Divesting Hoosier Assets from China


In an increasingly dangerous world, the Chinese Communist Party is working against America’s interests on a variety of fronts. Despite China’s track record of human rights abuses, unfair trade practices and foreign aggression, Indiana had over $1 billion of Hoosiers’ hard-earned money invested in Chinese Communist Party interests at the beginning of 2023.

That is why I supported a new law that required the Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS) to divest from Chinese investments. This law requires INPRS to divest from 75% of any holdings within four years and 100% within five years, but the state was already divested from nearly 82% of Chinese investments in July. 

I am pleased INPRS is working ahead of schedule on this important initiative. Divesting from China is yet another way Indiana is working to be responsible with taxpayer dollars. As your state senator, I will continue to take a stand on issues that impact not only Hoosiers but all Americans.


  1. #1 Investor in both Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump media?

    Omeed Malik. Hmph.

  2. How can TriStateHomepage and 25 News claim thay they are the most accurate if they can’t even do the work to identify a correct dwelling in the hit article on Daughtry. To set the record straight, it was the Grimms house after doing a quick search. 30 seconds and I am more accurate than the Evansville Areas self proclaimed most accurate news station, 25 WEHT.

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  4. Isn’t it hypocritical that ex-deputy Duckworth made false allegations about Daugherty concerning his character, but a couple days later a postcard was shared with the public that showed he was actually the one that has deceived the Public Trust. He looks like a fool. What a hypocrite. Oh, he’s a member of the Vanderburgh County School Board.

  5. It just came out today that the Rasher’s didn’t pay their property taxes and had two tax warrants out on them, Wow

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