Dr. Bucshon on ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers




(Washington, D.C.) – Wednesday afternoon, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealed that only 701 Hoosiers have selected healthcare plans via the failing healthcare.gov website in the first month.  In comparison, according to state officials, more than 108,000 Hoosiers have received cancellation notices due to the law.


“As a physician, I want every American to have access to quality, affordable health care, but this law is only creating obstacles for families, not solutions,” said Bucshon. “More Hoosiers have lost coverage than have signed up for plans under ObamaCare.  The flawed website is only a symptom of more systemic failures.  Despite the President’s promises, Hoosiers are receiving cancellation notices for plans they like, they are at risk of losing their current physician they know and trust, and many are faced with higher costs for inferior coverage. These are real stories that affect real hardworking families who are just trying to make it.”


Nationally, 27,000 Americans have enrolled in federal run exchanges and 79,000 Americans have enrolled in state-based exchanges, bringing the total to only 106,185.  An enormous failure when compared to the President’s September projection of 494,620 enrollees.


According to the Washington Times, “more than 4.2 million Americans have had their health insurance policies cancelled thanks to ObamaCare” and “the number could triple over the next few months.” (Washington Times; 11/13/13)


HHS classifies enrollees as individuals “who have paid the first month’s premium and those who have not yet paid the first month’s premium.”


Bucshon has asked 8th District constituents to share their healthcare stories or experiences through the webpagewww.bucshon.house.gov/yourstory.