Daily Off Topic Forum June 8, 2015



  1. Republican presidential scouting report.
    Pct’s are RCP averages

    Jindal 1% – Mr. Exorcism / Creationist took a $1B surplus and made it a $1B deficit by giving huge tax cuts to the rich. Got very little economic bang for the buck. Guess he found out rich people just park their excess money overseas.
    Graham 1.3% -This log cabin republican wants war with everybody. Has done nothing but sponsor abortion bills while in the Senate.
    Fiorina 1.8% – Says male govt workers just look at porn all day. Hmmm how does she know? Ran HP into the ground. Will be propped up in the debates because of her gender.
    Santorum 2% – Log cabin republican and complete religious wacko. Says welfare encourages single women to breed(but of course he’s very much against birth control) and they breed criminals. Just makes you want to vote straight R doesn’t it?
    Kasich 2% – Fired thousands of cops, firefighters and teachers and has little to show for it. Ohio has one of the lowest labor participation rates in the country and nearly 30% of its bridges are structurally deficient and he has done zippity do dah about it.
    Perry 3% – Log cabin republican hates big gubermint, until he needs them. TX leads the country in mercury, sulpher dioxide, and benzene pollution. Entire state on its way to being an EPA superfund site. TX leads the country in pct uninsured and pct of workers living on minimum wage. Yee haw!
    Trump 4% – Been bankrupt several times, yet is seen as a business guru. Biggest panderer to the basest most ignorant part of the party and that is saying something.
    Christie 4.8% – Rude, obnoxious, control freak and teacher hater. Used Sandy relief money for campaign purposes. Demands complete control and deference from his underlings yet claims he knew nothing about Bridgegate. Investigated himself and like Sargent Schultz, found nothing. LOL Oh yeah and NJ’s job market and budget is a disaster.
    Cruz 7.5% – Voted most loathsome Pol on Facebook Even his fellow R’s hate him. Has done NOTHING in the Senate except read “Green Eggs and Ham” in an effort to block the ACA.
    Huckabee 8.8% – Creepy old man and religious whack job. Issued a FATWA saying we should ignore the SCOTUS on gay marriage.
    Paul 8.8% – Like a broken clock he’s right every once in a while. Compared doctors taking govt payments to slavery. He’s a loon.
    Carson 9.0% – Speaking of loons he’s the biggest one on the clown car. Enough said.
    Rubio 10.3% – Mr. I am not a scientist so therefore global warming isn’t real. Major flip flops on immigration. The Bush family will swat him like a fly.
    Walker 10.8% Koch harlot bought and paid for. Dumber than a pile of bricks. Can walk and chew gum at the same time so he’ll get some interest.
    Bush 11.3% – Promises to leave the country in smoldering ruins with the same policies as his brother, but will do it with more finesse and panache than his brother. If elected he’ll fold to the war mongers and to the religious wackos faster than the Cubs in August.

        • He isn’t clever enough to create his own D scouting report or smart enough to rebut my assessments(maybe because I’m correct) all he can do is call me names.

          As the old saying goes, I’ll take you ad hominem as a surrender on the merits and move for a summary judgment .

  2. Looks like Peabody is closing Evansville office with the loss of some 250 jobs… The economy is going great guns, eh brains?

    • Yours is the fallacy of the hasty generalization aka cherry picking mixed in with some anecdotal evidence.

    • Yeah, 1982, classic Derecho a wall of rolling wind . I was actually on the rooftop of St. Mary’s medical center upgrading some HVAC equipment when that green monster passed through.
      Strong storm it wiped down many an old growth tree. Thinking some areas didn’t have power for 6-9 days there.

      nounUS r/I. A line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving windstorms and sometimes thunderstorms that moves across a great distance and is characterized by damaging winds.

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