Dr. Bucshon Comments on September Jobs Report



(Washington, DC) – The Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report released this morning, shows that the U.S. unemployment rate was at 7.2% in September, while the economy only added 148,000 jobs, lower than what economists expected.

Rep. Bucshon (IN-08) released the following statement:


“Today’s report is yet another reminder that middle class families are hurting in this stagnate economy.  Health care premiums are on the rise, full-time hours are being cut back to part-time, and industries, like the medical device industry, are paring back their operations because of the President’s unfair and unaffordable health care law. Reckless spending, like the failed stimulus, has caused our national debt to spiral out of control. And new regulations from the President’s EPA are waging a war on coal putting thousands of Hoosier jobs at risk.


“As a doctor, I came to Congress to change business as usual and fight for hard working Hoosiers.  Over the coming weeks, I look forward to working with my colleagues to fight the harmful impacts of ObamaCare, grow the economy, and protect Hoosier jobs.”



4.1 million Americans have been unemployed for 6 months or more and while the total number unemployed is 11.3 million. (BLS; 10/22/2013)

Real unemployment, a measure that includes discouraged workers and those employed part-time who would rather work full-time, was 14.0% and the labor force participation rate was at 63.2%. (BLS; 10/22/2013)


  1. Last sentence: ,”grow the economy,and protect Hoosier jobs.”
    Rewrite: “Grow the economic base with environmental sequestration science*, Identify, create and build transportation and logistical support moved forward for innovative job creation through applications industries, with built in sustainability.”* 😉

    • Has anyone ever told you that what you expound is simple, bargain basement mental masturbation?

      • Nope, They told me it sounded like I was trying to sell a convention hotel project to broke municipality.

        Go expound some more biased sand,you “feind.”

        • Aye Cuz, Don’t waste your precious time left on your local politicos man,let’em waste theirs. That Luther the feind’ish fellow is just spouting political gobbledegook.

          You know with all those hard working years in the mining industry you and your colleagues put in what the real stuff is.
          Man look at the healthcare situation of your retirement,we have to find a better way. They can’t seem to get this present mess going stepping off the stump,gees.
          I think both of us know why the Doctor takes the stands he does. Politics,involved with growing and developing Indiana’s mine industry jobs man. that’s all.

          Really, its all about the new ground breaking science the industry research works and develops in finding real working clean coal solutions. Then creating cleaner,newer cost effective working processes to improve the sustainability forward of that very industry you help develop anyway.

          “Creation of good clean energy jobs forward,working with better healthcare solutions, with less redundant regulatory issues in the applications involved with those existing founded industries that’s all”.*

  2. What did you expect, Doc? You and your buddies, who are going to “primary” you, were getting ready to shut the government down and cost the US economy $24 billion. That doesn’t encourage growth, you know!

  3. Does he continue to believe that 1. His quarterly propaganda releases are relevant? 2. That anyone believes him? His “Letter to the Editor” of last week,a poor attempt to dress down a constituent, convinced me that our Representative is beyond redemption, and needs to be replaced at the earliest opportunity. Rather than quote unemployment numbers, tell us that you have began to work on a bi-partisan Jobs Bill. And a Farm Bill, and a Transportation Bill, Tax Reform and………..much to do and only a few more days in this year. 120 working days a year doesn’t stretch like it used to.

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