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  1. FANTASTIC….look at this, a smart Christian who introduced legislation to legalize marijuana in Texas:

    As a Christian, I recognize the innate goodness of everything God made and humanity’s charge to be stewards of the same. In fact, it’s for this reason that I’m especially cautious when it comes to laws banning plants. I don’t believe that when God made marijuana he made a mistake that government needs to fix. Civil government should value everything God made and leave people alone unless they meddle with their neighbor.
    ……Christian, Tea Party Republican Texas State Representative David Longview, OP-ED.

  2. http://www.14news.com/story/29015847/mayor-winnecke-tours-the-lloyd-and-us-41-construction-site

    Maybe in a few more years and a few more projects later we will be able to drive across the City in less than 15 minutes.

    If you ever get the chance to fly in a small plane over Evansville, IN you will notice how small this city really is. One should be able to drive though Evansville, IN on the Lloyd in less than 15 going 50 mph. That’s the goal.

    They will have to figure out how to get around the fact that Mead Johnson is located so close to the intersection at the Lloyd and St Joseph Ave. There is no way to build a full clover leaf at that intersection to get rid of the stop light unless they either move the highway to the North or Mead Johnson to the South.

    And then there is the Wabash Ave. & Lloyd Intersection that has another stop light. That one has a bridge that goes over Pigeon Creek and the Railroad tracks in the way of a full clover leaf. That’s probably one stop light that will be there for a long time along with the one at St Joesph Ave.

    • Why in the H didn’t they build parallel access roads along the North and South side of the Lloyd Expressway and add all the new stop lights on those access roads instead of the Expressway. Instead they continue to add new Stop lights at places like near Harrison High School and the Cross Point.

      You build an expressway such as the USI to Hwy 66 new highway and as soon as the paint is dried on the concrete you have the county commissioners voting to allow development that will want to connect right to the road. And then they will be back asking for a stop light to allow all the people in the new development adjacent to the new highway access to the highway. Pathetic. Road should be build and use to move people and goods not to encourage development that will eventually slow the traffic on the new roadway. Development should be separated from these high Speed Roadways with access roadways. Highways should have limited access and limited stop lights.

  3. http://www.14news.com/story/29008689/fight-at-memorial-hs-captured-on-camera-mom-of-victim-wants-justice

    This fight occurred at Reitz Memorial High School and according to the news report there was a Memoral Staff Member watching the fight. Memorial officials are claiming this is an INTERNAL school matter. But with this video going public I don’t see how they can keep this out of the City Polices hands. Yes they are jeveniles and that have some protections but this has now become a very public matter. There are video camera phones every where these days and with that private matters become public matters these days very quickly. Ain’t Technology fantastic?

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