Dr. Bucshon on Bipartisan Budget Agreement



“While this deal is far from perfect, it is a small step in the right direction to pay down our debt and balance our nation’s budget.”

(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. released the following statement regarding the budget agreement reached late Tuesday night by House and Senate leaders.


“Chairman Paul Ryan, the architect of the fiscally responsible Republican House budgets, has negotiated the best agreement possible with President Obama in the White House and the United States Senate controlled by Democrats.


“The agreement achieves discretionary spending levels below what was passed in previous House budgets and includes over $20 billion in long-term deficit reduction with zero tax increases. The unmanageable across-the-board spending cuts to our national defense are partially mitigated and more than offset by changes to mandatory spending programs, which are the true long-term drivers of our debt and deficits.  These changes are permanent, resulting in ongoing savings for decades.

“We also avoid the risk of government shutdowns going forward by making these smarter cuts and reforms, jumpstarting the regular order appropriations process and reclaiming Congress’ power of the purse.


“The Hoosiers I represent expect Congress to find common ground and move this country forward. This budget agreement makes divided government work, while maintaining the core principles in which I believe.  I will continue to fight for more aggressive fiscal restraints to rid our country of the burden which is our debt and deficits.


“While this deal is far from perfect, it is a small step in the right direction to pay down our debt and balance our nation’s budget. However, I am disappointed that Democrats still refuse to acknowledge the need for broader entitlement reform to solve our long-term fiscal problems. At the end of the day, I firmly believe a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution is required to force Washington, D.C. to live within its means.”


Bucshon, a physician from Southern Indiana, represents the 8th District of Indiana, which includes all or parts of Clay, Daviess, Gibson, Greene, Knox, Martin, Owen, Parke, Pike, Posey, Sullivan, Vanderburgh, Vermillion, Vigo, Warrick, Crawford, Dubois, Perry, and Spencer counties.