Democrat Stephanie Terry Talks About Her Vision For Evansville


Democrat Stephanie Terry Talks About Her Vision For Evansville 

We are pleased to publish Mayoral Candidate Stephanie Terry’s position facing important matters to Evansville without opinion, bias, or editing.

Her calm, confident nature has served her well in her personal life, in the Vanderburgh County government, and as a successful non-
profit leader.

She is a consensus-builder who believes that getting credit for her efforts is secondary to accomplishing the mission at hand.

Evansville native, Stephanie Terry, is running to be the city’s next Mayor because she cares about the forward progress of this city
and the prosperity of its people.

“I don’t come into this race with any hidden agendas, I simply want to do what’s best for the people of this community,” Terry says.

To that end, Terry has spelled out her priorities as mayor. They include:

Promoting economic growth to ensure that Evansville is a great place to establish and grow a business. “Creating and maintaining good paying jobs are essential for retaining and attracting a highly skilled workforce,” Terry says.

Investing in our neighborhoods and improving city services including caring for our parks, prioritizing housing development, improving our roads, and re-moving blight in underserved areas throughout our community. “Our city won’t truly prosper until all of our neighborhoods are vibrant places to live, work, and raise a family,” Terry says.

Keeping Evansville safe in order to provide a foundation for all other aspects of life in the city. “Public safety requires a long-term approach,” Terry says. “We must not only ensure our police force is well-equipped, but we must also address the root causes of crime, such as generational poverty, mental health issues, and sub-stance abuse.”

Developing a more child-friendly city focused on student success, strengthened neighborhoods, and the overall health and well-being of our youth and chil- dren.

Terry is uniquely qualified to serve as Mayor. Her background combines government, non-profit, and health service work.

She is the only candidate who has been elected to and served in public office.

As a member of the Vanderburgh County Council for more than a decade, Stephanie has gained the respect of the community as she has guarded the use of tax-payer money and worked in a professional, bi-partisan manner. On council, she has supported business creation and expansion, law enforcement, youth development, the arts & culture sector, and infrastructure improvements.

For the past 13 years, she has served as the Executive Director for the Children’s Museum of Evansville. Under her leadership, Terry has increased visitors and memberships, strengthened partnerships; and raised and invested over $1 million in capital projects. Terry also worked with her team to launch a reduced admission program for low-income families, establish a professional development program for local businesses to help infuse creative thinking in the workplace, and develop the Children’s March on Evansville to provide a platform for children/teens to amplify their voices in local social justice issues. She successfully led the museum through the global pandemic. And recently, Terry recently announced a $6.5 million dollar capital campaign, with $5M already committed.

Stephanie Terry’s civic and community work does not stop there. She has served on the board of directors of Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare, YWCA, Visiting Nurse Association, City of Evansville Board of Public Safety, E-REP, and Women’s Equality Day Committee. Currently, she serves on the Downtown Economic Improvement District (EID) board and the Association of Children’s Museums, a national board.

She is excited to make history as the first woman mayor and the first African-American mayor. She is committed to making Evansville a great place to live, raise a family, and do business. “This election is about meeting the needs of Evansville’s citizens and creating a city that works for everyone,” Terry says.

Her campaign is endorsed by former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel, Sheriff Noah Robinson, Police Chief Billy Bolin, School Board Member Melissa Moore, 4th Ward City Council Member Alex Burton, 2nd Ward City Council Member Missy Mosby, Vander- burgh County Council Member Mike Goebel, 1st Ward City Council Member Ben Trockman, 3rd Ward City Council President Zach Heronemous, and Former Evansville City Council Member Dr. Dan Adams. She has also been endorsed by the following unions and organizations: Elect Black Women PAC, ReCenter Indi- ana, Run Sister Run PAC, Indiana Conservation Voters, Southern Indiana Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO, and Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 136.

Stephanie believes that together we will and can continue to move Evansville forward!

To learn more about Stephanie Terry, and her vision for Evansville, and to support her campaign visit

Vote for an experienced, compassionate, hard-work- ing, authentic servant leader on or before November 7th.


Born and raised in Evansville, a graduate of Bosse High School, Stephanie still enjoys living here with her husband Marques and our youngest son who is in high school. My family worships at Memorial Baptist Church where we are long-time members. Kentucky State University, Bachelor of Science in Biology University of Evansville, Master of Science in Health Service Administration

To support Stephanie Terry’s campaign for Mayor visit

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FOOTNOTE:  This article was posted by the City-County Observer without opinion, bias, or editing.



  1. Putting Weinzaphel as your lead endorsement may not be an attribute given the Ford Center parasitic record on the city finances.

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