Eastland Mall Incident

epd police car
epd police car

Yesterday at 6:53 p.m., two EPD officers were sitting in the Eastland Mall parking lot (800 N. Green River Rd.) finishing a report. Officers noticed people running out of the mall yelling that ‘shots were fired.’ Around the same time, Vanderburgh County Central Dispatch begin receiving calls for a large fight involving guns. Officers rushed in and located the scene. Two Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Deputies were working off-duty within Eastland Mall during the incident and also responded to the fight; deputies reported never hearing shots fired inside of Eastland Mall before, during or after the initial run came out.

Eastland Mall was put on lockdown and evacuated. Officers obtained descriptions of the suspects. Officers and all responding law enforcement personnel began searching and clearing individual stores looking for possible victims and suspects. During the search, an extended handgun magazine was located near the center of the mall.

Four males matching the description of the suspects were detained, two of which had fled outside. A handgun was also located outside. A total of five males were transported to EPD headquarters to be interviewed. During the investigation it was determined no shots were actually fired within Eastland Mall. This incident had potential to be much worse if it wasn’t for the quick response of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and the Evansville Police Department.

Two juvenile males have been arrested for charges of: Disorderly Conduct and Dangerous Possession of a Firearm, a level 5 felony. This investigation is still very active and Eastland Mall security footage is still being reviewed. Once the investigation is complete, future arrests may occur.