well represented by the pre-holiday levying of a $20,000,000,000.00 additional regulatory burden onto our economy.

        But, nice try blaming Ron Reagan. Geesh !

    2. Gail favored the union class not the working class. While Winnecke is a wound on our city, Gail is not the healing salve which so many have become giddy about. If she wins, her and the unions will mend their fences.

      • Regardless if she is union sympathetic or not, our city will not be able to afford 5 more more years of Winnecke’s reckless spending. She is honest and would never deceit us like Winnecke.. She is change we can afford.

        • Winnecke cares less for the working class If you are a FOW (friend of Winnecke) you will become very wealthy crony capitalism at its best. But the rest of us will. BE eating cake

        • She might be the change we can afford, but not the change we need. What is in her record to convince us that she would not also be a reckless spender?

          • You decide when the evidence is brought forward…like it or not Wienzapfel watched over the operational funds of the city when he came into office ol’ Russ handed him 262k in the Parks Fund and 300K in the General Fund…Rainy Day fund, gone…Weinzapfel handed Winnecke 4.4 million in the General and 3.3 million in the Parks..oh, you will say but look at our parks..well now that the Parks fund is upside down do we see our parks in better shape, hell no…

            Oh, yes lets look at the competence of the hotel deal…Weinzapfel had hammered out a deal with Kunkle…yes you will say, Kunkle they are so upside down like HCW is not….this Winnecke has demonstrated his incompetence and dishonestly in the handling of the hotel…has been there three years promising jobs for the ol’ union folk, but it was Weinzapfel that gave them the Johnson Control deal as bad as it is but put smiles on the faces of local 136…if we have this clownnation around for five more years you can bet that the cost of money from investors will skyrocket….

            • If Gail Riecken is such a spender why would she be the only Democrat in all of Indiana that was endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business…that organization virtually NEVER endorse Democrats?

        • Neither one will bring success to Evansville, it is a choice between petty losers with Zero new ideas.

    3. I would be happy to vote in today’s poll if the question was “Do you think Lloyd Winnecke is a true fiscal conservative compared to Gail Riecken?”.

      • IS IT TRUE that the. Hied of police mr Bolin has requested the fast food industry to donate their French fry oil to be able to change our squad car oil. A

    4. Really, folks, does anyone believe someone who has fed at the taxpayer’s trough as long as Gail Riecken can truly be the answer to Evansville’s leadership problem? Surely there is a Democrat or Republican or Independent living within the city limits capable of leading without worrying about the political repercussions of every move they make.
      I thought Rick Davis was such a person, but so did the Democrat bosses, which left us with Mayor Winnecke.

      • This editorial sounds more like it was written by Gail’s campaign than a journalistic observer. Gail might be the last twig on Evansville’s fiscal cliff, but I see nothing to be giddy or hopeful for in her.

        • Editorials are meant to include opinion, IE, That is the difference in editorials and straight news stories. Besides, I don’t see how anybody can honestly suggest that four more years of what we have now would be anything but the total destruction of this city.

          • Did I suggest that four more years of Winneke will be good? No. I thought I said he was the wound. But to be all giddy over Gail and think she is going to fix us is also foolish. Comments work a lot better if you say what you think not what you think I think. Editorials are opinion? Wow! what will they think of next.

            Editorials like this one don’t make sense for a media that wants to present itself as a watchdog. ” State Representative Gail Riecken has long been the poster-child for dedication and concern for the interests of the working-class and disenfranchised people of her district and this community.” What does that mean? I expect to find that jargon on Gail’s webpage. Name a few things she has actually accomplished that are fiscally conservative.

            About the only real substance is the opinion on the influence of unions, but their allegiance will change quicker than the name on the Mayor’s office. The editorial is fluff. One may hope for real truths to revealed in the campaign as much as one likes, but there will be no real revelation of truth because Winnecke, Reiken and the unions all have the same pie on their fingers.

          • It’s simply, Winnecke is incompetent and the hotel situation is proof…and the four ground breaking events demonstrates dishonesty…so, Evansville, your choice…incompetency and dishonestly, or Gail, capable of mistakes but not dishonestly and nitwettery…..

        • What, Winnecke has been there three years now and we still see comments from the State Board of Accounts that our bank reconciliations are incorrect….in addition, it was perfectly clear that the Johnson Control contract was so materially changed by Winnecke that the Indiana Regulatory Commission had to review the elements to approve, not the one Weinzapfel execute, but Winnecke’s and surprise, surprise, the public will see clearly that the provision in Winnecke’s contract requires any damage on the customer’s side will be the responsibility of the utility to fix, not the customer…so, those 5,000 letters sent to our citizens could be considered a scam? Based on the deceit over the Hotel, one might jump to that conclusion?

      • One reason that I trust Rep. Riecken to lead this city well is the fact that she did not waver in her loyalty to Rick Davis, when many Democrats were sharpening their knives. Another reason she has my trust is that she has done an outstanding job representing her constituents. Can anybody honesty say that the Poop has done a good job representing the whole city?

    5. Good editorial. Gail Riecken is a better person and better for all of Evansville than Winnecke. Anyone who trusts Lloyd Winnecke’s word on anything at this point is in for another disappointment. Mrs. Riecken has done the area a favor by being the District 77 representative. She didn’t have to do it. She is not someone of who it can be said ‘fed at the public trough’. Can’t blame her for taking the stipend, she’s worth a whole lot more.

      Winnecke has put his cracked eggs in the union basket. We’ll see how they like him as he scrambles for another project — any project — to line their pockets.

      “I can call or even text Lloyd and ask him to have lunch to discuss something, and he’ll text me back and ask me when,” Green (IBEW Honch) said.

    6. Well said, Bandana! The comment from Mr. Green alone should be enough to elect Gail. I can’t believe the IBEW would have such a Bozo in their leadership! You really hit the nail on the head about anybody who trusts the Poop’s word on anything, after all of his lies being exposed. The union jobs will come with the sewer project. An improved infrastructure may even help to attract some REAL, solid jobs to Evansville, not the low-paid hospitality industry jobs that the Mayor seems to lust after for Evansville. The biggest difference in Gail Riecken and Carol McClintock,,,,er, ah… Lloyd Winnecke is that Gail lives in the real world and deals with real people. Carol/Lloyd live in a world of “beautiful people”, marionettes, fairy dust and delusions of grandeur. It’s clear to me what the choice of sane people will be for the future of Evansville will be, and it isn’t “more of the same”!

      • It is clear to this insane person that Gail is more of the same. Unlike Winnecke and like Weinzapfel, She will get things done, but will it be the right things? She is qualified, and I could care less about her gender, but I do not see her as one who lives in the real world, whatever that is, or who deals with real people. She quickly left the real people behind in Indiana to chase after butterflies with Bauer in Urbana. Of course some will take bypass of logic and say that I support Winneke, which I do not except in satire. To them I say Tuesdays cause rain. I believe I represent many in saying that I/we had hoped for a better choice and see little reason to become giddy for Gail.

        On a side note, I fully expect her to win and would be more concerned about the attention span of this city if Winneke is reelected. So forgive my poor attitude. Maybe if she wins I’ll have to flee to Urbana. 🙂

      • So much worrying about union jobs. Lets bring businesses to Evansville! Embrace “Right To Work” like the rest of Indiana and stop living in the 1950’s. Those days are gone. Promote Evansville to Businesses, not scare them off with talk of supporting evil blood sucking unions who are out to destroy them.

    7. What difference would it make if Gail Riecken or Lloyd Winnecke were elected mayor in the next election? To use a tired old cliche that fits very well in this case, it would be like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

      • True. If it comes to that I’ll vote for Winnecke over Gail. Winnecke will, “fight like the dickens” and Gail will do her fleabag/fleebag routine. I’ll take the fighter over the coward.

        • I can understand having doubts about how Gail would lead the city. I can’t understand how anyone can have any doubts about the liar’s leadership. Only a fool would choose the “known” of Winnie’s leadership over an unknown, though.

          • If Gail wants my one(1) vote she needs to do the right thing right now. As a constituent of Gail’s I make a formal request that in her present position she demands a full honest audit of the financial books for Evansville/Vanderburgh County for the past 13 years. This includes the fraud center. She can do this, if not she is part of the problem we have with our local politicians. This would take courage, Gail stand up for what’s right even though it would prove difficult and unpopular with some. This your chance to breakout from the regular dishonest local politicians and lead from the front. I really don’t believe you are that much of a union lover, because as another poster recently reported a real union supporter would not drive a non UAW car.

            • I drive a Volvo for safety reasons. If you’d ever ridden with me you’d understand.

        • My angst with Winnecke is that he is a liar who treats us as if we are stupid. There is something that has always bothered me always bothered me that didn’t make sense until recently. I spoke at the CC meeting where Winnecke pulled the investor rabbit out of his hat. It changed everything I was going to say. I turned to Winnecke and asked what took him so long? Some chuckled, but he neither griminced nor grinned. I found that odd at the time, but now I realize that he was lying at that time. I believe he was thinking it would buy him enough time and that somehow this deal he had pasted together would actually work, but he lied. I don’t like that. I wasted an evening and feel like I was played for a fool.

      • I think you will see Gail pursue the basics, like sewers, over dog parks. I think she will also be the mayor of all of the city, not just downtown. She has an impeccable record of service to her constituents which is the highest recommendation a candidate can have. She has proved that she has the courage to take flak when it is needed With great respect to the knowledgeable contributions you make on CCO, your cliché doesn’t fit here, press.


        • She does not have an impeccable record. She has a ketchup stain the size of urbana on her record. Whoever is elected is going to be forced to move on the sewers. I don’t think Winnecke’s hotel dream has left him, and I suspect Reiken will have her own hotel fantacy. It would be good for her boat dock no matter how much it cost us. Seems to me that Jonathan still reigns.

          • She went to Urbana in defense of working people. It didn’t stop Indiana from getting its wonderful RTW legislation, and she knew what she was doing was symbolic. Lighten up!

            • No, she went in defense of the union people. The working people wanted RTW and so did many of the union people.

            • I will not lighten up on anyone who breaks an oath and snubs our constitution.

      • Very true, but I don’t like hack apologists lining up behind Gail because she’s not Lloyd, rather than because she can lead. Like you, I contend she’ll be more of the same, just better looking.

    8. If it’s between voting for Gail or Weinekie, I’m voting for Gail. He did the worst job of anybody yet.

    9. I agree with enoch on just about all points. I started reading the CCO because I thought it would offer unfiltered news and serve it’s original purpose as a watchdog for our community. Apparently buying banner ads will get you exempt from any reporting and will earn you glowing and unqualified praise from the CCO.

      To say Gail represents her constituents is an utter joke. She proved that by taking her barking orders from Patrick Bauer and having her little pool party.

      The only defense most people can come up for her is she isn’t Winnecke. So what, she is still a pathetic political hack who only panders to what Gail and her cronies want. Before the CCO anoints her as the next mayor, it would be really nice if we could strive to find a real change for our city.

    10. “We expect that Representative Riecken’s reputation of compassion for and accountability to her constituents will make her a very formidable opponent for our free spending liberal Mayor.”

      It is absolutely mind blowing that the CCO can state this with any type of straight face. Accountability to her constituents??? Her constituents elected her to serve in the statehouse, not spend the winter playing Marco Polo in Champaign.

      • Regardless, she believed that fighting for union survival was paramount…of course unions have become what they are today, but we all should remember that the 40 hours work week, workplace safety, workmen’s compensation, unemployment benefits, etc were derived from unions…going to Urbania demonstrates that she has conviction and should you ever need her help you can go to the bank on it…unlike the bozo we have now..Mr Crony Capitalist…

        • I thought companies did all that cause they weren’t money hungry , I agree with you about Gail going to Urbana .
          Unions are needed to a large extent
          I have never belonged to the Union ,but I sure would had liked to had one behind me 5 yrs ago

    11. Mrs. Riecken can count on my vote if she runs. No one better at constituent services or listening to the people. The smoked out closet Winneckettes have nothing. Urbana? Ho ho ho. Anti-RTW? Hee hee hee & ho ho ho. They have nothing but a candidate who is an utter embarassment to our city.

      • Bing-O! It might get even worse before the election. Pence may not want to be associated with such gross dishonesty and incompetence and sic the SBOA on the audits.

    12. I’ll tell you one thing clearly seen from afar, any candidate for mayor or council that’s been in you’re political games for over a couple of years should just be put out with the trash come Friday leftover day.
      The taste won’t improve any from what we’ve seen. You’ll still have the same after taste. Same crowd, same strings. So, same methodology for the pocket picking. Even If they don’t have strings they’ll still come in smelling like feet on a hot summer day. Same old political sock puppets . Nothing new seen, yet.


      WEE, Wee, wee, another phantom project downtown, yeah sure, and when one really looks at the old crappy infrastructure its all still just another hand pumped load of CSO with no matter to which one they pick to deliver for’em.


    13. Winnecke has proven himself unable to accomplish anything relevant while spending the maximum amount of money and having nothing to show for it. Evansville has bled money since he was sworn in and his best supporting actors have been Missy Mosby and Jonathan Weaver. Democrats with any integrity have already started to distance themselves from both of them. They have unleashed so many personal attacks, lies and rumors that nobody wants to be associated with them. The 2nd Ward is a lock for Davis and as time goes on it appears Weaver is going to be a bad memory.

      • I think you’re right about Missy being a goner, and I hope you’re right about Weaver. Lloyd Winnecke has absolutely proven himself a lying, utterly incompetent epic failure. Anyone who says they won’t support Gail over him is simply a mindless Republican who will never vote any other way.

        • We fully agree that people who are blindly partisan are idiots. Idiots have put plenty of fools into office but I think the Evansville democrats set the record for crossing party lines to elect a damn fool. At least Obama, who was pushed to his wins by illiterate partisans, was not elected by republicans.

          • Dam right Obama was not elected to a second term by Republicans, or for that matter by conservatives, self-employed, military, law enforcement, Christians and other conservative main stream Americans. While ElKayBe calls Republicans mindless, she should look in a mirror and ask who elected the Community Organizer-in-Chief for a second term. Voting idiots gave Obama a second term to further ruin the County and American values. Obama is taking full advantage.

        • You know why the Mosbycrat is calling 911, her phony police rally on Monday…yes, our police needs all the support necessary, but, on the heels of the rally where Coiuncilwomen Robinsin and Brinkerhoff-Riley spoke concerning discrimination and the like only serves to increase the tensions between the poor of our community and increases the possibilities of another Ferguson, MO, just like every other Mosby before her, IT IS ALL ABOUT HER (THEM)…when will Evansville wake up and rid ourselves of this scourge.

      • You are right about Mosby and Weaver…Mosby says she is a democrat…hell, she a Mosbycrat just like those politicians who believe entitlement is their’s…dear old Red must have turn over in his grave at least three times..but you can not blame anyone who a every short time ago was a waitress at the failed Main Gate and now seemingly showing success in the real estate world…of course being a FOM never hurts (Friend of McClintoch)….Weaver? well this mistake was not switching over to Fucker, if so, Lowes would have received the short end of the stick….

    14. IS IT TRUE- “State Representative Gail Riecken has long been the poster-child for dedication and concern for the interests of the working-class and disenfranchised people of her district and this community”

      ~b~ I have met and have a loose acquaintance with Gail. She seems nice enough as such.

      However: In my opinion she does not inspire my support or high hopes for our beleaguered community. She is experienced, polished and is as politically savvy as anyone that comes to mind. She knows what to say and how to gain confidence. She also knows the unfettered power of having been elected It is my prediction, that if she is elected, she will succeed where Derp Winnecke has failed. I would sooner vote for another four years of Winnecke’s ineptness than to wind up in the shrewd and ruthless grip of Riecken.
      I would rather watch in amusement as Derp tries and fails to squander Evansville’s last dollar on another “headstone/monument or two” in remembrance of Evansville’s long dead and still forgotten Downtown District, than to watch helplessly while Gail enables the so-called “progress” that would hasten our slide towards Municipal Bankruptcy and Personal Disaster for her Good and Loyal Residency.

      The candidate who would inspire my passion, (which is considerable) would be in the cast of now deceased
      Rick Davis. A person, (male or female) who recognizes that the salvation of River City is at hand and attainable. That going along/getting along with the Political Machine and the “Good Ole Boy Network” serves only the aforementioned cabal.

      Evansville will never be a Little Las Vegas, It will never offer the draw that can be found within any beachfront, or mountain ranged community.
      We could however, become the “Great Place to Retire or Raise Children” that we have long claimed to be,
      in spite of the prevailing conditions.

      Here’s the Plan:
      The candidate would announce publicly, to do all within his or her power to break the stranglehold that Vectren has maintained and tightened for decades. (yes, at the considerable cost of campaign contributions)

      The candidate would put a halt to the last ditch effort to revitalize Downtown and take a pragmatic approach to solving our billion dollar CSO issues by investing our remaining financial resources into creating storm water diversion projects. These might manifest as fresh water ponds, underground holding tanks or the like. Open channels could feed them. After all, we’re talking about storm water, not raw sewage.

      The candidate would promote community peace, happiness and safety by initiating a program of togetherness. One that recognizes that we ARE connected … and not separate. Police and community as one; democrat and republican as one; all races and beliefs as one.
      And finally; all residents working toward the same goal as one.

      This candidate has not emerged … and we may never have the opportunity to vote for him or her, but


      • Well said! I said in another post that gail could be as successful as Weinzapfel. You make a good point that Winnecke failures might be our saving.

        We can thrive. We don’t have to be Vegas or in California to thrive. We have done so in the past. Clarksville TN is the ninth fastest growing city in the US.

        What we need is an identity, a feasible vision, and a plan. What is our vision? And who are we? The best question I have ever heard asked was “what do you want to be homesick for?” We were once a city of firsts. I am homesick for that. Currently, I’m sick of home. I don’t see Gail leading us into a unifying visions.

        • So, as you mentioned Vectren, wasn’t it Gail that hook horns with Vectren…calling them pirates ( in my opinion is soft-soaping)…listen and listen closely, Winnecke will be heading for the sunshine state of AZ gives a damn about your kids, childkids, and ultimately, the values of our homes…with his wife joining him and out of the local real estate game, the loss values, she does not give a damn…sure, Rick Davis, as naive as he was would have been head and shoulders above this clown, but, Mrs Riecken has demonstrated her desire to united and share the opportunity with all, Winnecke’s crony capitalism, while very few eat caviar, we will be eating cake…yes, Gail probably does not have wings on her back, but she sure does not have horns on her forehead…if the choice is Riecken or Winnecke, vote for Riecken is a vote against MeClintoch, oh yes Christmas Carol…who must still believe in Santa…

    15. “Union bosses like to brag about their organization’s political clout. If big labor, which is strongly Democratic, enjoys such great political power we would be interested in their explanation for the 2014 election results. On the national level, Republicans hold majorities in both the House and Senate. In Indiana, we have a Republican governor and super-majorities in both houses of the Legislature. Locally, the County government is controlled by the Republicans and the Mayor is also Republican. Only our City Council has a majority of Democrats but is on the verge of losing that status. Its interesting to note that unions may make large political contributions to campaigns, but they can no longer deliver a sizable bloc of votes in Evansville.”

      It is true, the unions have lost all the clout they had in their hay days of the 1950’s. Unions today hurt Evansville, more than help it. No big business wants to come here because it will be attacked by the union and bleed to death and destroyed. They are nothing more than leeches on a dog. Indiana is “Right to Work” and we are proud of it! Evansville is seeing the unions go to dust and is embracing the “Right” attitude!

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