Deaconess Clinic Weekly Screenings


Deaconess Clinic Screenings FAQs

1)       Do I need to be a Deaconess Clinic patient to participate in these screenings?
No.  These are open to anyone in the community, not just current patients.

2)      Do I need to fast?
If you are only seeking an A1C screening or blood pressure screening, you do not have to fast.  For a blood glucose screening, 8 hours is required, and for lipid profile, 12 hours is necessary.  Water is allowed.

3)       How can I pay?
Payment is by cash, check or credit/debit card.   You may be able to use your Flexible Spending Account, but you must check with your plan provider

4)      Can my insurance pay for these screenings?
These community screenings are only on a cash (fee for service) basis.

5)      Who will be doing the screenings and health education?
Deaconess screening nurses, wellness coaches and health coach nurses are conducting these screenings.

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