DMD Allows CCO Access to Freedom of Information Act Requests


Call from Mayor Weinzapfel’s Office Prompted Release

On May 19, 2011 the City County Observer made three requests for the City of Evansville under the Freedom of Information Act. The request regarding Mayor Weinzapfel’s trip to Germany was honored quickly, professionally, and without incident. We found absolutely no problems with any of the expenses incurred by Mayor and Mrs. Weinzapfel on the trip that was substantially paid for without using taxpayer dollars from the City of Evansville.

Our other two requests were made to DMD and were responded to with letters of commitment in a rapid fashion. The date that they were due was June 16, 2011. That date came and went without further notice leaving DMD technically in violation of the FOIA. Yesterday and today the CCO made it known that DMD was in violation through the column IS IT TRUE.

This morning we were invited to come to DMD and given free reign of the materials that we requested and were basically treated like kings. DMD staffers informed us that Mayor Weinzapfel’s office had contacted them to make sure that the CCO request was honored. We do appreciate the kindness and cooperation of both offices.

What we made copies of are the following:

1. Contract for pre-opening consulting services between VenuWorks and the Evansville Redevelopment Commission.

2. Down hotel development agreement between ERC and Woodruff Hospitality LLC

3. Summary Appraisal Report: Hyatt Place Hotel

4. Hotel Project uses and sources: By Woodruff Hospitality

Some of these are short and lend themselves to scanning and posting and others are extensive and will be easier to digest when we have reduced them to a readable size. We will be posting this content over the next few days.


  1. This is totally UNTRUE. I work at DMD and know that you were sent a response on June 16. Anyone who would like to see proof of that can come to DMD and fill out a FOIA and ask for our response and see the date.

    You ask others to tell the truth…well so should you, sir. Shame on you.

    • We did not receive it. While there today we learned that the email address that DMD staff sent it to was typed incorrectly by one digit. We believe the mistake to be innocent. Please assure that you are correct in the future when you start shaming people for untruths.

      The intention of your office was certainly to have sent it on June 16th. Due to an innocent mistake that unfortunately did not happen. We are certain that if we have to file another FOIA that DMD staff will be certain to get the email address correct or call to assure that we have received it.

      Lets chalk this up to a “check is in the mail” mistake.

  2. the Woodruff Hospitality Hotel Documents bit the dust today anyway, why wouldn’t they let you see them

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