Mayor Lloyd’s Primary Opponent, Douglas De Groot enters Republican Primary for Mayor


Winnecke to face a challenge afterall

Vanderburgh County Commissioner Lloyd Winnecke had and lost one challenger for the Republican nomination for Mayor of Evansville in the course of 16 hours on Monday and Tuesday and now another challenger has thrown his hat into the ring.

Douglas De Groot has signed up as a Republican and challenge Commissioner Winnecke for the party nomination. Mr. De Groot is not stranger to Mayoral politics as he took on former Mayor Russell Lloyd Jr. in the Republican party primary back in 2003 running a frugal campaign in an effort to gain the nomination.

On Monday afternoon Jeremy Heath announced similar intentions only to allegedly be persuaded by a local Republican operative to change the office he is seeking to Evansville City Council member at-large.

Check back as this story develops.


    • Why would the mayor get someone to run against Winnecke?

      Winnecke would basically be Weinapfel’s 3rd term.

  1. Mr. Winnecke’s handlers should not underestimate Civic Center outsider Mr. DeGroot, a TEA party favorite. Remember, DeGroot ran in the May 2003 Republican primary against a sitting and popular Mayor Russ Lloyd, Jr. DeGroot received over 40% of the primary vote challenging a sitting Mayor without spending a nickle and before the TEA party existed. The TEA party folks and their anti-incument supporters will vote in this race, while the Demos stay and vote in own their hotly contested primary.

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