Daily Off Topic Forum May 21, 2015



  1. Here is the best interactive graph I have ever seen for the old “its a great place to raise kids” routine. This qualitatively shows where the best places to grow up are from a future earnings perspective. The differences in Vanderburgh County and Dubois County are stark. Have fun learning where kids are best prepared to go out and earn a living.


  2. brains benton, i perhaps agree with you brains on sometimes not missing al sharpie because he is apparently banned too, but that is not the point. you know the point! the virtue of free speech far outweighs editors concerns about messaging editor disagrees with being posted. the banning is killing the cco. i started to take it for granted that editor (and everyone else) understood the value of the free flowing exchange of ideas, that it is the valuable prize for the cco to offer. i am absolutely certain joe wallace understood that. i think you, yes you, brains understand that as well. losing the opportunity to slam joe biden, or sharpie, or take your pick, is far greater a loss than keeping al sharpie from being able to post. win because your ideas are better, not because you can shut him up! editor is winning a battle but losing the war, big time.

    • Gotta be on your side in this argument.

      One of the most repulsive individuals I’ve ever seen on any of these forums brought me just as much enjoyment as displeasure. It all depends on if every damn thing said has to conform to your way of thinking or if you can at least listen to someone else’s view without having a coronary.

      My old man told me, “You can’t tell a man how to run his business,” so I’m not getting in to how the CCO runs theirs but eliminating people I disagree with only makes this forum less desirable.

      For instance; The repulsive individual I mentioned above said things like, “Obama is so crooked, when he dies they are going to have to corkscrew him into the ground.” I’m sure a lot of folks of my political persuasion took offense of that but when I read it, it actually made my day.

      “Obama has a mockingbird mouth and a hummingbird azz.” That made my day also by my repulsive friend.

      Speaking of friends, if al sharpie is banned from here, I’m outta here myself. tommyromo aka (al sharpie) is who got me started commenting on these threads.


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