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  1. Is it true Reitz Hill was said to be closed during the Fireworks? Why would this be? Heard it was announced on…. I think News 25/7 Fri or Sat. Why would a public place be closed to the public? Anyone else hear this??

  2. Streets in the Reitz hill area were closed to traffic and on-street parking to placate the area residents; complained about the congestion and access to their homes during the fireworks. The area was open to the public but they just couldn’t drive or park on those streets.

  3. “The Americans are coming! Some in a Texas county fear an Obama-led U.S. military invasion.”

    Got a kick out of that headline today.

    Only problem is, statistics show inbred people have a high voter participation rate.

    Damnit Boy! And ISIL seems to be the new boogeyman.


    • Read what these morons have to say. They will tell you Obama is a christian hating Muslim terrorist.

      “We don’t trust him, he wants all of our guns, our heritage, and Christian culture”

      So…. I guess it’s OK for Cheney/Bush to send 19 year old boys to Iraq to be killed or maimed for Haliburton and Dick Cheney’s net worth to increase from less than a million to over $60million. It’s OK for W the Lesser to reduce the country to smoldering ashes and act a fool. It’s Ok for the Koch Bros and their ilk to pollute our air and water, and Wall St. to rob them blind.

      Their own party sticks a broomstick up their backside and breaks it off and it’s Obama they don’t trust!

      Thank you sir I’ll have another!

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