Dr. Bucshon Comments on Passage of 5 Year Farm Bill




(Washington, DC) – Congressman Larry Bucshon, a physician from southern Indiana, released the following statement regarding the passage of the Agriculture Act of 2014 by a vote of 251-166.

Dr. Bucshon stated:

“As I keep in constant contact with my Agriculture Advisory Committee, I consistently hear from them that the status quo is inefficient and unacceptable.  The bottom line is that the agriculture community needs a farm bill and I’m pleased that the House approved this agreement. 

“While it is not perfect, this five year comprehensive bill provides the much needed certainty for Hoosier family farmers.  We save $16.6 billion, end direct payments, increase accountability within federal programs, and provide regulatory relief.  We also renew funds that support rural communities with large amounts of federal lands, which is vitally important for Southern Indiana counties to provide critical services to their citizens. Overall, this bill simply makes sense for the Hoosier state, our agriculture community, and our economy.”


The Agriculture Act of 2014 renews full funding for the Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program:

PILT was created by Congress in 1976 to support rural communities who could not tax federal lands within their jurisdiction. These payments go toward building and maintaining roads, hiring teachers, paying police officers and supplying emergency services, and other vital services that communities would otherwise not have the revenues to support.



  1. …Extraordinarily, Larry decided to come to his senses and realize his constituency is composed of the Farm and Agriculture industry here at home…and NOT the Tea Party whackos…and NOT Club for Growth. Bucshon’s time in politics is limited if he continues his claptrap flirting with the crazies.

    • Don’t get too giddy. Doesn’t Buschon own a farm? I seem to recall a TV commericial for him, wearing bib overalls. It was awful. He needs to stick to suits.

    • It appears Buschon can breathe a sigh of relief. I understand that no serious Democrat opponent will run against him this fall. ( I hope I’m wrong) Apparently the Indiana 8th District is nothing the DNC is interested in spending money on.
      I’m not sure if the guy from Jasper who’s filing as a Democrat today is a GOP “plant” or just nuts, but he doesn’t have any prominent backers that I know of. I checked his voting record yesterday, and he’s voted in more Republican primaries than Democratic ones recently.

      • I feel about as you do about Spangler but my concern is with getting new people in there. If folks like Bucshon stay nothing changes. A one term Spangler would send a signal folks are tired of congress and will start sending them home. Maybe some decent candidates would decide a run would be worthwhile. Right now a job in congress, even with its nice paycheck, isn’t going to attract much talent. It attracts crazies. One Larry-removing term and Spangler can go back to perfecting the crank on my La-Z-Boy.

        • You do make sense, ‘Dana! I remember the first poll I took on Frank McCloskey after Joel Deckard got drunked up and hit that tree, and then gave the Deputies grief.
          When I handed over the results to the powers-that-were, the reply was, “That !$@%&#% fool is going to Congress. We better throw some cash and effort behind him!”

  2. More corporate welfare while cutting food stamps. Good ole hypocrite GOP.

    • Let’s’ be clear though. Larry is a GOP congressman. Farmers are businessmen. Agriculture companies are businessmen. All of their employees work for their businesses. And the business of the GOP IS business. And if Larry finds he wants to ignore the farm and agriculture industry, HIS constituency…then Larry will not be a GOP Congressman anymore. The bench is deep.

    • I notice Buschon makes no mention of how quietly the requirement to report the amounts that members of Congress recieve in farm subsidies was “scrubbed” from the final bill.

  3. Bucshon has been a Cantor toady and scared to death of a primary challenge from the Teabaggers. He has managed to pick up two challengers for his job so far. Perennial Libertarian candidate Andrew Horning and a guy named Tom Spangler from Jasper who is running as a Democrat. He says the recent government shut down inspired him to run.

    Spangler sounds like a viable candidate for the 8th District but he’s a first timer. He will probably not be able to overcome Doc’s minimal name recognition, failed incumbency and the ‘thanks for doing as you’re told’ pelf that will be heaped on the Bucshon campaign.
    Tom Spangler:
    Ordained deacon for over 25 years.

    ‘My faith and my church play a gigantic role in my life’. –– Spangler

    He’s the head of the Fellowship Baptist Church’s outreach program and works with its youth program.

    He says the youth program ‘keeps him young’. I’m not sure of that, I’ve seen the pictures. Maybe he means young at heart, like Sinatra.

    He is apparently a successful businessman, a furniture guy. He helped start the commercial division of La-Z-Boy. God bless him for any benefits that devolved to the consumer part of that company. I like my La-Z-Boy.
    Unless something better comes along, a person could do worse than voting for Spangler. His very name evokes the 4th of July. Bucshon readily allowed himself to become part of the problem in congress. He has done nothing for the people of the 8th District and should be cashiered in November.

    • Star spangled Spangler sounds interesting enough. I would think a Jasper business man would be a fiscally conservative Dutchman. I wonder where he stands on a right to life?

      But, put mother Nancy back in power and he will toe the line when she takes a peice of jasper hard wood to him. Yeah, I think star spangled Spangler is going to find out the California 8th is different than the fly over 8th.

      • What if the fetus you forced to be born was gay, black, disabled, liberal, hispanic, pro union, etc etc etc insert any group you guys hate. Would you selectively hate abortions if you could pick the outcome?

        • Then I would be gay, but being gay no more means I can give myself to my homosexual impulses than it means being born heterosexual means I can give myself to my heterosexual impulses.

          Being black would mean I am black. I see no problem with that.

          Being born disable would mean I was still wonderfully created by God. God makes no mistakes.

          Being born Hispanic would mean I have a energetic personality. But I would prefer the more acceptable name Latino.

          Being born pro-union would mean i would be the same efficient worker I am and I would be against my union’s work killing objectives.

          I do not selectively choose who lives and dies, especially those who are innocent and unborn.

          But being liberal? I would hate myself for my narrow minded and and failed socialistic views and become a bitter person like you.

          • You are a one issue voter. A candidate could have the most sound fiscal policies that you can agree with, but if he ain’t fer punishing rape victims, then you are against him.

        • If by one issue you mean that I would not trade the life of an innocent unborn person no matter how the person is conceived, be it rape or a night of YOLO, for a good economy, then thanks for recognizing that I have certain principles that are not for sale.

          But then how are you not a one issue voter if you value a good economy over the right to life of an innocent unborn person who can receive the death penalty for being conceived in rape or a night of YOLO, even when rape does not carry the death penalty? Yet who am I to judge your principles?

          • what I’m saying is… if a candidate was for throwing all poor people into a concentration camp, and eliminating the EPA and all of its pesky environmental rules and was willing to let the rivers go to fire, strip mine the national parks and every other horrible thing we can think of a human doing to other humans… But so long as he is FOR punishing rapes victims, then you will vote for him, if the other guy is the opposite in all ways.
            I do look at the whole picture, it just turns out that sane people with good public policy are ok with the woman’s right to choose.
            Why can’t you just be satisfied thinking woman who have abortions will burn in everlasting hell according to your sick fantasy.
            You can believe in all the silly crap you want to, but it doesn’t make it true.

          • Get-a-long, Where do you come up with something that…well…stupid? Talk about silly crap, it’s all coming from you. How in the world do you justify such a gross misrepresentation of my values?

            I would not support putting people in concentration camps or causing there deaths for being poor, but how many times have I heard pro-abortionist trying to justify their positions by appealing to saving these unborn children from a life of poverty?

            If concentrating was my “one issue,’ then I would not have supported the killing of 10 million innocents, and for sure I do not support the killing of 50-million for the crime of being conceived.

          • I always love the open mindedness and acceptance of the believes of others that liberals like you embrace.

          • BTW Brains, I found you in your link.

            “Sociopaths never answer facts; they always attack the messenger…

            …If a sociopath is presented with a collection of facts, documents and evidence showing that he lied or deceived, he will refuse to address the evidence and, instead, attack the messenger!…

            If you really try to nail a sociopath down to answering a documented allegation, they will quickly turn on you, denounce you, and declare that you too are secretly plotting against them. Anyone who does not fall for the brainwashing of the sociopath is sooner or later kicked out of the circle and then wildly disparaged by the remaining members of the cult group.”

            Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036112_sociopaths_cults_influence.html##ixzz2sBlnQKxh

          • Well, he’s right. I’m not at all accepting of his belief to let rape victims suffer any more than that they already have. A zygote is just a clump of cells. I care more about living people.
            And I stand by what I said. EI would vote for the most vile person ever so long as the candidate was against abortion and his oppponent was for choice.
            This is the last I will respond to this crazy.
            He’s just cra-cra for punishment. He’ll be taking a dirt nap soon enough. (not flying up to heaven, or going down to hell, just dead, and nothing else)
            It’s funny, EI is always upset that we don’t have an open mind about his beliefs, but he will not open his mind up to our beliefs. Two way street.

          • You do not alleviate the trauma of rape by killing the victim of rape, and unborn child. You might try justifying it by dehumanizing what all of us once were by calling that stage of life a “blob of cells,” but science doe not support that claim. further more, what are you telling people like Rebecca Kiessling who were conceive in rape? http://www.rebeccakiessling.com/Othersconceivedinrape.html

            Despite all that, most abortions are preformed as birth control. So you are supporting denying a right, a right you have, to life, the life you have, to an unborn person for “nothing more than being the inconvenient consequence of a night of YOLO.”

            But then, I’m the one issue sociopath because I feel 50 million abortion is more is our Holocaust.

            “And I stand by what I said. EI would vote for the most vile person ever so long as the candidate was against abortion and his oppponent was for choice.”

            That’s a lie. I would not vote for a vile person because he was pro-life. Of course the true sociopath is the one who creates lies to destroy opponents he can’t answer.

            But do run from the debate you started and can’t win. It is impossible for you to look like the caring hero, another trait of a sociopath, by defending abortion without exceptions.

      • ….or he’s been staying in his bunker too long. Making homemade ‘mater wine and such, you know. Maybe it was the ‘mater wine.

      • Drunk on ignorance and foolishness.

        Zero added value to the convo/debate on the blog, in fact I should say negative.

        • Saga:

          Sharpie the harpie,Trolling with a,old bent….a busted schtick…and dull hook.

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