Dr. Bucshon Comments on Special Benghazi Panel


  220px-Larry_Bucshon,_official_portrait,_112th_CongressCongressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. released the following statement following approval by the House to form a special panel to investigate the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans.


Bucshon stated:


“The House has overwhelmingly approved a resolution to further investigation in the Benghazi terrorist attack that killed four of our fellow Americans.  Newly released emails show the Administration has stonewalled Congress in our effort to get the facts the American people deserve.  I have full confidence that Trey Gowdy will lead a thoughtful investigation focused on finding the facts and uncovering the truth. 


“I’m also glad to have a Hoosier voice on the panel, my colleague Susan Brooks.  I have come to know Susan as a very thoughtful and focused member of Congress. Her experience as a U.S. Attorney will undoubtedly be an asset to the committee. With Trey and Susan thoroughly investigating this attack, we will finally have the answers to what happened on September 11, 2012.”




Last week, in response to the release of emails showing the White House was more involved in misleading the American people than previously known and the revelation that the Obama administration had withheld these documents from a Congressional subpoena, Speaker Boehner announced that he was establishing a special committee to investigate the events surrounding the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.


Upon hearing the news about the panel, Bucshon released a statement supporting the continued fact-finding investigation in light of the newly released emails.


Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, a former prosecutor tapped to lead the panel, penned an op-ed in USA Today explaining that the investigation will be purely about finding the facts and uncovering the truth.


“Facts are neither Republican nor Democrat,” said Gowdy “While our fellow citizens are free to draw varying conclusions and inferences from the facts, surely there can be consensus that every relevant fact must be uncovered.” (USA Today; 5/7/14)


  1. Dr. Bucshon, did you vote with the rest of your Republican caucus to cut funding for embassy security prior to the Bengazi attack?

    • Democrats have been claiming that budget cuts resulted in the lack of security in Benghazi, but Charlene Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, testified in October that budget cuts did not affect resources for security in Benghazi. On Face the Nation that same month, House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa said the State Department was sitting on more than $2.2 billion in unused funds designated for embassy security.


      • So, Benghazi is unforgivable, but you have no problem with all of the embassy attacks during the Bush administration, nor with the 911 attacks either.
        You take the opinion of one bureaucrat and the convicted criminal, Darrell Issa, without question.

        HOOK, LINE, & SINKER

        • If I recall correctly no attempts were made to cover up those attacks were indeed terrorist attacks, nor did the administration at that time attempt to cover it up by blaming a video made by an American.

          Secondly, Bush is not our current Presidentand yes there were attacks on and away from Embassy and Consulate grounds. What happened then is not relevant to now, completely different administration and policies. If you’re so riled nothing was done during the Bush administration then you need to ask Mr. Peabody to borrow his wayback machine.

          Thirdly, this thread is about what is happening now with this administration. Fourth, I do not recall an Ambassador under Bush asking for additional security for weeks prior to an attack and receiving no response from the State Department. Fifth, some of those attacks to which you refer occurred outside Embassy or Consulate grounds.

          Now if you want to exclude Issa, fine. But you cannot get around the fact the deputy of the State Department for security testified before congress that security funding was not an issue. If you want to ignore a person responsible for security, that is your prerogative but does nothing to make you read as reasonable.

          You people need to find a new mantra. While at one point you might and I use that word generously have had a reasonable point, that time is long gone. Unsurprisingly, you use the typical response to deflect any negatives about Obama and his policies.

          The simple fact is this; an Ambassador asked for security enhancements, received no reply from the State Department, was murdered along with others, and this is the most important part; Obama and Clinton did nothing but lie about the who and why.

          • What makes you think there was a “cover-up”? It is not unusual for mis-information to be disseminated early-on in these matters.
            You may want to let the families of those people lost in the repeated attacks on embassies and consulates during the Dick/Dubya years that their loved ones are no longer relevant. While you’re at it, tell it to the vets that were maimed and killed in the war resulting from the lies of that administration. You know, the war that made so much money for GOP donors, that was “ginned up” over 911, and has cost this country so dearly.
            You might recall that the Ambassador CHOSE to go to Benghazi, rather than remain at the Embassy. Apparently he felt that there was adequate security available to him and his staff to venture outside the compound, to the outpost in Benghazi.
            There is no “there” there, but you should probably become a “Benghazi Watchdog.” Your party needs all the faithful to continue to scream about it, as ACA is “fizzling” as the main attack point for the fall elections.

          • If he felt there was adequate security then he would not have asked the State Department for additional security. You cannot have it both ways.

            What actions did Obama, Clinton and the fed in general take? They arrested an American for a supposed video. Blamed the attacks on said video while at the same time new it was indeed a terrorist attack.

            You want me to believe an Ambassador never ever leaves a consulate or Embassy and never has the responsibility to visit other places under US control? That is ridiculous.

            There were more than several other countries stating their intelligence agencies knew this was a preplanned attack. Some of those countries were or are our allies. Even Libya stated the same. The point here is there is plenty of evidence contradicting the video story yet Obama, Rice and Clinton continued to push something they knew was not true.

            It is sad and unfortunate you consider these deaths to be so trivial as to not warrant any investigation about what really occurred. It is equally sad you can only respond with deflectionary topics like the ACA and attempt to justify and trivialize via “well attacks happened before” and the like.

            I am thankful I was not murdered under the same conditions during my military career to have my death treated as a political football by many of those like you. Those people died in service to us making it an American issue not political.

          • “You want me to believe an Ambassador never ever leaves a consulate or Embassy and never has the responsibility to visit other places under US control? That is ridiculous.”

            No, I never implied any such thing. I do believe that Chris Stevens was a seasoned, savvy diplomat who would not have endangered his detail to go someplace that was purely of his choosing. He was known as a personal risk-taker, but he would not have put his people in what he saw as a highly dangerous situation.
            I’ll gladly tell you what IS ridiculous. It is the idea that the President of the United States writes “talking points” for members of his administration when they appear on the Sunday am shows. Equally ridiculous is the idea that the President and Secretary of State conspired to allow the murder of four Americans by terrorists. Even more ridiculous is the idea that the Republicans can make enough hay with their Benghazi Watchdogs to come close to defeating Mrs. Clinton in 2016.

            • I don’t think any of these people really believe the President wrote a word. What does seem to happen and it sickly reminds me of Nixon’s lying, is that high ranking officials of the administration did indeed write the talking points and made up that bullshit story about a youtube video starting the terrorist activities in the Muslim world. These high ranking campaign officials then sent Ms. Rice and President Obama out to parrot their lies. Both did so for 2 weeks without questioning the accuracy of the bullshit. That to me is worth investigating. If it turns out the President really did know the bullshit was bullshit it will merit even more actions.

              I don’t think that will turn out to be the case though. Obama’s biggest problem is that he is too detached from reality to even bother to ask about things that he should. He didn’t bother to verify the website worked but parroted the talking points for months. He did the same with this youtube video story. Face it LKB, as much as Nixon was a crook, Obama is a detached dunce. He may have a high IQ and a Harvard degree but he is not the least bit interested in using either of them to govern. A dunce is as a dunce does and our President is a functional dunce. He and Winnecke are the same. All show and no substance.

        • These Benghazi watchdogs are ridiculous and they deserve every bit of mockery and scorn we can heap upon them.

          They just loved W the lesser and he was asleep as Rip Van Winkle during the summer of 2001. 3000 Americans were killed and they mada flocking hero out of him, practically gave him a medal.

          The conners elected Nixon and he gave us Watergate, they elected Bonzo and he gave us Beirut and Iran Contra so now there has to be an Obama scandal right?

  2. I can rest easy now, know thing good doctor is getting to the bottom of…. well….something.


    Voice over:

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    I’m Larry Buschon. I want assure all of you the House republicans will finish this important work of finding out who edited “attacks” to “demonstrantions”.

    We will also continue our important work of overturning Obamacare and denying millions access to healthcare. What could be more important than denying health care to the serfs, errr I mean constituents of the 8th District? Denying access to healthcare is what every good physician should do!

    We are also doing other important work like redfining rape, denying women birth control, and naming as many post offices, roads, bridges, and airports after Ronald Reagan. RNHC is also making sure aboriton clinic’s hallways are exactly 175.667 centimeters wide and their thermostats are set at 69.7F 24/7. Please donate today!

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    All copyrights, trademarks, and especially votes are owned by Koch Industries and Americans for Prosperity.

    Become a Benghazi watchdog!! Call now!!

  3. Let’s pass a jobs bill…Republican response BENGHAZI
    Let’s throw criminal banker is jail….Republican response BENGHAZI
    Let’s start working to reduce CO2 emissions ….Republican response BENGHAZI
    Let’s pass a jobs bill to work on America’s crumbling infrastructure …Republican response BENGHAZI
    And our fearless 8th District Congressman Larry Kockroach continues leading from behind carrying the worn-out flag “Repeal Obamacare”

  4. An undefined or unlimited amount of resources (money) will be available to the Select Committee to make sure their priceless and already arrived at inquiries are not fettered at least till the end of the year.

    If another major bridge collapses resulting in fatalities during this Select Committees tenure, then we should have a Select Committee ( resources limited) investigate the original Select Committees inability to give a damn.

    If this tragedy finally came to a conclusion: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=12420939, then surely by now this unfortunate event should have already been put to rest.

    Keep that money flowing Larry. And by the way, did they finally finish that $183 million dollar “Bridge to nowhere” up in Alaska you voted for?


    • One more thing Larry , do you know if Coats ever purchased a home in Indiana or not?

      I can’t seem to find out no where.

      I’ll thank you in advance for your reply.



  5. “Benghazi” was not an administration cover-up. It was simply a typical cover-your-ass exercise and the CIA gave the administration its talking points. This new congressional waste of time panel should ask the CIA how they once again screwed up the intelligence so badly as to give Obama his pitifully limp version of G.W.’s weapons of mass destruction excuse. Meanwhile Bucshon is just carrying water into the 8th District on behalf of Boehner’s extremist masters.

  6. This Benghazi political witch hunt is the biggest hypocritical waste of time and money I can think of in recent memory. If you think it isn’t purely political you are delusional.

    • It is just as political as the president’s handlers sending him and Rice out with a mouth full of lies during a national election. The damn lies then were all politics as is the “witch hunt” that is going on now. Ask yourself who started this cycle of lies? If the administration was truthful to begin with there would be no witch to hunt now.

      • Yeah but they had to lie. If they had told the truth in 2012 about Benghazi and the lies they told about ACA, Romney would be president today. Can you imagine that. Lying to stay in office is justified to keep the liberal agenda on track. Just ask any liberal after they have had a few glasses of wine and they will admit it.

        • Horse manure.

          The conservative posts here show why we can’t have nice things here like solar power and alternative energies, universal health care, gold standard education etc.

          This is what conservatives do when Dems are in power. Troll, badger, second guess, complain, misinform and accuse Democrats of lying 24/7/365, so that as little as possible gets accomplished and the whole national discourse get dragged into and through the mud just like this thread.

          Then they turn around and accuse Dem administrations of failure after undermining and sabotaging every GD thing Dems propose to help people.

          So do you RW whackjobs deny that Terry Jones trolled the whole Muslim world on 09/11/2012 with his stupid jackass video showing him burn Korans while you jerked smirked about it, until four of our people where killed and then you went coo coo? Do you deny that the Muslims with a 5th grade education feed the troll and started their protests and burning US flags and in general acting like fools and causing trouble all over the world?

          Do you deny that real terrorists took advantage of the chaos and killed four of our people and that US intelligence CIA/STATE everybody didn’t know WTF was going on?

          So because Susan Rice went on the Sunday talks shows and made a legitimate reference to Terry Jones jackass videos that makes her and the whole Obama administration a lying POS covering up their pusillanimous security and foreign policy weakness?

          Wow that is just one F***** up world view.

          You people have issues man, BIG ISSUES.

          GD I hate conservatives.

          • I repeat my position. If Obama did not lie about ACA and Benghazi, he would be on the talk show circuit now. The real question is whether the President was even in touch with reality enough to know a lie from the truth. My guess is that he didn’t and his handlers manipulated him like a four year old. The leader of the free world doesn’t even have the presence of mind to know when he is being used as a sock puppet.

          • Take heart, BB! The “old goat herd” is thinning to the point of irrelevancy. When you get angry about all of the confirmation bias and ignorance, read through the obituaries. They’re going the way of the Do-do. I don’t even think the Kochs are able to buy immortality yet.

          • Brainsless: Such a poor little victim you are. Everyone is out to get you and defame your beloved president. You can try and whitewash the event, deflect the conversation and change the topic, but your idol still lied and has yet to provide the truth to what happen. I think you have covered all the lib talking points on the issue. But you may want to check the blogosphere for any new ones that have been created for you.

          • LKB: your little snide comments make it clear what a heartless b*tch you really are. Only a liberal “victim” could be so callous by mocking the fact that people are dying. What a classy woman, NOT.

        • And if McClellan had only pressed his advantage at Antietam and brought up his reserves he could have defeated Lee right then and there.

          Your is a ridiculous position based upon what ifs.

          You only prove you hate the president, think he is illegitimate and are so full of confirmation bias you’re willing accept the most ridiculous narratives about him and what happend during the 2012 election cycle.

          BTW all those sh*tty catostrophic plans were grandfathered in by the ACA whether you like it, or beleive it or not.

    • The Benghazi witch hunt is nothing compared to the grossly more wasteful and hypocritical impeachment for lying about a blow job proceedings!

      • Lying to Hillary about blow jobs was nothing. Bill had been doing that for years. Lying to a federal grand jury period undermines our entire justice system. Clinton’s impeachment trial was not about a blow job or even 1,000 blow jobs. It was about lying under oath. Democrats conveniently forget that part.

        The pattern of lying about important things is evident though. Whether it is Clinton about sex, Obama about Benghazi and ACA, or even Johnson about the Vietnam death counts the pattern of Democrat presidents lying like dogs is clear.

        • Yes, indeed. The pristinely honest Bushes and Reagan are shining examples of what leaders should be. There were WMD, “no new taxes”, and no Iran Contra involvement from the White House, “Welfare Queens” are the undoing of America, and government is the problem. Right?
          Be a Benghazi Watchdog for the good of the nation!!

          • That’s good LKB. Let today’s liar off because lying has been done before. It’s a good thing we don’t exempt thieves, rapists, and murderers from the law simply because “that’s been done before”. If the country was run like you think the presidency should be we would have unaccountable chaos. That sounds like the Obama white house to me. Uncontrollable, unaccountable, chaos.

          • @ Ken Starr:

            That was easy! I can’t believe you so readily admitted that you were letting your beloved Repubs off, knowing full well that they are guilty of far worse than what you accuse Dems of.
            Nothing has been proved about POTUS, and it won’t be, because there is nothing to prove. Bill Clinton didn’t get removed from office, either, now did he?
            Your hate and bigotry are showing. Shame on you!!!

          • EKB>You people ought too just cut the crap, look at the active events balance and stick to current events sorry that’s my take on this Benghazi flap. That’s over! It isn’t going to change,its history. You want flap you’re opinions about something current, take an active balance on this, it is not history yet! Sorry for being so blunt, but changing outcomes comes from action taken during the event horizon not years after.


        • Truth about endless Benghazi investigations is the American people will respond to wasteful expenditures by the Republican Congress on behalf of Hillary’s future opponent the same way the American people responded to the Republican Congress’s prosecution of Bill for lying about a blow job.

          • You’ve been hitting the bottle or puffing the MJ abit early today Truth-Serum. How you got that from my post is about as credible as all of the excused for Obama’s lying.

  7. Doormat Harry Clinton is just mad she didn’t get a Lewinsky from Monica.Talking about the war on women just sayin.

  8. This is in reply to “V”, who wrote:

    “EKB>You people ought too just cut the crap, look at the active events balance and stick to current events sorry that’s my take on this Benghazi flap. That’s over! It isn’t going to change,its history. You want flap you’re opinions about something current, take an active balance on this, it is not history yet! Sorry for being so blunt, but changing outcomes comes from action taken during the event horizon not years after.”

    I want to begin by saying that the kidnapping in Nigeria is one of the most unspeakable horrors in modern times. Sadly, I expect we will see more of the same kind of thing happening there. The US is powerless to act in this situation, though, without violating the sovereignty of Nigeria. I doubt that there is a taste among Americans to do that.
    I totally agree that the Benghazi discussion is long past its expiration date, as are the other incidents I cited. The only reason I participate in the discussion anymore is that the Republican “spin” on a truly sad event is meant to have strong implications for the future of America. It is being used as a reason for the impeachment of the President if the GOP gains a majority in the Senate this fall. That, I think you would agree, is what makes Benghazi and its prior counterparts a topic of discussion. If it were not being used in an increasingly alarming way to affect the future of our nation, I would have surely “passed” on yakking about it anymore.
    All that being said, I’m now off to enjoy a lovely brunch!

    • EKB: I Tend to agree on the political straws drawn on the Benghazi subject, however I think to set the examination of events now and into valued session and committee times on such a subject shows the bent of the cause.
      My suggestion to the so called leadership of both political parties would be to go privately look into a mirror, then take a gander down at their own feet.

      Something funny about evolution, or Gods purpose for the human race. If one has the gift of sight and it is capable of foresight in the conceptual sense, an observation will confirm my scientific conclusion on the matter. Humans are built by design, to look and move forward.

      BTW, happy mothers day!

    • LKB: Aawww we are such a better world when you come on here to set us “Republicans” straight on world events. Your whole post is just dripping with your disdain for other people. Your post comes across like you believe you are so much better than anyone else on this board. The flippant remark about how you know all and then the snide comment about your”wonderful brunch” is reminiscent of a liberal elitist who looks down upon the rest of society from their self deluded lofty perch.

      After your posts today concerning the glee over republicans dying and your snobbish condescending attitude, we all wish you would leave the area like you promise. Your type does nothing but bring down the level of goodness in the tristate.

  9. Did I see it in print recently that if there is a investigation into this, that it would be the fifth one that was pushed by the GOP party?

    Could it be true by summer of 2016, that the count could be in the “teens”. Appears political, but what isn’t anymore? Maybe that is why government approval may be at a all time “low” by your normal citizens. There may be sectors that the approval rate is high by the fact that the government representatives are doing their bidding as directed by them?

  10. Sadly some of you are so political you fail to acknowledge-or even care which is worse- it is now simply about the facts. PERIOD. That’s all we want and for the right reasons! Being lied to & blocked at every corner isn’t helping prevent the same failures in the future.
    I realize the truth is going to burn Hillary & make Obama look bad (they really did hang those people out to dry)but you people won’t even care. YOU WON’T CARE. It makes no difference to some of you. You’ll still vote for her & worship the ground he walks on so let’s get to the bottom of it & make the changes needed so it doesn’t happen again.

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