Earthcare Payment Due Monday July 2, 2012


The fourth installment of interest only as specified in the loan agreement between Earthcare Energy and the City of Evansville is due and payable in the amount of $381.47 on Monday July 2 that is the first business day after the 1st of the month.

It is expected that the payment will be made on time and that the outstanding balance of the $200,000 loan that was made without the approval of the Evansville City Council will stay above $184,000.


  1. I just bought a $30,000 car last week and my payment is $389 per month.

    Let me see-if I borrow $200,000 from the City of Evansville my monthly payment shall be $381.47.

    It’s obvious that we have some real idiots (elected and appointed)running the City of Evansville to approve this type of repayment schedule for a $200,000 taxpayer supported loan.

    • That’s just the interest. They can pay just the interest without defaulting on the loan.

      • At that rate please sign me up for $20 Million interest only due in 50 years.

  2. Any truth that the Mayor W Chief of Staff mastermind the terms of the Eartcare loan?

    If so, no wonder why the Chamber let him go!

  3. I didn’t know the Mayor’s Chief of Staff use to work for the Area Chamber.

    No wonder he is lacking basic business skills.

    • Spelling, tense and word/subject agreement, spelling, and use of capitalization rules are basic business skills. Apparently you are lacking basic business skills, too.

      • That must be why so many English teachers are recruited to be CEOs. What a joke.

  4. Don’t forget to give credit to the “Fab 5” (Adams, Mosby, Robinson, Weaver,and O’Daniel) for playing a major role in this Earthcare loan deal.

    • Flab 5 is more like it except for Weaver who stays fit by throwing temper tantrums. Maybe his idol Weinzapfel taught him to kick trash cans to relieve frustrations.

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