Evansville, IN – Prosecutor Diana Moers announces that, on May 24–25, 2023,
the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office successfully prosecuted Daniel Jacob Bellm for striking a female victim multiple times in the head and face and preventing her from seeking assistance.

In March of 2023, EPD Officers Z. Baehl and M. Cooley responded to a wellness
check. As the officers approached the residence, they could hear a female’s muffled
screaming and a male’s voice yelling at her to shut up. The female stated she was coming to the door, and tried to open it slightly, but then the male, later identified as Bellm, pushed the door shut. Officers then forced their way in the home and handcuffed Bellm while Bellm remained uncooperative. The victim’s injuries were visible on the officers’ body cameras.

Just days prior to this incident, Bellm was released from jail after being convicted
of abusing the same woman. The jury found Bellm guilty as charged on two counts: Count 1, domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor; and Count 2, criminal confinement, a Level 6 felony.

Prosecutor Moers commended her Deputy Prosecutor, Amanda Honaker, who is
assigned to domestic violence cases and has been working diligently on her caseload and training. “Despite an uncooperative victim in this matter, a guilty verdict was obtained.

Many Defendants believe they can silence victims and stay out of trouble, but this is not true. I am sworn to prosecute crimes on behalf of the County, not individuals, and we will proceed forward; we will use all of the resources and laws we have to make sure those who use violence against those they are closest to are behind bars where they are no longer a danger.”

Deputy Prosecutor Amanda Honaker stated, “As the deputy who will be handling
most of the domestic violence cases, I made it my goal to put an end to the stigma of ‘No Face, No Case.’ Many victims of domestic violence are stuck in a vicious cycle with their abusers, which often leads to more incidents. I want to make it known that the Prosecutor’s Office will fight for you, even if the victims are not yet ready to directly confront their abuser. Today, I am glad we were able to help one more person get away from their abuser.”

Prosecutor Moers thanked her Deputy Prosecutors, Amanda Honaker and Jeremy
Kemper, EPD Officers Z. Baehl and M. Cooley, and VCPO Investigators Jessica Pollock
and Tony Carden, Victim Advocate Franci Elpers, and Morgan Richardville for their
diligent efforts in this case.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 20, 2023, in front of Magistrate Judge Kelli E.
Fink of the Vanderburgh County Circuit Court.