Dr. Bucshon Asks for Constituent Stories


220px-Larry_Bucshon,_official_portrait,_112th_CongressLaunches bucshon.house.gov/yourstory where constituents can share experiences with the Affordable Care Act

 (Washington, D.C.) – Eighth District Congressman and heart surgeon, Dr. Larry Bucshon, recently launched a webpage for constituents to share their experiences and stories with the Affordable Care Act.

 “As we have seen over the past month, the consequences of the Affordable Care Act are widespread. Despite the President’s promise, Americans are receiving cancellation notices for plans they like, they are losing their current physician, and many cannot even access the website necessary to get coverage,” said Bucshon. “If you have a story, I want to hear from you.  Filling out the form is quick and easy and these stories are critical for me as I head back to Washington, D.C. to fight on behalf of my constituents.”

Bucshon has already received numerous accounts from people eager to have their voice heard.

Here are a few examples of these stories:

“They [insurance company] have informed me that the policy I have, that I have had for the past three years that I like and that fits my needs will no longer be available.”  – Nicole from Evansville, IN

 “Even after the subsidy we would still have to pay well over $500 per month.  We simply can’t afford it.” – Kim from Worthington, IN

 “The week of Oct. 1, the initial week of ObamaCare, I received my ‘Your policy has been eliminated effective Jan. 1, 2014 letter.’ …I have since chosen a new policy with them for next year at a higher premium and with higher copays and deductibles. I will also be losing one of my doctors who will no longer accept Anthem due to changes they have made in paying doctors.” – Marry from Evansville, IN

Constituents can share their story with Dr. Bucshon through the webpage at www.bucshon.house.gov/yourstory.


Bucshon is also expected to share a number of constituent healthcare stories on the House floor later this week.


  1. I’m sure Dr. Larry will be grabbing all these sad stories and repeating them without doing any vetting of them. Afterall, truth is not what he’s after.

    • elkaybee: You state: “Afterall, truth is not what he’s after.”

      What is the basis of this statement? You make derogatory statement with an assumed name. You are not creditable.

      • Wayne, I make no attempt to assume an identity other than my own. I use my initials, spelled out, on a lot of online correspondence. It is a “shorthand” for Laura K. Blackburn. “LKB” is a nickname co-workers hung on me because of the distinctive way I initialled inter-office memos.
        I would point out that “Wayne” is a pretty common name, so you don’t make your identity crystal clear, either.
        As for what I said about Buschon, I have seen nothing in the man’s behavior to make me think he is interested truth, nor betterment of his constituents positions. He is more interested in his own political life than anything else, IMO.
        Btw, you mean that I’m not “credible.”

    • LKB,—and what’s your take on the MILLIONS that have cancelation Notices,–do you think there are some liars in the bunch, and THAT is the issue here?
      Oh, I understand it’s only 5% that are affected, and your not one of them, it’s only your “neighbor”,–AND Bucshon is grandstanding, so Who Cares.

      • PS. This Cancellation of your fellow citizen’s Health Insurance,–that your pseudo-sympathy defines as “Sadness”,–is it Bush’s fault, Bucshon’s,–or both of them?

        • The truth is that many people are not very sophisticated consumers, especially when it comes to things that are as boring as an insurance policy. I never had to carry individual insurance, as we were always in jobs that offered excellent group coverage, but I can surely understand how people get “snookered” on individual policies.
          The people who are getting these letters do not have adequate coverage, but they would not find that out until it was too late. I think that there is going to be a “fix” to the situation, provided the House sees fit to do something for once. If not, there will be about 3% of the popualtion with no insurance.
          As for “fault”, both of your choices are just a stupid attempt at humor. The blame lies with Insurers who have been selling “snake oil” and the Obama Administration for not making it clear that “junk” policies would be cancelled and the idiots who designed the website.

          • Idiots who designed the Website, Fault of the Insurers? What an easy scapegoat(we all detest insurance companies). The Obama Team Administration’s hired “idiots” (your word) were given $600 MILLION, and 3 YEARS, and your right, Obama did not make clear the “Truth”.
            Spin, Spin, Spin, LKB, anything to maintain the Fairy Tale that Obama, and the members of Congress that passed the law, “to find out what’s in it”, are WITHOUT SPOT, and the ignorant citizens(not you of course), are really the ones to blame.
            Wayne is correct, your pitiful spin on Obama’s Big Lie , leaves you with NO creditability on this issue.

  2. I received my “letter” from Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance months ago,,,,,NO LIE, cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye. A secret’s a secret my word is forever I will tell no one about your cruel endeavor.
    You claim no pain but I see right through your words in
    everything you do. Teary eyes broken heart life has torn
    you apart.

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