County Council asks CVB to Defer Capital Projects


Joe Kiefer

New Director needs to Drive Investment Decisions

In a letter addressed to Steve Schaefer, the Chairman of the Board of the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Joe Kiefer, the President of the Vanderburgh County Council expresses the opinion that no capital investment decisions should be made until a replacement for Marilee Fowler is in place.

Mr. Kiefer’s letter encourages the board to spent some time establishing objective criteria that should serve as a guideline to ensure that public funds are not committed for projects that may not be able to significantly impact tourism.

This position is surely taken as a result of last years “Ballfield Fiasco” in which claims of 100,000 visitors per year were met with challenges supported by other locational performances in the 40,000 range. You may read the letter from President Kiefer to Chairman Schaefer on the following link.

Letter from County Council to Evansville CVB Board


  1. Wasn’t it true that Joe Kiefer was going to vote YAY on that ball fields proposal?

    I emailed Joe and all the other county council members willing to meet with them individually to show them a group who did these fields better, tax free, and maintenance expense free:

    Joe wanted no part of that offer. His YAY vote would have demolished historic Roberts Stadium a very unpopular view amongst Evansville residents and it would have cost Evansville $18 mil.

    So why is he writing this letter now?

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