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Central Committee:
     Wayne Parke, Chairman
     Mary Jo Kaiser, Political Director
     Dottie Thomas, Vice Chairman
     Lon Walters, Secretary
     Farley Smith, Treasurer
News and Upcoming Events for February 15, 2021



VCRP Central Committee Meeting -TBA  
                                    Location: GOP Headquarters, 815 John Street, Evansville
                                    Meetings are open to all Vanderburgh County Precinct Committeemen.

Contact Office at 812-425-8207 if you have any questions.

GOP Party Caucus
Every four years the GOP Party Rules require a Caucus be called to elect the Central Committee officers for the next four years. All Precinct and Vice-Precinct Committeemen will be summoned to attend the Caucus to elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Caucus will be held on Saturday, March 6, at Faithway Baptist Church, 3635 Pollack Avenue, Evansville.
Our current Chairman, Wayne Parke, will not be running for another term.  This is a real opportunity for another dedicated Republican to step up and lead the Vanderburgh County Republican Party in maintaining the elected positions currently held  and increasing the positions in the 2022 Elections.
To qualify as a candidate for any of the positions, you must be a Republican in Good Standing.  If you, or someone you know, are interested in being on the ballot, please contact Mary Jo Kaiser at the GOP office – 812-425-8207 –
Mary Jo Kaiser
VCRP Political Director
Office 812-425-8207
Cell 812-483-4675


50 years in Washington, Still an Amateur
Whenever I get a glimpse of national news I become even more thankful that, because of the hard work we’ve all contributed to over the last several years, Indiana is led by Republicans like Governor Holcomb, our legislative super-majorities and conservative leaders from the courthouse to the statehouse throughout Indiana. Roughly a month into the current legislative session and we’re seeing progress being made on important issues. And, while session is progressing, Indiana continues to vaccinate Hoosiers and is best in the Midwest and one of the top states in the country. The cold weather isn’t slowing down our infrastructure projects either and jobs keep coming to Indiana at an impressive rate. Compare that record of good governance to what we’re seeing from the liberal takeover of Washington DC.

The first few weeks of Joe Biden’s presidency are off to a rough start. The new president’s first actions were to kill union jobs, raise gas prices, weaken our southern border, and turn over American energy independence to international “accords.” An administration that claimed it would be ready on day one, is stumbling out of the gate. An administration that claimed they respected science and doctors is openly contradicting the head of the CDC on school openings and Dr. Anthony Fauci on vaccine planning. It’s amateur hour in the White House, which is surprising when you consider Biden has been in DC since the Nixon administration.

As for the farce of an impeachment trial going on now in the Senate, you can read my thoughts on it by clicking here.
Thank you,

Photo: Chairman Hupfer participating in one of the many Zooms and videos he does each week.

Governor Holcomb’s Week That Was


Building One Indiana for All
This week, Governor Holcomb announced a new initiative to continue his fight against the drug epidemic. The governor’s new program expands access to the opioid reversal agent naloxone through the purchase of 24/7-access to “NaloxBox” units. These boxes are just one innovative strategy the governor is deploying to continue fighting back against the opioid crisis that has claimed too many Hoosier lives.

Governor Holcomb also announced his office is now accepting applications for the Governor’s Fellowship program. This is a great opportunity for new college graduates to gain valuable experience across multiple state agencies. More information on the program and how to apply is listed below. If you know some good college graduates that should participate in this program, send them the information!

And finally, Governor Holcomb joined all Hoosiers in mourning the death of former Indiana First Lady Susan Bayh. The governor’s full statement on Susan Bayh’s passing is below.

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Naloxone Kits Available in All 92 Counties
Governor Holcomb and the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction today announced the state will partner with Overdose Lifeline, Inc. to expand access to the opioid reversal agent naloxone through the purchase of 24/7-access “NaloxBox” units. These Naloxone kits will be available in all 92 counties and will save countless Hoosier lives in our continued fight against the opioid epidemic.
“Making overdose response tools like naloxone readily available to any Hoosier who may encounter an individual suffering from an overdose is critical in addressing the drug epidemic. We’re committed to raising awareness about the need for bystanders to carry this lifesaving drug, which is why we’ve made it available via so many avenues, oftentimes at no cost to Hoosiers.” -Governor Holcomb



Governor Holcomb’s Statement on Susan Bayh
Governor Holcomb gave the following statement on the passing of former First Lady Susan Bayh:

“Janet and I were saddened to learn about the passing of former First Lady Susan Bayh. She was an extraordinary and radiant public servant, wife, mother and friend, who leaves a remarkable impact on our state and nation. I ask all Hoosiers to join us in praying and being there for the Bayh family.” -Governor Holcomb


COVID-19 Vaccine Update
Thanks to Governor Holcomb’s leadership, Indiana continues to set the bar and lead the way with COVID-19 vaccines. 10.7% of all Hoosiers have received at least the first dose of the vaccine. Not only is Indiana getting vaccines distributed quickly, but now Hoosiers 65+ can schedule to get vaccinated.
Governor’s Fellow Applications Now Open
Applications are now open for the Governor’s Fellowship Program! This full-time, paid opportunity provides young men & women firsthand experience in a variety of state government roles. Governor’s Fellows work in a variety of settings. Many of those who have participated as Governor’s Fellows over the past two decades have gone on to successful careers in both the public and private sector. If you know someone who would be interested in this opportunity, make sure to share this information.
Lt. Gov. Receives COVID-19 Vaccine
Great news! Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch has received her first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in her hometown of Evansville.
“So that is why the priority and focus has been on those elderly Hoosiers, to be able to ensure we have the ICU beds available to treat sick Hoosiers, but also to be able to save lives.” -Lieutenant Governor Crouch
News You Can Use
Governor Eric Holcomb announces 24/7 naloxone initiative
Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch receives COVID-19 vaccine
Senator Todd Young’s stimulus amendment approved with bi-partisan support
Senator Mike Braun’s amendment to prevent the Biden administration from banning fracking passes
Congresswoman Jackie Walorski cosponsers bill to save Keystone Pipeline jobs
Congressman Jim Banks selected as Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Subcommittee
Congressman Jim Baird appointed as top Republican on Agriculture subcommittee
Congresswoman Victoria Spartz selected to serve on 2 House committees
Congressman Greg Pence’s Cyber Pilot Program Signed into Law
Congressman Larry Bucshon releases statement on House Dem’s budget resolution
Congressman Trey Hollingsworth visits local businesses in Corydon


Mid-Week Musings
February 10, 2021
We Have Much to Talk About in the GOP
           Let me share a portion of an email I received last Thursday.
“Don: I’m in communication with many neighbors on a Conservative group within our Neighborhood website. There is a strong consensus in our group that we would like to primary Todd Young with someone that will stand up for the Indiana constituents and will hear our voice. We do not like Todd Young views ….”
Which reminded me of an exchange in early January of this year. Appearing on Hannity Tuesday night (January 5, 2021), Eric Trump told GOP senators and congressman to either join the effort to challenge the results of the 2020 election during a joint session of Congress on Wednesday or find new work.
Tomorrow‘s gonna tell you a lot about the country,” Eric Trump said. “Because I can tell you, Sean, any senator or any congressman that does not … fight tomorrow, their political career is over. Because the MAGA movement is going nowhere.”
Eric Trump went on to spell out the threat a little further – telling Fox News host SeanHannity that any Republican member of Congress who defies the president will face an intra-party challenge when they run for reelection.
“They will get primaried next time around. And they will lose – if they don’t show some backbone and show some conviction.”
           Is this the future of the Republican Party? Are we going to talk with one another about who we are and what we believe, or are we going to succumb to social media and cable news misinformation? If Republicans don’t get their act together in short order and articulate a vision for America that can counter the agenda the far left is foisting on the Biden administration, we risk losing the confidence of our own party’s quiet majority.
Can We Start A Conversation?
           This will be much easier when we can be face-to-face without a mask between us, but here goes. I believe we should support fundamental Republican ideals and be responsive and responsible in our application of those ideals. I’ll suggest some phrases to start the conversation and ask that you add your own. We can negotiate a common ground.
Believe in limited government.
Have faith in communities.
Revere institutions.
Support the rule of law.
Defend the Constitution.
Maintain the Republic.
Listen and hear.
Be problem solvers.
Serve every American.
Be sensitive to cultural change.
Encourage participation in government.
Be available to constituents.
Provide for people in need.
Support balanced budgets.
Insist on transparency.
Believe in personal responsibility.
Learn from our past.
Speak and repeat only truth.
Be steadfast in character and morals.
           As we go through this year, we need to take time to talk to each other and share our views. In the 2022 State Convention we will adopt a party platform. We need to be on the same page, or close to it, by then.
If a Bill is Labeled “Various Elections Matters”, Look Out
           A number of bills moving through this session of the Indiana General Assembly are labeled, “Various Elections Matters”. Three Senate bills in particular are of interest: SB 353 (Erin Houchin – R); SB398 (Greg Walker – R); and, SB402 (J.D. Ford- D). On Monday, February 8th, the Senate Elections Committee was scheduled to meet at 9:00 am to hear testimony on several pieces of legislation. Question: Have any of your State Legislators ever ask you about bills relating to elections they have authored?

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