Daily Off Topic Forum June 11, 2015



  1. While Mike Pence and the IN legislature were hand wringing over gay wedding cakes and pandering to RW christian wackos Indiana’s economy grew at 0.4% last year, only 4 other states were lower. We were right there with Christie’s(aka Sargent Schultz I know nothing) NJ for the bottom.

    Oh and BTW STDs are way up, especially in red states, geez I wonder why? Shutting down PP, failing to teach sex ed, promoting abstinence only. SMH.

    Isn’t living in a RW christian utopia just grand?

    Oh and one more thing Indiana’s job growth was mostly at the low end/minimum wage jobs.

    RTW ….. for less Oh Sue Ellsperman where are you now?

  2. Today’s stupid hateful Republican comment!

    Jeb doubles down on his “Scarlet Letter” comment about single women in his 1995 that is trending all over social media.

    “The likely 2016 presidential candidate wrote in the book Profiles in Character that public shaming would be an effective way to curb the “irresponsible behavior” of single parents, teenage criminals and people on welfare. He pointed to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter as an example of shame’s “strong historical roots” in American society. In the 1850 novel, the main character is forced to wear a red “A” for “adulterer” on her clothes as punishment for having an extramarital affair that produced a child.”


    Public shaming of women, how stone age of you Jeb! The Republican war on women continues unabated.

    Jeb Bush…. get’s today’s stupid hateful comment award.

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