E-Mail Sent To Missy Mosby BY Mark Beard Of The IN/KY/OH Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights



    Thank you so much for your information and I do agree with you.

    Council Members – I truly feel this amendment should be made to the proposed Ordinance for I have had numerous calls & emails regarding this proposal and none of them have been in support.

    Missy Mosby 2nd Ward City Council


    Dear City Council Members

    I am writing to about the proposed ordinance on city and Mayoral appointments on various boards and commissions. Let me first say I do support more involvement from citizens who reside in the city limits. Anyone willing to give up their personal or professional time to serve on an unpaid board appointment is a good thing.

    There are a few things I would like you to consider before you take this specific language to a first reading. Why not have in the language that anyone who’s business is inside the city limits be eligible for appointment. Consider the experience that have served or are still serving on the boards that DO have a vested interest in making Evansville a great place to live and work. I will use my appointment as an example.
    · I was born and raised in Evansville where I resided until 2004.

    · I moved to Warrick County to be near my parents. My mother had Multiple Sclerosis and my father was in poor health. I am the only sibling that lived not only in this state but close to my parents to care for them. Now we are caring for my in-laws who’s health has deteriorated.

    · I work for a non-profit labor organization who place of business has been in the city limits well over 100 years.

    · In these many years we have done thousands of volunteer projects in and for the city. Most recently Holly’s House, Wheel Chair Ramps, SWIRCA Brew Fest, Fantasy of Lights and the Dream Center Project. That does not include the money we have donated to the local charities.

    · We currently have over 300 members who live in the Evansville/Vanderburgh Co area.

    · I have served on the Construction and Roofing Advisory Board for the past several years since being appointed by Jonathan Weinzapfel.

    ·My experience in the construction industry dealing with training Carpenters and working with contractors from all over the united states has been a real benefit to help the Building Commission with the enormous task of researching out of town and out of state contractors who come hear every month to get licensed in our City and County.

    · The other board members who I serve with are also very dedicated to making sure the citizens of the city and county are protected from fly by night contractors who may want to do business in this area.

    · We have also worked very hard to make the process more user friendly and cut some of the red tape that legitimate contractors have to go through to work in the area. Our work is still not done. We have goals we set each year and work to get them done.

    There are many other examples of the good these people have done to make this a great city and county. I urge you to not only make sure city citizens are involved in the boards but let’s not cut out the many good and experienced people that are willing to help and have a vested interest in moving Evansville in a positive direction. Let’s change the language to include any person who has a business inside the city limits to be welcomed in serving this fine city which we all have a vested interest.

    Thanks for your time and I am willing to speak to any of you that have other questions or concerns.

    Mark Beard
    Representative and ICRA Lead
    IN/KY/OH Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights



    1. That thought does bring up a different idea that is worthy to pursue. Wondering how many “anti” union posters will bash this letter just because a fellow union member had wrote it? Must be awful that “bonding workers” are the “root” of all your problems!

      • You have expressed the obvious, that there is an odor of paybacks in these appointments.

        • BTW, while your calling me anti-union, remember I was also against Yaeger’s letter, so I must also be anti-business.

          • IE, never mention any poster by name! Nothing never personal with me here on this site! Just throwing a little balance out there for discussion. Nice to interact with you once more!

            • I’m pretty sure you mentioned several of us by name just a few days ago, when you were explaining what you believe to be the difference in liberals and left-wingers. I know you mentioned me. Never say “never.”

            • ELK, I don’t venture into those “political labeling” of posters. Do me a favor and fine that post of mine that you were mentioning so I can see what you are referring to. If it had came across as such, I want to see my mistake. Thanks!

            • EKB, I did fire a “personal” post the other evening when Brandon B was doing his “elementary school age” name calling of you. That I don’t tolerate.

            • You have my apologies. I WAS WRONG. I was thinking of another regular poster, PCD. I was not up to “operating level” on caffeine yet this morning, although that is NEVER AN EXCUSE.

            • I’m sure a vision of me was in your head, but it’s all good. We all need a little balance and I hope I give you some also.

            • EBK
              No apologies needed! Just keep me on my toes as I do with IE, who gladly reciprocates!

            • Dang IE, Telling LBK “we all need a little balance”?
              Does not sound like the IE of old!

            • Thanks, on the comment about poor BM. I’ve found he is best off left to rant to himself and the very small group of like-minded posters, so I seldom read his posts. I did see what you’re referring to though, and it was obnoxious even for him.

          • IE, both business and employees deserve a little ROI, One side has capital, the other has their body. Neither needs any harm to their investment!

            • IE, we do agree allot even though we are “label” as being “opposite sides” of that fence!

            • Labels don’t stick to thinking people, and the CCO has more thinkinking people. It is what I have always liked about the CCO over the CP. You’re a great American Arms.

      • Wonder why labor is has such a viagra moment of Councilwowman Robinson’s ordinance, oh, could it be that one of the members of the Utility Board is one them? Oh, the one that signed us up for the Johnson Control screwing…oh, maybe “Temp job at any Cost”? Viva Gothemvlle!!!

          • Oh, yes..a BIG LABOR bossman…and we wonder why Gothem is soooo economically retarded…who in the hell in their right mind would ever consider commercial development under these conditions?

      • Proud to be anti union! I’m all about building Evansville, and against destroying businesses. Unions are a big reason why we cannot bring jobs here. No company wants to come here to be raped and destroyed.

    2. C’mon Man?
      Nothing good can come from this. (Unless you happen to bill for the City’s legal services)
      Indiana Statutes have this territory covered. We should simply abide by established law.
      (IC 36-4-9-2 and IC 36-1-7) The ordinance itself includes the caveat
      “unless otherwise provided by state statute”. {sic} (which renders it void)

      Further: it is beyond debate that the Evansville City Limits holds no monopoly on brilliance, talent or virtue. Why would we seek to diminish our options?
      (something/someone personal?)

      Our seemingly never-ending forays into “local ordinance fantasy-land” define and embarrass us as a Community. Mr Winnecke’s “go-along/get-along” stance on this, reveals a lack of leadership and willingness to watch our bus go into the ditch.

      C’mon Man? Get it together!
      Abandon this fools errand NOW! …

      • Laws exist in the absence of morality While I feel the surrounding communities have a vested interest in Evansville, it has been abused.

      • Like I said the last time you did this post, establishing standing to sue would be difficult if not impossible. I read your cites and so did an attorney in my family, and neither of us think it would be a real problem. The way she put it is that Indiana, along with many other states, has a lot of gibberish in the State Code.

        • Thanks for the respectful response, Laura.
          With regard to lawsuits: they never entered my mind.
          My concern is that this exclusionary ordinance would only further restrict
          our ability to recruit honest, competent advisors.
          Further: the ability to justify questionable
          appointments would be enhanced. …

          • I don’t worry about limiting our resources. There are so, so many good people who live within the City Limits. I think a lot of people are overlooking the fact that the City of Evansville does not just consist of what has been thought of as the “inner city”, although there are a good many very qualified people who do live within that area. The middle classes need more representation when Evansville makes its decisions, and there are a lot of very bright, good people in the middle class.

            • Just curious:
              What could possibly gained by passing a local ordinance, in spite of existing Statutes,
              which trump and cover this issue? (besides the billable hours gleaned by City attorneys)

            • @Bubbageek: IMO, more representative government would be gained. City residents’ interests are not currently being represented proportionally to their tax payments.

      • Mr. Beard’s e-mail was very well stated. Connie Robinson’s lame brain idea of only City residents on City Boards is just dumb and dumber. When did our County residents become undesirables? The last time I looked the City was all for consolidated government for the entire County.

        • Go back to the 2012 election canvas on your “city supported” consolidation. Very few “wards” carried what you claimed. City residents that are also “fellow county government residents” spoke with their “NO” vote!

    3. A Weinzapfel union appointee. It does little to ease my concerns that these appointees are a not serving for personal gain.

      • Is it ok that the State chamber of commerce has already told state assembly that they want legislation past so that the Glitz voter “elected” position becomes a “appointed” one? This appears to become a conduit to more “for profit” school systems which the business is a member of the CofC?

        • Well, since there such a shortage of talent and skill sets within the City Limits of Evansville, let’s ask Ms Mosby to amend her amendment to expand the eligibility to run for City Council to include anyone who lives in the bounders of the US….surely, this would save our people from the oncoming bankruptcy Mr. Autermann refers….

          • I believe that the drug money laundering member of the redevelopment commission is from the city. I think he may be the only member of that group that is. The other four may be inept as hell but they are not convicted felons. The problems with incompetent commissions lies with the people that make the appointments. Didn’t the city council appoint Jay Carter when Connie was the President? As long as the Mayor and the City Council are intent on appointing their half wit cronies not a damn thing will change. An idiot who lives in the city is still an idiot. The same is of course true for the county.

            • My Dear Mr. Smith….

              Actually, Mr Carter is a very intelligent individual, I did not say honest, but intelligent….without a history of anybody who sits on those boards, the appointments must be make upon impression, i.e. does the candidate have intellectual abilities….Mr. Carter, to the best of everybody’s knowledge, did NOT have a criminal history…believe me, there will be more disappointment to come, alway have and always will…..

        • I had actually considered joining the CoC because I was accused so often of being a member and to make some connections, but their behavior persuaded me otherwise. Just another breakfast club of back slappers and back stabbers.

          • Dang IE, you just “disarmed” one of my “weapons of mass distractions” with you by that post!
            Back to the drawing board for a “replacement”!

      • So, let’s see, union representative on Utility Board = Johnson Control = union trade jobs = out of pocket expense for utility customers…

    4. Why didn’t Weinzapfel name me to the Construction and Roofing Advisory Board ? I know the difference between a shingle and shinola !

      Second question: what the hell is this, and why does it exist ? I challenge this group to publish any accomplishment they have realized in their existence.

      When union guys start begging to be on these obscure boards, that is all I need to know.

      • We all need the employment opportunities, but, not at our expense…sooner or later, more like sooner, the public will be running out of money and then what?

    5. Did Beard say he had 300 members in the whole area? 300 is what percent of the tri state population? Sounds like he represents an elite or privlaged group living out of the city.

      • Rest assure, there are plenty of members inside your city limits. Oh, the hatred of non-city residents. We have been out here since coming from Prussia (Germany) in the mid 1840’s

        • Nobody hates those who don’t live inside the City, but there are a good many (not you) who live outside the city and have no use for people who live inside it. I’m really tired of the condescension of our “superiors” who have moved off to their McMansions and screech like they’re being murdered when Walmart decides to build near them.

    6. I don’t agree with Ms. Mosby. I think Mr. Beard is “stretching” in his explanation for living in Warrick Co.
      This whole thing reminds me of parasites who have nearly killed their original host, so they move on to the next one, while the old one dies. In this case, they want the option to return to the old host, if it manages to survive.
      It might be one thing if one OWNS a private, for profit business inside the city, and lives in Vanderburgh County. It is quite a stretch that someone who happens to work at a “non-profit” in the city, and lives in another county has enough vested interest in the city to sit on a board or commission.
      This is just a way for Councilwoman Mosby to pander to the unions that have been donors to family political campaigns for years, but no longer turn out votes because they left the county.

      • Do you know Mr. Beard? Do you know his family well enough to make the statement about moving to Warrick?

        • I am basing my statements on the information he volunteered in the letter to the Councilwoman.

    7. Does Missy realize she’s getting the “numerous calls & emails regarding this proposal and none of them have been in support”, because only those that have something to lose are going to complain?

      • Pappa,

        It’s more insidious than even that. She received NO calls or e-mails from the general public on this topic, those were invented. The only ones she heard from were, in fact, the union boys who want to retain their domination.

      • My Dear BigPappa….

        It is beyond belief that her second ward voters are so excited about allowing their destinies to be controlled by out of town political patrons…those email, etc are coming from her puppet masters….it is so simply, to show the union membership that any particular business manager (Labor Boss) is effective and worthy to be re-elected as the Boss Man of any particular union, they must first demonstrate influence and sitting on boards controlling the process, such as the terrible Johnson Control deal proves them worthy of re-election, kinda like Congressman whose bring home the bacon,, but in this case, the egg is on us…thanks, Ms Robinson for looking out for the little guy!!!!

        • Is it true that the “business world” sits on these boards as well?
          Is it true that bankers, realtors. lawyers. ect. are there to protect their interest?
          Is it true that Chamber of Commerce members do fill these boards?
          Is it true that these members can do more damage because of the the Chambers clout, then those that represents those hourly workers?
          Is it true never underestimate the chambers tentacles?
          Is it true at the state level that it is reported that the C of C has gave the republicans their marching orders which one is to eliminate a state elected position that they lost two years ago?

    8. I asked the question yesterday. How many appointments does the city council have to these boards and do any of their appointments live outside the city limits? Has this been a problem in the past?

      • There are way more of these Boards and Commissions than I can count, from the well-know to the really obscure. It appears to me there may well be a problem, if you look at some of the things this City has done lately, often on the advice of such a body. Virtually all or them have at least one member appointed by the Mayor and one by the Council. I really didn’t realize how many of these appointments are people who don’t even own property in the city, or even the county until this discussion began.
        I think Councilwoman Robinson may have opened our eyes to something that some powerful people didn’t want us to see.

        • My Dear EKB….you are emphatically on point….for instances, approx. three years ago, the Safety Board awarded a contract, insiders indicate that the current Mayor desired one particular vendor, but, suddenly, the majority of the members voted to award to another vendor, to the mayor’s surprise, at is seems….recently, during a Federal Criminal Trial, testimony pointed to the defendant desiring to obtain CASH in order to bribe the “Board”…in context, the Safety Board member (s)….in this particular case, being on this specific board may have been fruitful. These Boards are an extension of the Mayor’s authority and generally, he doesn’t know what the hell is going on behind the scene…just the facts!!!

      • Last count, approx 8 appointees are out of town….iconically, Ms. Robinson’s preferred pick for the ERC, Ms Pat Lowrey, CPA…lives outside of the City…so, by by, to Ms Lowrey

    9. Could it be true that city council missed the boat? Could it be true that they could had made their council stronger by having all of these city appointed boards with any expenditures with tax money of any kind, local, state, or federal has to be approved by city council? This would eliminate the residency that is bothering everyone and put the council on record for all expenditures!

      • Under the legislative process, all expenditures are approved during the budgetary process, i.e. they appropriate the funding for the year and the executive branch, i.e. Mayor expends the funds via the boards for the most part…the only control the council has is if bonding is necessary, such as the ERC in reference to hotel and IU Med School…it is a separation of powers issue…much like Congress, they appropriate and the president spends….

    10. I totally support this proposal. You should have to live in the decisions that you make. Why should anyone be permitted to have influence in or over one city or county while living in another?

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