Downtown parking options being posted ahead of NCAA Div II Elite Eight B-Ball tourney







As the City of Evansville prepares to welcome the NCAA Division II Elite Eight Basketball Tournament to the Ford Center, we want to ensure that everyone is aware of their parking options. To ensure customers of downtown shops and restaurants are able to find short term parking, all posted on-street parking time limits will be in effect from 8:00am until 4:00pm. Those hours apply Monday thru Friday. For any downtown visitors who wish to park without a time limit, there are several options. They include free parking spots and $5 special event parking. The “Back 40” parking lot is free and does not have any time limits. There are 1140 parking spots, including 22 marked handicap parking spots.  There are additional marked handicap spots on Locust between 9th St and MLK Blvd. There are also marked handicap spots in the front parking lot of the Civic Center along MLK Blvd. Those handicap parking spots will not have a time limit.  There are two city owned garages that will have event parking for $5. The Sycamore St Garage is located at the corner of Sycamore and 6th and has 600 spots. The Locust St Garage is located at the corner of Locust and 5th and has 405 spots.  If the Back 40 and the first two garages fill to capacity, the 3rd St Garage will be opened for special event parking. The 3rd St garage has 626 parking spots.  As always, unloading and loading of passengers directly in front of the Ford Center will be ok.  We want to welcome our out of town visitors and encourage them to visit our locally owned businesses. There are plenty of attractions to enjoy between games and we hope you get a chance to enjoy them. Good luck to all of the teams!


  1. It is quite clear that the movers and shakers in Evansville see no need, nor have any desire, to have middle aged to elderly citizens frequenting the Ford Center activities.

    That boondoggle is akin to having a shinny new nickle at the bottom of a wheelbarrow of fresh concrete. Everyone knows it is there but most will never expend the effort to retrieve it.

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