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  1. 4 American Citizens out of Luck,–their release is not part of Barack Hussein Obama’s “Deal” with Iran,
    and that reality speaks VERY PLAINLY to all Americans.

  2. owebama doesn’t give a shat about the 4 captives. But he has just funded a terror state with 11.9 Billion $. Israel is now forced to turn iran into glass.

    • Iran’s faith states “Death to the Infidels”, (Infidels–anyone that’s a non-Muslim).—Iran turned into Glass? That’s exactly what we can expect to happen, Israel has no alternative, it’s kill or be killed, destroy, or be destroyed.
      I think we all have known it’s been headed that way for some time, just coming to a head now by the hand of the Man in the White House.

    • Ahhh yes incinerating and burning people alive. Good ‘ol RW Christian values.

      It’s what RW Christianity, the KKK, Yehway, ISIS, and AQ all have in common.

      The party of Right to Life shows its true colors!

      PS did you happen to see that Bibi the kid killer blasted the deal before it was made available to the public?

      He wouldn’t have his mind/yapping points made up already now would he?

      • What your twisted mind is’t telling youi is that Israel is toast. Cash is right: Israel will perish if they do not destroy Iran. Israel must strike while they still can. You’re too stupid to argue with.

  3. Only the right wing propaganda sites are talking about “the 4 captives” that you guys are so worried about. Those sites would have found some “other grievance” to put in the article if “the 4 captives” would have been part of the agreement. (And if they had been included? Your point would be Obama was doing it for some magical reason “still to be determined.” Just sayin’) The larger point is…this grievance, “the 4 captives” is silly. So…that means you guys are for it if they are included? Get a grip. Obama is President until 2017. You shoulda won the last election. Small gripes like this merely promote you’re over there on the loser bench. The rest of us are busy working.

    • irThe four captives are silly? Had their release been accomplished as part of this deal I would still not support it. Obama has effectively fired the first shot in WW3. We got NOTHING in this deal. Nothing. owebama is a F ING traitor.
      You don’t know what you are talking aboit . You really don’t.

    • Your post indicates you blindly Worship Obama in anything he does while President.
      I ask you why didn’t Obama’s agreement look to also include the release of these AMERICAN captives? Do you think their imprisonment should be irrelevant to the rest of us as Americans just because Obama is the current President? The callousness displayed with calling the imprisonment of your fellow Americans by Iran -“-a silly grievance”–is unbelievable,– and contemptible!

      • A) You don’t know they didn’t

        B) The question about the hostages is a legitimate one, however insinuating that the President doesn’t care about them is just more RW/Fox poo slinging, disgusting and actually preventing Obama from answering the question. Just another example of RW checker playing who can’t see beyond their nose because of their bigotry and hatred toward the President.

        Did you nimrods ever consider that by pressing the President on this issue you’re INCREASING the value of the hostages and making it harder for the President, the State Department and others to get them out?

        Did you ever see True Grit? Rooster Cogburn tells Lucky Ned Pepper about Mattie Ross, Ned’s hostage, “She’s nothing to me, nothin’ but a runaway”

        C) Funny how Bowe Bergdahl was an “American Hero” until he came home then he was a traitor, and the RW bloggers and pundits were caught red handed deleting their posts that called him a hero, ANYTHING to smear the President, they will stoop to ANYTHING.

        • The issue before us is a Genuine concern for for Our American brothers.The reason Iran came to the bargaining table was a desire to get the Sanctions removed, I don’t give a fig about Obama and your Hero worship, I just want to know why the Americans imprisoned were not part of the final agreement when we had the upper hand , because of the Hurt put on Iran by the Sanctions. Obama will belong to History in appx. 17months, will these 4 Americans be sacrificed for the sake of a “Deal”? That’s the unanswered question for Obama’s worshipers to find a reasonable answer for, and not just rushing to attack those who dare to question this President, by throwing bombs about Hate, and Racism as the motivation behind the questions asked.

          • Do you have a reading comprehension problem? I said the question is a legitimate one!??? Can you read?

            I also said the insinuation that Obama doesn’t give a fig about the hostages is motivated by passive aggressive hate and racism. When Major Garrett bundled the two together he showed what an ass he is and he made it so Obama could act like a wimp and try to answer the question which would only further inflame people like you because there is never going to be an adequate answer. It was a “when did you stop beating your wife question” or he could publicly slap Garrett and refuse to answer the question which is what he did.

            Do you get it now?????????

            We didn’t get an answer to your question because of Fox and Garret being 1st class grade A jerks who only care about their RW agenda and pathetic desire to try and embarrass the President rather than being good reporters.

            Do you get it now???????????

        • Regardless of any final agreement, or “Deal”, — in the very beginning, the US position SHOULD have been,–We are NOT going to come to the negotiating table,–UNTIL the 4 imprisoned Americans are repatriated, –Then we’ll Talk!

          • Absolutely wrong.

            In 2003 Iran had 164 centrifuges and was willing to keep them at that number AND, quit arming Hezbollah and Hamas.

            BUT, the Crash LaRues and loonpilots and Netanyahus of this world told them to stick it, that they could have NO centrifuges even for medical means so Iran said eat ____ idiots and went on to have the 19,000 they have today.

            “In May 2003, shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, elements of the Iranian government of Mohammad Khatami made a confidential proposal for a “Grand Bargain” through Swiss diplomatic channels. It offered full transparency of Iran’s nuclear program and withdrawal of support for Hamas and Hezbollah, in exchange for security assurances from the United States and a normalization of diplomatic relations. The Bush Administration did not respond to the proposal, as senior U.S. officials doubted its authenticity. The proposal reportedly was widely blessed by the Iranian government, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamanei.[90][91][92]”

            Poor ole ObamaNation, cleaning up you choir boys crap all over the place and all you can do is criticize……..

  4. One more reason I’m such an owebama fan: Yesterday, owebama used his executive power to release 46 felons from prison. He believes they should have the right to vote. Upon releasing them, he hand wrote a personal letter to each one of them telling them what a swell guy owebama is.
    Meanwhile, Kathy Steinle’s family hears absolutely nothing from the entire owebama administration. Jeh Johnson was asked about that story yesterday and in typical liberal fashion he asked, “Who?” He didn’t know. He didn’t know.
    Know that we are living under a kakistocracy.

  5. Planned Parenthood will from now on be known as: Planned Parenthood and Chop Shop

  6. It will always amaze me how the Republicans want to talk about “4” imprisoned in Iraq and “4” killed in Benghazi, but want to skip pass the “4,500” soldiers killed in Iraq or the “44,000” who were dying each year in this country from lack of health care insurance or the “400,000” Iraqis who had nothing to do with 9-11 who perished because of a Republican lie or the “40%” drop in ordinary Americans 401K’s because of “8” years of their votes and co-operation.

    In the mean time, I’ve found out for sure there is a God:


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