County Commissioners August 14 Meeting Agenda


1. Call to Order
2. Attendance
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Issues Relating to North Green River Road Between Lynch and Millersburg Road
5. Permission to Open Quotes:
• VC12-08-02: Baseline Road Bridge No. 200
• County Assessor’s Vehicles
6. Action Items
• Road Race Request: See Bob Run Charity 5K Run on October 27, 2012
• First Reading of CO-08-12-06: Amendment to Animal Control Ordinance
• County Health Insurance Discussion
• Contracts, Agreements and Leases
i. Health Department:
Business Associate Agreement with Joe Harrison, Jr.
2013 MCH Grant
Memorandum of Understanding with Catholic Charities, Diocese of Evansville
ii. Assessor:
DS Parker Family, LLC Assessor Services Agreement
Contract with CEI Appraisal Group,Inc.
iii. Commissioners
Old Courthouse Lease Agreement with Matt Wagner Design
iv. Sheriff:
Domestic Violence STOP Grant
7. Department Head Reports
8. Board Appointments
• Disability Advisory Board
9. New Business
10. Old Business
11. Public Comment
12. Consent Items
• Approval of July 24, 2012 meeting minutes
• Employment Changes
• Commissioners:
i. Sale of 821 Jefferson Ave
ii. Transfer Request
iii. Appropriation Request
• County Auditor: July 2012 A/P Vouchers
• Sheriff: Request to surplus various electronics for disposal
• Veterans’ Services: Request to donate fax machine to Veteran’s Council for use at the Coliseum
• Building Authority: Pay Requisition No. 96 for Jail Construction Fund
• County Clerk: July 2012 Monthly Report
• Evansville ARC: June 2012 Report of Activities and Meeting Minutes
• County Engineer:
i. Pay Request No. 156 for TIF accounts in the amount of $269,290.31
Drainage Board Immediately Following
ii. Waiver of partial mortgage release for parcels 9/18 and 57 for next Phase of N. Green River Road
iii. Department Head Report

13. Adjournment