Dr. Bucshon Votes to Protect Hoosier Wages, Hours at Work



 (Washington, DC) –On Thursday, the House passed H.R. 2575, the Save American Workers (SAW) Act.  H.R. 2575 repeals the 30-hour definition of “full-time employment” in the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as ObamaCare, and restores the traditional 40-hour definition protecting hourly wages for American workers.

Following the passage of H.R. 2575, Congressman Larry Bucshon, a physician from Southern Indiana, stated:

“I consistently hear from individuals, businesses, school corporations, and local governments here in the 8th District that they are struggling under provisions in the ACA.  One in particular, the 30 hour workweek definition, is estimated to put over 2.6 million Americans at risk of seeing their hours and wages cut.

 “During the worst economic recovery since WWII, we should be helping Americans find work, not making it more difficult.  Unfortunately, the ACA puts employees at a disadvantage. It’s hard to find or keep a full-time job when the government penalizes employers for giving workers more than 30 hours of work.  How can hardworking Hoosiers care for their families when the ACA is putting jobs, wages, and hours on the line? It’s unfair and simply does not make sense.

“By repealing the 30 hour definition in the ACA, we are restoring the wages and hours the law puts at risk. This bill has bipartisan support in both chambers of Congress and from the American people. I sincerely hope the Senate will act immediately to send this bill to President Obama’s desk.” 

Yesterday, Dr. Bucshon took to the House floor during debate of H.R. 2575 to discuss the impact the 30 hour provision is having on Hoosier school districts and to urge his colleagues to support the legislation.

Bucshon stated, “The vast majority of these employees already receive health insurance either through their spouse or other sources and many of them have worked for their school corporation for many years. 

He continued, “School Corporations don’t have the luxury of raising taxes to pay for these provisions of the Affordable Care Act. They aren’t a major business that can raise their prices.  School corporations simply can’t afford the Affordable Care Act. These Hoosiers work every day with students and because of this provision in the Affordable Care Act, our students will suffer.”


H.R. 2575, the Save American Workers Act, passed with a bipartisan vote of 248 to 179.  More information on the bill can be foundhere.

In June of 2013, Bucshon joined the Indiana Congressional Delegation to send a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius warning that schools would be forced to cut workers’ hours to avoid the ObamaCare penalty.


  1. Republicans and the CCO are just incredibly obsessed with trying to defeat the ACA.

    The “Save American Workers Act” right out of 1984, the Ministry of Information and Frank Luntz’s backside.
    It should be called “The CEO,Megacorp, and GOP paymasters, protection and gift act.

    So we’ll have one million workers stripped of their health insurance, adding $74 billion to the deficit, and Larry thinks it’s a great idea. Of course, That’s GOP “logic” for you.

    It also means half of those losing their insurance will end up on Medicaid or in the ACA with subsidies, and the other half will have to resort to using the ER at ten times the cost of seeing a doctor, and they’ll stick us with the bill.

    Every single thing Republicans propose not only harms average Americans, it increases the debt and deficit. And then they use the bills THEY have created as an excuse to slash safety net programs of all kinds, resulting in CONTRACTING the economy instead of growing it.

    In regards to the schools since when did Larry give a toss about public schools? Property tax caps have cost Indiana’s schools $245M/year but I’m sure Larry the big man is happy his buddies in McCuthanville and Northern Vanderburgh County living in 4 car garage homes escaped having to pay an extra $200-300/year in property taxes.


    • The only thing that is sickening around here is you and your liberal rants. You can’t see past the end of your confused face, due to be inebriated with the kool aid. The ACA has not done its intended job of providing healthcare to those without it. It has only managed to cause millions more to be dumped from there policies. The 7 million number they threw out there (if it is even a real solid quantifiable fact) is more than likely comprised of the 6+ million that were thrown off their healthcare due to the meddling of the ACA. So did it really help the uninsured? Or are they still out there. It’s all a smoke and mirrors game in DC. Watch the sideshow here and pay no attention to what we claimed we were going to do.

      I am sure you and your leftist buddies were all jumping for joy earlier when the regieme announced the 7 million number they pulled from no where. (Just days earlier they had no answer for the How many question.) I can see you and weinz and lbk all jumping up and down hi-fiving each other acting like you just won the world championship. All because your leftist controlled media and your savior told you it was a good time to celebrate. Why question anyone or anything when they make you feel so good about yourself.

      • Obama Administration play of the year.

        Fall 2013: Adopts the CBO number of 7 Million sign ups as necessary for success. Completely ignores that who those 7 Million are is much more important than the number itself.

        October 2013: Caught with pants down with a website that doesn’t work. Points fingers in every direction except at the bumbling idiots who orchestrated the failure.

        November 2013: Bite the bullet an hire someone with a clue to fix the website after 3 years of government bumbling

        December 2013: Proclaim the website is fixed knowing that the back end has net to work at all making data gathering and closing the sale impossible.

        January 2014: making up spin for the future failure and gathering scapegoats

        February 2014: Sitting in basement shivering

        March 2014: turn President of United States into sleazy insurance salesman on the talk show and cartoon circuit

        Today: Proclaim victory for getting to the minimum 7 Million number with no knowledge at all about the health demographics of the ones who signed up. Ignore the caution advisories about 20% not paying. Claim they don’t even track who pays and who doesn’t while claiming victory forever.

        People, anyone who runs a business without being able to track their accounts receivable is a fool. Mr. Obama, that shoe fits so please stop celebrating the fact that you dunked the ball while with 2 seconds to go and your team behind by 30. This is not the time to claim victory as it is not assured. Get back to work and make this work the way you promised.

    • O’Malley points out that despite the problems, Maryland exceeded its overall enrollment goal of 260,000. As of Tuesday night, that number had hit 295,077. It includes people who have enrolled in private plans (which has dramatically lagged expectations) and Medicaid (which has exceeded expectations).

      …Sharfstein said in late February that a more accurate projection is 75,000 to 100,000 private enrollees.

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