Dueling Facebook Hotel Support Chronicles: Young People “Against” while Older Folks are “For”


Citizens Against

There are two Facebook pages that have been established as platforms to inform people of their support for doing the hotel deal in downtown Evansville as it has been disclosed or to oppose using taxpayer dollars to subsidize a this particular hotel. While young people are thought to be more inclined to support public financing of entertainment venues while older people take the more conservative role of being frugal with public subsidies, in the case of the 253 room hotel and the $37.5 Million public subsidy the statistics available indicate that in Evansville just the opposite is taking place.

The Facebook page “Citizens of Evansville for Progress on a Convention Hotel” at this time is reporting that the most popular age group of those who “like” it is the demographic made up of those aged from 35 years old to 54 years old. The most popular demographic for “Citizens of Evansville Against a Taxpayer Funded Hotel” is reported by Facebook as people aged from 25 years old to 34 years old.

The preliminary indications based on some interviews are that the older folks want the hotel so they go there for entertainment and the young folks do not want to be stuck with paying for it for the next 25 years.

As for the other Facebook metrics the “Against” site has 756 likes to 288 likes “For”. The “Against” site has 1.397 people talking about it with the “For” site has only 205 talking about it.

The one thing the groups have in common is that they agree that a convention hotel at the proposed site would be a positive asset to the community. The big and only difference is that the youngsters are against the public subsidy while the older folks are in favor.

Of course it is recognized that the total Facebook interest in this issue constitutes less than 1% of the people who live in Evansville. It was also pointed out that the town hall style meetings that the Mayor has been holding are drawing an average attendance that is 0.05% of the population and it is mostly the same group of people at the meetings.


  1. This is a very interesting analysis and signals a seachange of sorts in the political leanings of young people, who have heretofore been comprised largely of “tax and spend liberals”.

    • You are correct. There must be at least 750 or so young people in Evansville who understand the basics of economics. The dark side of this is that there is a group of 300 or so aging social gadflys including Mayor Winnecke who have such an entitlement mentality that they are willing to crash the entire city for a place to drink and laugh at each others jokes. Free Geritol anyone? Look at the supporters on that FB page. It is a rogue’s gallery of social butterflies who do not give a damn about solving real problems but are in the CP society page every week. The King and his court and the palace dogs (unions) and the only supporters of this stupid giveaway.

      • To Gulliver’s River : I do not agree with anything you have said.

        Your view of the world is not correct. Middle age and older people understand and practice sound economics. Middle age and older people do not support entitlements to people who elect not to work when they could. Most people who are on the society page have worked hard to achieve what they have. Some people would rather complain than actually work.

        Have you attended the public meetings? Most of the people attending are good hard working people that are proud to be living a in Evansville.The public supports the project 10 to 1. It will pass.

        • I expressed no opinion on my view of the world so unless this little corner of Indiana is your world how would you even presume to know what I think of the world. What I do know is how to check demographics on FB and the truth is that the against page is a product of the young and the for page is a bunch of the self annointed old “beautiful people” of Evansville. Check it out yourself if you have the ability.

          Coming to a theatre near you. Mayor Winnecke plays the Great Gatsby and his 300 or so adoring social butterflies want to spend your hard earned money on more fun and games for their own entertainment. Sad but true Wayne. What is unbelievable is that someone who can become republican party chairman laps up this bullshit like he never learned to count. 10 to 1 for? Wayne you are delusional. Weinzapfel didn’t even beat that deadbeat dad you ran for mayor by 10 to 1. Nothing has 10 to 1 agreement. If these truths are not revealed September 9th will be the end of this dumb giveaway. It will go down in flames and you and the mayor can join Missy and the Weav for a cry in the beer session.

          • To Gulliver’sRiver:

            The figure of speech word “world” I used was referring to the Evansville. I believe you knew that after all the subject is Evansville convention hotel.

            I stand by my statement the public supports the convention hotel project 10 to 1.To say nothing happens by a 10 to 1 margin is not correct. The Republican Precinct Committeemen elected me GOP Chairman by a margin of 10 to 1 margin.

            The convention hotel project will pass because it is the right thing to do.

            • Then you stand on quicksand because there is not 10 to 1 support for this proposal as written. I will give you that if a private investor was building this without a handout there is a 10 to 1 support for the hotel itself. What was your support on the first ballot? Positions like yours and nominations always have that final vote to be able to say they are unanimous. Did Mayor Winnecke support you on the first ballot?

          • You were elected Chairman by a 10-1 margin, if that is indeed the margin, because the local Vanderburgh County Republican Party is filled with “tea party” pansies too worried about their rental contract than the direction of the Party, and a bunch of other RINOs who will just go along to get along. The people like me, who wanted to participate in a Party that would fight the status quo were ostracised or made outsiders.

            Plus, no one else seems to want to stand up and take it from you. Had I still been a PC before that vote I would have at least challenged you. The result wouldn’t have been 10-1.

        • Ahhhh yes the good ‘ol bandwagon fallacy.

          I don’t give a rat’s patu if the support is 1000 to 1 for.

          The public meetings are full of people with huge conflicts of interest with the public at large, republican politicians and precinct committee men and women and union members who will benefit if the hotel is built and don’t give a care about even the short and medium term financial calamity this will cause let alone the long term.

          • Wayne is one of the lead lemmings voting 10 to 1 to run into the sea to their death. In his mind he is saying “all these other lemmings are going to commit mass suicide and if I don’t do it too, I won’t fit in”. Lemmings should not be in positions of leadership.

  2. I went out to eat about noon Sunday. At a table across from me there were 4 young couples just starting their families. What should have been a happy social scene actually struck me as very sad.

    It appeared that the main object of their affections was their smart phones. The children present were being largely ignored and it looked as if there was even some across the table texting going on.

    I could only hope that their home environments were not quite so centered on those same cell phones. It makes you wonder if that Zuckerberg kid ever got out of the house when he was growing up.

    A virtual life lived in the ether is a poor substitute for a hands on physical life lived in consort with the natural wonders that surround us.


  3. Brad,

    I am the one behind the support page. Most of the posts are from me. We are close to the same age, so stop saying that it’s cheerleading from older people. I would say that the main reason behind the difference in age, is the same reason why people like Barack Obama get elected, low information voters. Young people don’t do the research, nor do they have the life experience to make informed political decisions. It’s purely based on feelings. It amazes me how you can take any tidbit of information and make an argument based on your opinions.

    • Phyllip, it doesn’t surprise me you’re behind that page. I knew the level of double-think in some of the arguments sounded familiar.

      The difference between you and me is, I’ll look at data and then try to apply a theory that fits that data after the fact, whereas you and your ilk will just make up data to fit your predetermined conclusions, i.e. 250 jobs.

      It is interesting to know for sure that a Republican Party PC is behind the page though. Considering another Republican PC is behind the other page, it certainly confirms my other assertions that this issue is driving a deep wedge right down the middle of the Republican Party.

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