Breaking News: Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley to Hold Press Conference Monday at 10:30 AM


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The City County Observer has just learned that Evansville City Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley will be announcing a press conference Monday at 10:30 am on the steps of the Civic Center to formally respond to the allegations by Councilman John Friend that she recorded the exit interview of the 2012 City of Evansville audit and distributed a copy to Joe Wallace, the editor of the City County Observer.

This is a developing story so please check for details as they emerge.

This story is exclusive to the, all rights reserved.


  1. I’m glad to see this. I’m pulling for you sbr. I’ll be awaiting the details today.

    Also glad to see Al Lindsey calling out winnecke’s double standard as well. Very honored to have helped campaign for people who hold these values, beliefs, and a strong commitment to seeing them through.

  2. Ms Brinkerhoff Riley is quoted in the Courier and Press this morning saying “This is nothing more than Democrats demonstrating they’ve learned nothing from 2011.”

    On the contrary, Councilwoman Riley’s actions, and those of her 6th Ward counterpart demonstrate that it is they who have not learned much from the disasterous Davis campaign of 2011.

    Manufacturing political enemies out of other office holders with whom you should be working together for the betterment of the entire community (rather than attempting to garner spotlight and credit for yourself) is bad enough. But taking your personal grudges into the public arena and masquerade them as ethical or even legitimate political issues will backfire every time.

    The 2011 Democrat mayoral campaign was poisoned years before it began by a small group of disgruntled firemen who attached themselves to the Davis 2008 campaign for county treasurer, and then again for his 2011 mayoral campaign. Their only agenda was getting rid of Keith Jarboe, a fire chief whose discipline and policies did not jibe with the small group’s fanciful perception of the way things should be for them.

    Sound familiar?

    In Ms Riley’s case, a modicum of mental prowess and a perception of political power can bring on a boatload of backlash when you bank your political future with a small group of malcontent Chicken Littles whose entire agenda is fomenting a sky-is-falling scenario centered on the Civic Center.

    Your job is to work with others to make things better, Ms Riley, not to make them appear the worse.

    • The sky is falling, Evansville is in the worst financial condition it has ever been and our leaders are leading us over the cliff like lemmings. will the last person over the bridge turn out the lights please?

    • You probably need to check the expiration date on that serum bottle. The first job of any elected official is to serve the good of the electorate, NOT “to work with others” if doing so is not in the public interest. It’s a relief that we have a couple of officeholders who recognize that fact and have the courage to buck the “in crowd.”

    • “Your job is to work with others to make things better, Ms Riley, not to make them appear the worse.” (Truth?-Serum)

      * * * * * * * *

      Her job is to represent the people who put her in office. Exposing current, or former, malfeasance in local government is also a part of the job for anyone with a moral compass.

      As for what Councilwoman Brinkerhoff-Riley has done, I will borrow a few well chosen words: “The founding fathers thought a free press would keep government power in check. When the press and public are hindered from identifying government workers, accessing records or attending meetings, we cannot fulfill our mission. But don’t cry for the press. Cry for your own rights, just as the founding fathers did.”

      It appears to me that the Councilwoman is head and shoulders above the other members of the city council when it comes to standing up for citizen’s rights.


    • There is a primary next year instead of making comments about things you evidently know nothing about how about running for office. Wait that wouldn’t work because
      you wouldn’t be able to hide behind your blog name as most cowards do.

  3. Good! Hope this will clear the accused, and present the “eggs in the face” trophy to the accusers. Maybe this will give a little exposure of what is to come out of the long awaited audit?

  4. Good news! She’s a “class act”, but obviously tough. She can hold her own with the nastiest things they can throw at her, and toss it back in their faces.
    Give ’em hell, Councilwoman.

  5. Now you all know why I’m not reading the Evansville Courier and Press and came over tot he City County Observer. This on-line newspaper (not a blog) has finally come on its own. On thing for certain is we can expect the CCO to give us a full and accurate account on what Stephanie has to say at her scheduled news conference.

  6. Just heard from a friend that the reason why John Friend can’t be at mondays City council meeting is because is will be on his boat drinking and having fun.


    • He should resign immediately, and “can” his so-called mayoral aspirations. Then he can spend more time on the boat.
      My take on what went on here is that the “ins” decided Friend would make a great non-opponent for Hizzoner next year. You’d have to look pretty hard to find anybody that can make Winnecke appear to be the better choice, but they found their man, complete with mug shots. They have already made the deal with Friend, I believe.
      Now, this “up-start woman” is messing up their plan, because too many people want her to be mayor, so they have to teach her a lesson about who’s in charge here. Besides, they need to show that they haven’t lost their “mojo” after the spanking that Ungetheim and Montrastelle voters delivered to them.

      • Well that is the problem with hizzoner don’t ya think? Eh?

        He has confused mojo with Mojo Jojo who is messing with one of the Powerpuff Girls and always get his ass kicked.

      • Maybe someone can talk Schnautzie into coming out of political retirement and running for mayor.

      • LKB: I just love how you have to try and turn this into a “War on Women” and victimization issue your masters on the left.

        Now, this “up-start woman” is messing up their plan, because too many people want her to be mayor, so they have to teach her a lesson about who’s in charge here.

        They lady did what she thought was morally and ethically correct. I agree with her actions. But I don’t want to see you trying to spin it to match your indoctrinated national talking points.

    • Not going to work? The hell?

      Friend represents my ward. He better get his ass to work and stop hiding like a little girl. Is he a man or a wussy?

      If he won’t rep at a meeting for my ward at such an important meeting then he should just resign that job. We got shit to do and I’m tired of him bricking it.

  7. I Williams are you kidding me. Friend is missing Mondays City Council meeting to go dunking boating. Instead of him doing the peoples business he is doing his business.

    I think he should be at Ms Rileys news conference so he can directly respond to her remarks. No way he going to do that because he is hiding on his plush boat drinking and hiring from the public.

    Give the political fat cats hell Ms. Riley the common people are supporting you.

  8. Give them hell Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riely. The 2nd Amendment and Tea party groups are in full support of what you’re doing. We are also fed up with local political fat cats. Time for a change.

  9. Stay the course Ms. Brinkerhoff-Riley. There is a huge group of supporters who are tired of the underhanded dealings of this administration and the previous one. They appreciate your willingness to do research and courage to take a stand on important issues.

    There are too many office holders who just cannot operate in the daylight or in open meetings. Even some who started out with high hopes have caved in and become part of the problems Evansville has.

    The unbalanced budget mess began under Weinzapfel and Ms. Collins and Winnecke and Russ Lloyd persist in trying to make us believe there is no one behind the curtain and everything is just as they say, the budget is balanced and all is well. Unfortunately, the State Board of Accounts has made itself a collaborator instead of the public watchdog it is supposed to be, and is attempting to help cover-up the illegal manipulations of the two administrations.

    Worst of all, Ms. Collins was given a juicy job with the water department, with a $10,000 pay increase, for her inept performance.

    SBR, you at least are standing up for us at the risk of censure from fellow council members. You were a part of governing body meeting to discuss ongoing financial reporting inaccuracies with the mayor and representatives of the State Board of Accounts. The city council is capable of voting on future action and therefore subject to the OPEN DOOR LAW and may be recorded by anyone present, even though the public was not invited.

    Meeting behind closed doors in unadvertised meetings is unethical and typical of this and former administrations. They cannot think fast enough to cover the inaccuracies the public will question and complain about, so they attempt to exclude them.

    Thank you for your willingness to take the heat for doing what is right.

    • You have written so well, expressing the views of many poeple who will not come forward. If the Mayor and others are so upset with a recording of the exit invterview, what are they hiding? A recording will either prove or disprove the spin produced by the administration and SBOA. Kudo’s, and thanks SBR.

  10. SBR…..

    Release the Kraken!

    I heard John Friend and Rob Faulkner were cross dressers and liked to wear striped ties with checkered suits, which might be illegal.

    Well that’s what somebody said!!

  11. We were doing ok until the brigands and lightweights took over. Some of our former city officials knew how to steal and make the people like it. The current inept crew could be cast in ‘Attack of the Realtors’. Wardrobe would be the simplest job on the set, call in a Tan Blazer strike from wherever they are extruded out.

    Evansville should be embarrassed. Currently encumbered with an accidental mayor who has been told blaming the messenger seldom fails, assured by his marionettistas that it will all blow over. Loosing a strange example of avifauna to carry the attack. A hanger-on that can barely hang on, to distract with tough talk, insults and the occasional threat. It scouts from far above ground for anything that could be used against the good folks who would inform the people of Evansville that all is not right. The Machine can then endeavor to ruin the reputation of anyone so presumptuous to not play along, far in advance of the installation of the next machine approved Howdy Doody.

    Something looks very wrong with the circus surrounding the SBOA report and it’s not any recording or transcript that folks are worried about.

    A little surreptitious recording is occasionally a good thing. It gave us Gerald Ford or maybe it was Michigan football that did that.

    I have no idea what SBR will say at her news conference but I beleive the people of Evansville are behind her.

    Where’s the hotel?
    Where’s the $180,000 given away to Haney?
    Where’s the long overdue SBOA audit report?
    Where’s the professionalism in government we are entitled to?

  12. Thank you SBR for all you have done , also a thank you to Mr Lindsey
    for all that he’s done for the good citizens of Eville,I sure wish the other
    council members would get on board and help get the truth out about the
    financial shape Eville is in.

  13. I just read the updated garbage on the Channel 14 site. I hope some of the CCO regulars will post comments there. What a pile of biased BS!! I wonder when the local media outlets decided it was their purpose to tell the public what it is supposed to believe, instead of seeking truth.

    • The articles on that site regarding this public advocacy by SBR appear to have been written by an CP intern. Just not much there, not worth the trip.

    • I just read the WFIE online article and it doesn’t seem biased at all. It just gave the purported facts as stated by the various sources and principle players. If their statements conflict, then one is a liar, right?

      As to who the liar is, read what Mr Danks told WFIE. First SBR tried to deny (iow lied) then admitted she taped the meeting and released it “to an online blog which is an unofficial, self-proclaimed government watchdog.” So there you go. Either she did or she didn’t. Maybe she will tell all in her news conference but I doubt it.

      Of course you could ask the CCO editor because SBR reportedly sent the recorded meeting to him, right?

      • Oh good grief, it’s a misdemeanor!!! Do you come down this hard on people who get parking tickets? What do you think is appropriate punishment? Death?

        Oh you are a hoot. You must have one of those political patronage job. I bet you are very worried about losing the cushy and having to make a living on your skills in a merit-based economy. Oh the horror!!!!

        Hoorah SBR! For Mayor! For Congress! For President!!!!!

        • Agreed. For Pete’s sake, if we reacted as heavy handed as some want over infractions half the politicians would need to go. Maybe that would not be such a bad thing but as SBR used the word rabid it does express just how badly the machine does not want the good citizens to know the real truth.

          • The machine politicians (Friend, Curt John, Weaver, Winnecke, and their handlers) are shooting all of their fireworks to try and keep this recording from being released. It must really lay the wood to the finances of this town and it may even take names. The nightime sitcom hosted by Brandon Bartlett and starring Curt John last night is a desperate move by the machine. His words were not the words of someone who was in fear. His words were the words of a henpecked husband who cowers to his gossipy wife’s obsessions with a blog. The trouble with Curt is that Curt is pu$$#-whipped.

            Weavers statement below is just as desperate and silly.

            “Councilman Jonathan Weaver says whether Brinkerhoff-Riley thinks it was right or not, releasing the recording was unethical. He now hopes Monday’s City Council Meeting is canceled. Council President John Friend will not be at that meeting, so as VP, Brinkerhoff-Riley will be in charge. “I think the issue is having her control the meeting. Having it be, what we would feel, would be open mic night. Sitting there, wasting our time and having her explain however she wants to justify it in her mind,” said Weaver.”

  14. IMO, in an effort to protect himself, Councilman Friend has thrown his colleague Stephanie “under the bus”.

    As an accountant, Mr., Friend knows the condition of the financial records; yet he told Brad Byrd the reason a recording of the Exit Conference was a problem was because it could embarrass the City ” if the actual audit report doesn’t line up with the Exit Conference”.

    Really ?

    • That is what I have been alluding to regarding the audit report possibly not lining up with the exit conference. As I posted down this thread, the SBOA has the option to not include certain things in the report based on confidentiality and sensitivity.

      I think everyone attending those meetings from the beginning to the exit meeting are fully aware of what those omissions will be and SBR has the balls to record the meeting where those omissions were discussed. I think that is what she means with things not lining up, could be wrong but I’m just an armchair analyst without all the facts.

      So here we have another diversion, another “crisis” of sorts to distract, create some mudslinging, disparagement of certain individuals and all finely crafted to “take the sting” out of the report.

      On the other hand this could all just be an attempt to set attitudes by the machine with the aim of getting Democrats back at the head of an administration.

      Personally I think she did the right thing and that is coming from a Republican. It irritates me to no end the mayor feels it is necessary to play these kind of games, to in my opinion act with such fiduciary irresponsibility all to retain the power of the machine and hide the truth.

      I’m sure there are some staunch Republicans will take issue with that but you know what? Go piss up a rope. You want to bash Democrats for skullduggery? Fine but you had better be wearing your big boy pants cause I hold you both to the same standards. I don’t care which political party one claims it is reprehensible.

  15. Heres the chance for people waiting open government to attend SBR press conference. Lets turn out in masses with signs and american flags in support of her awesome move to force openness in local government.

    The moment is now to stand against back rooms political dealing in Evansville. Join me Freedom Fighters, Tea Party people, 2nd and 1st amendment Patriots, Libertarians and political Independents in support of a very brave women, Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley on this coming Monday on the steps of the Civic Center.

    • I don’t fall into any of your categories, by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ll be there to offer my support. 10:30 is a bad time for a lot of people, who are at work at that time, but I want to see a good turnout.
      I see that the Beav has weighed in, and has decided what she did was “unethical” because of the alleged “leaking.” He wants the Monday City Council meeting cancelled, because he thinks it will “just be open mic night for her to explain whatever she wants.” Sounds like he may have an invitation to go out on Friend’s boat that night.

  16. Congratulations! The CCO has been officially recognized as an “online blog which is an unofficial, self-proclaimed government watchdog” by both the local intern staffed bird cage liner and a local talking head TV station which normally reports on the the happenings in Owensboro instead of Evansville. Just like the Jeffersons, the CCO is “movin’ on up”! ROFLOL

  17. Why hasn’t the CCO reporter covering this story updated anything since the original post about a press conference that had not happened yet?

  18. I’m just wondering, do you think that the C&P will send an intern to cover SBR’s press conference (maybe Jack Pate or even Etheridge or maybe Julie Rosenbaum – she could get a plug in for her son); that should be a Silver or Gold or Platinum Award winning moment. Maybe Channel 14 can send one of their Owensboro reporters to cover it, or Jeff “Panic Man” Lyons or Ann “Helmet Hair” Komis fir an “Exclusive Interview”. Just hope no one forgets their tape recorder.

  19. Much like the good people of Troy, Mr. Mayor appears to have backed the wrong horse.

  20. There is a brief statement on the Facebook page Vote Brinkerhoff Riley. Apparently, the city still cannot balance its checkbook.

  21. How many “OUT THE RATS” can I have printed by Monday” to hand out to supporters?

  22. Everyone should go to the press conference Monday, Show your support or get your questions answered first hand!

    Vote Brinkerhoff Riley Status May 17, 2014:
    The idea that I’ve done something wrong or am going anywhere is inaccurate. I’ve never seen such a rabid drive to hide the truth about the current state of the financial records of Evansville. As a representative of the public and an advocate for fiscal transparency, I take my job seriously. Backing down isn’t in my DNA. The recording I made was to preserve the truth. The fact that it will be embarrassing is a testament to its value. Evansville still can’t balance its checkbook after 2.5 years of Lloyd Winnecke in office. The way to solve a problem is to admit it exists. There’s a reason our State Legislature made the potential penalty for the release of critical information to the public by an elected official an A infraction (speeding ticket). It was so that doing the right thing doesn’t come at an unbearable cost. And I will fight any ticket issued. As to morality, I’ll take my interpretation of morality over that of my critics any day. There will be a press conference this afternoon. More information will be released later this morning. Please share.

    • Frickin’ hilarious.

      I hadn’t seen that one before.

      They’re about as logical and reasoned and the crew in SW Indaian too, that’s for sure.

  24. SBR I applaud you and I am on your side.

    I would hope I’m being paranoid….but. I’m worried. Bad men will do very bad things to protect themselves and their money. We are obviously talking about enormous money, fraud and theft on the grandest, most scandalous scale. People have been killed for less. Until these men face the music for realz be careful. Better hire a car starter, food taster, and armed guards around the clock.

    Probably you should put the tape out there right now…if it’s just a misdemeanor. I wouldn’t want to be keeping such a thing in my possession with such desperate men around. They have no morals and no shame. None.

      • What a stupid accusation. Sounds like a feeble attempt by the machine to discredit her. Glad to hear they had someone with enough brain cells to know this was a bad idea and removed it (if it existed and isn’t just another deflection).
        Poor Steph, they’re gonna get some dirt on her, even if they have to make it up.

      • 3 weeks ago today, I got a text message from Curt John to alert me about a post that he considered to be a death threat. He asked me to take it down and I did so. We refused to release the IP address of the post to Mr. John and did learn later that he had asked the police to pursue the matter. We were then advised that the situation had been settled. There have been explicit death threats posted here before and this particular post was not explicit at all. If it had been directed at me, I would not have been threatened by it.

      • This doesn’t surprise me that John would try this. Does he support the comments his wife puts on here?

    • At first glance the “death threat” allegation just seems ridiculous and desperate, but I’m concerned that it could be a matter of him projecting his thoughts onto SBR. The sooner the recording is released, the better. It may be a matter of the Councilwoman and her family’s safety.

      • He hasn’t been an asset to this community since he lost his jump shot and grew that schnoz.

        • I remember that comment. It talked about how Curt had been using inside information to make money over and over again, like starting the Maingate with some other public officials before the Ford Center location was announced and investing in Fast Eddy’s before the casino location was picked. If Riley would have left out one word, that post would have been a big nothing except for the facts that Curt has made a career of peddling his influence. The end of his time as an influence peddler is the only thing that really scared Curt about that post.

  25. just heard curt john statements on wife blog site. makes me sorry I ever knew the guy.

  26. Is it true SBR secretly recorded the audit exit interview/meeting? Is it true she initially denied the accusations, then subsequently admitted to taping the meeting? Regardless of the magnitude of backroom political dealings(which quite frankly did not just begin with the Winnie administration)and regardless of her intentions, if true, these actions cannot be tolerated no matter political party affiliations. Per the definition of the office she promised to uphold,she has lost integrity, credibility and cannot be trusted. Now, per WFIE news(the on air extension of the C & P) she has threatened Curt John’s life(seems like a stretch to me)however, she has called him and apologized so she now gets a mulligan? The bell has been rung. With all due respect, it seems the definition of class act differs. If true, her Monday press conference may well switch from an explanation of her taping actions to an announcement of her resignation as City Councilwoman. Hell, if Friend will attend the currently scheduled Monday press conference(after all of this,I don’t think there is a chance in hell he will not attend)maybe we can get him to join her in announcing his resignation as well(Two, two mints in one)I agree, we all should be rooting for her, for if the accusations against her are true, she best be concerned what the Indian State Bar will have to say about her actions. I agree, we all should be rooting for her for she just might need the support. A & C’s “Who’s on first”, one of the best comedy routines of all time, has nothing on our city politicians. Let’s not let this be a distraction from the fact that the current administration is leading us toward cash-flow insolvency. We have bigger fish to fry. May God help us all.

    • I’m confused by your position. You SAY: “Let’s not let this be a distraction from the fact that the current administration is leading us toward cash-flow insolvency.”

      But. The whole rest of your post has a tone of “bring me the head of SBR on a stick” to it. She’s the one who can shed some light on corruption. If you are so worried about the “insolvency” why aren’t you screaming for that audit? 2 MONTHS now! And you mentioned not one word about that. Where’s your ire towards that? This recording is a mere infraction. The Indiana State Bar has no more to say about this than speeding tickets. However I do fear this could be foreboding of times to come (with the advent of Corporate prison and militarization of police force, whistleblowers can be put in prison for infractions, won’t that be fun? But I digress.)

      And this statement: “Per the definition of the office she promised to uphold,she has lost integrity, credibility and cannot be trusted.”
      Uh per your definition? We certainly differ on that point. I think you need to read the definition again. I think it is you who does not understand the purpose of the office.

      And this little gem: “Now, per WFIE news(the on air extension of the C & P) she has threatened Curt John’s life(seems like a stretch to me)however, she has called him and apologized so she now gets a mulligan? ”
      Uh yeah. It’s a stretch. You sound like a wanna-be Page 6 Blind Item writer. Like, Which hunky Jewish doctor just returned home from a trip and stopped by his mistress’s house first? That kind of thing.
      The bell has rung, you’re right about that, but it’s on this administration. It’s time for the gluttonous pigs to leave the farmhouse.

      But here’s an idea to take back to your group: Tell your pals to beat Stephanie to the steps of the Civic Center and release the audit. That will surely upstage her. They’re going to do it anyway, right? Right?

  27. Lloyd Winnecke, Carol McClintock, Jonathan Weinzapfel, Russ Lloyd, Jr., John Friend, Curt John, Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley, Wayne Parke, Marsha Abell, Roberts Stadium, the Ford Center, the Old National Events Plaza, Green Earth, tjw Kunkels, the new hotel, the McCurdy, the River House, the sewer system, the property tax fiasco – who writes the script for this soap opera? The storyline reads like something from one of those WWE “wrasslin'” shows on TV or “Vikings” on the history channel. Maybe someone could pitch a reality TV show to one of the networks. They could call it “The Real Assholes of Evansville & Vanderburgh County”.

    • Mostly the Democrat party. Not to worry though. They have plenty of useful idiots who will gladly jump into the cesspool of City of Evansville politics for their 30 pieces of sliver.

  28. Re: the article on the 14WFIE website regarding Curt John and the alledged “threatening to kill me”. I just loved the quote “…if I would quit pursing it…”. Sure makes Curt took one too many passes to the head from Don Buse when he rode the bench for McCutchan at UE.

  29. In this post, as in my previous post, my statements are about SBR’s ALLEGED actions and SBR is innocent until proven guilty. Confusion might very well be your daily state of mind. Let me ‘splain to you Lucy. The story of this headline is about Ms Riley and her scheduled press conference, not about our City’s financial condition. I made the statement about our City’s potential dire financial state because I feel it is much more important than SBR’s ALLEGED actions and to not let this story take our attention away from that. I agree, legally this is a mere infraction. However I do disagree with you on how the Indiana State Bar might feel about her ALLEGED acions if proven to be true. She is a licensed attorney in the State of Indiana and to believe her being an attorney had nothing to do with her being elected to public office would be naive.I do not purport to be an expert in regards to any ethics or morality clause contained in the licensing of an attorney in the State of Indiana, however one does exist. If an individual hires an attorney should they have to be concerned that the attorney might very well record their consultations and use the recording against them in some fashion? Then initially state that they ALLEGEDLY made no such recording, then only to later admit to such recording? If the ALLEGED actions are found to be true, how does this reflect towards the integrity of the legal community as a whole? Just sayin…..
    Is your comment about whistleblowers being imprisoned for infractions have anything to do with Edward Snowden? How does it feel to have words put in your mouth? And no, I am making no comparison between Ms Riley and Snowden, just an attempt to prove how ludicrous your statement truly is.
    Contrary to your belief, I am no “wanna-be”, just an individual that possesses some common sense and one that does not let their emotions take over their judgement and intelligence. And your statement about Jewish doctors reeks of bigotry(back to the intelligence thing)
    I harbor no ill will towards Ms Riley, but there must be a better avenue to expose corruption than her ALLEGED actions. Have a great day getalong. I like that; getalong little doggie getalong.

    • Good try trying to discredit my post. You got all the FOX News tactics DOWN! Good for you.

      However. First of all, the Jewish doctor statement wasn’t bigotry. It is referring to an actual individual known to you. (I know who you are). Look around your inbred group. I suppose you would prefer I use his name in print? YOU should know how a blind item works.

      You didn’t put words into my mouth. Snowden? Never crossed my mind, and not relevant here. But good try. The rest of your post is blah blah big word blah blah. The MO of the machine is sound swiftly authoritative and knowledgeable on the subject so no one will fact check them on their BS, but I know your just blowing smoke. The only way SBR feels harsh penalties over this minor infraction is because your machine will “take care” of her , one way or another. Yes, she is a lawyer, but the people of her ward did not elect her to serve the ward AS a lawyer. There is no client/attorney privilege being violated here (which is what I think you are trying to conflate)

      Might want to back off a few of your recreational prescription meds that your doc friend prescribes for you.

      • “However. First of all, the Jewish doctor statement wasn’t bigotry. It is referring to an actual individual known to you.” In regards to the Jewish doctor you make reference to, I truly have no idea who you are talking about, however you have piqued my curiosity. And when you put “Jewish” in front of doctor, your statement became bigoted. Would you have stated “black” doctor? I don’t think so.
        “There is no client/attorney privilege being violated here (which is what I think you are trying to conflate)”There you go again putting words in my mouth. Please re-read my statement(reading comprehension?)
        “But here’s an idea to take back to your group” My group? I am not a part of any “group”, do not know of any “group”, am not a “friend” of any Jewish doctor, do not personally know any City/County elected official nor any individual that posts on the CCO. You must have me confused with someone else.
        To reiterate, there was a better way to out the truth than giving the tape to seemingly trusted allies. Like personally giving the tape to the proper authorities. The only way to keep the taping a secret is to not tell anyone, but then what would have been accomplished? To think she could do this without anyone finding out is naive. These tactics do not speak well of a person’s character.

  30. I think during these audit meetings SBR heard and saw exactly what the SBOA and the Mayor were going to hide from the audit report. They can do this legally via Section 7, Reporting Confidential and Sensitive Information of the Government Auditing Standards. I think she knows there are certain things the Mayor and SBOA agreed that are “confidential and sensitive” and she knows some of those exclusions are either bogus, detrimental to “the machine”, if included would show the true state of the cities finances (which are bad) or just plain embarrassing to the current and previous administrations.

    Of course that is all speculation.

    • Ooops, just a correction. It is Section 4.40 (Reporting Confidential and
      Sensitive Information).

  31. It surely is time for resignations to rain down, but SBR’s is NOT one of them.
    I wish I knew the real names of some of the people who post here. It is always disconcerting to me for someone to make a comment to me that lets me know they are someone I know, but yet, I don’t know who they are.
    Could someone enlighten me on their opinions of “Who’s Who”?

    • EKB: Our analytics have already defined some of that “old email clap trap scam” per its timing do a quick read then watch you’re comment timing.
      The timing is usually the indicator point one can take a guess or run a analytics program feed to confirm the point contacts.

      Sometimes the drivers of certain “oppression techniques” can actually increase the demise of the situational drivers that plagues an areas population loss.
      Affecting the municipal income sustainability for funding balances. Historically this behavioral is “clearly” an leading cause of population migration and even immigration numbers in or out.

      “As an Nation” we now are beginning to work towards putting a more positive focus on actual immigration reform in America. Maybe? Something as “clearly” defined such as this issue is really a ” Subject defining root cause” that must be identified and solved first in.

      How do you find true social economic balance if the focus of the base income revenue population is always inconsistent, and, on the move. “Clear” issue right there.

      • It’s kind of creepy to have somebody you know reply to you, yet feels the need to remain anonymous. Of course, its obvious that these people are hiding a lot, and aren’t interested in any sort of fairness.

        • Here yah go, EKB

          Its old, however works fine , as well. Some newer tech has bounce featuring, lights up streams to origins.


          “Sorry a$$ state of affairs” when systems, as such actually have some relative viability for profitable business operations anyplace. Thus creating a needs generated real market aspect forward! ;(

        • Don’t recall the 1st Amendment addressing “fairness” qualities of opinion be it anonymously penned or not.

          And, in typical LKB fashion, you’re attaching a negative characterization to your nemesis by postulating they must be ” hiding something ” by their desire to remain anonymous.

          Weak !

          • LKB is ever the victim or unfairness and being oppressed by the negative people of the world. Did she ever stop to think that if she would quit advertising herself and her family in detail on the site, that people might not recognize who she is in life.

  32. Sunday’s C&P

    Large “editorial” on SBR in the negative way.

    Article on Monday’s 10:30 press conference. Local section, “last” page.

    • If I had a bird, I wouldn’t even line the cage floor with that toxic rag. I’d be afraid it would kill my bird, or shrink its little brain.

      • Sadly though, It’s still very powerful and influential.

        Their writers would fit right in at Fox News.

        • Forever classless with your cheap shots. Everything treads back around to being about you and your view of the world. Very sad.

      • Has the City County Observer lived up to your high standards of shining a light on the truth in this matter? Have they published the contents of the tape that SBR made of the exit interview and is alleged to have sent to the City County Observer? Why not? Meanwhile you and others spend endless hours castigating others for secrecy in government and clandestine political activities but give a pass to those who conduct surreptitious activities and twist words in attempted cover-ups of the same.

        • I don’t agree with your “take” on things that CCO has done in an effort to protect its sources, but the Courier is clearly “in the tank” with the “coven” that runs this town, and that is disgusting. The best way to cover their own evil is to conduct the witch hunt. That way, they can be sure that the witches aren’t found. Btw, the “witch” references are purely a figure of speech, so keep your shirt on.

          • So you’re saying that the CCO is protecting its sources by not making the contents of the tape public? Then why did Stephanie send the tape to the CCO editor if her intent was to expose an alleged fraud? And if the CCO editor’s intent was to protect Stephanie as his source, why did he contact John Friend and expose his source?

          • In reply to:

            May 18, 2014 at 12:29 pm
            So you’re saying that the CCO is protecting its sources by not making the contents of the tape public? Then why did Stephanie send the tape to the CCO editor if her intent was to expose an alleged fraud? And if the CCO editor’s intent was to protect Stephanie as his source, why did he contact John Friend and expose his source?

            I don’t know why anyone did anything, nor do I know why you are playing the anonymous “Grand Inquistitor”. My guess is that this started out expected to go one way and then it went awry. I also guess that you are one of the people who has something at risk if SBR is not totally discredited and you’re really upset that CCO may keep that from happening. It is pointless for us to continue these exchanges, so I’m just going to leave it at that. Go try to intimidate somebody who knows who you are.

          • You usually seem cock sure about everything so I find it incredible that you are stumped at this point in the game.

            Hey I’m not trying to intimidate you or anyone else. I’m just pointing out the obvious and asking questions that you and others are not willing to consider or address directly.

            So yes it’s time to move on and do something more constructive than waiting for you or others to directly answer questions that are pertinent to the issue. Enjoy your day and we shall all see tomorrow what new light shines from Stephanie’s Martin Luther Moment at the Gates of Civic Center Hell.

        • Just wondering how one can publish info, if at best, is “allege” to have, but CCO had posted yesterday of not having that info?

          Seems everything is “alleged” at this point.

          “Assumptions” are being made with “little proof” that’s available at this time. You know about assumptions!

          • The CCO editor only said he did not have a transcript of the taped meeting. He did not deny receiving an email from Stephanie with the sound tape of the meeting attached. Nor did he deny that he forwarded the email to John Friend. That is playing word games and apparently it worked on you. But then all this should come out clearly if a thorough investigation is conducted. So we just have to wait and see.

  33. This issue seems like a collision at a intersection where the culprit(city) brings to the police(local media) attention that the other vehicle(SBR) is now resting alongside a yellow painted curb and that is the one that should get the ticket!

  34. Recording a meeting which may expose fraud is more ethical than the fraud itself !!!!!

    Please read this again.

    • Okay let’s say a city council member in fact suspects fraud will be exposed in a private meeting and surreptitiously records the meeting with the sole intent of exposing the fraud.

      Now who should the council member deliver the proof of fraud to? The state board under whose authority the agents of fraud operate? The state’s attorney general? The state police detectives? The local police? The county prosecutor? Or the editor of “an online community newspaper dedicated to the progress of this region” and another private accountant who no longer works under contract to the city council?

      What is the appropriate course of action for this council member to take, especially one who is a practicing lawyer, when intending to expose an alleged fraud?

      • Everything in government is polticial.

        No matter how well intentioned or nonpartisan an agency is supposed to be, politics will infect that agency, especially if the stakes are high like they are now.

        Going to the press is the way to go.

        • Yes everything in government is political because government is formed, elected, staffed and operates by political means. That’s a given, not some sudden revelation.

          Are implying that just because everything in government is political that no single government official is capable of conducting his or her duties effectively and appropriately with regard to prosecuting fraud? Are you lumping the local county prosecutor, the state attorney general, the state police, and the local police into the same amorphous kettle of political miscreants that other commenters on this blog seem to believe controls all things political?

          And what has the local press including CCO done with the information that they have been given on this specific issue?

          • As matter of fact I am. Look at the history of organized crime.

            It didn’t get taken on and reduced until the FBI was created. The mob always bought off all the local police, judges etc.

            Just to keep things in the third person a local sheriff or prosecutor of X party is NOT going to investigate or prosecute a local mayor or politician of the same party.

            Outside agenies are always needed for that.

            You’re asking all the wrong questions Mr. Rabbit hole. How about you ask similar questions of the whole corrupt Weinzapful-Winnecke alliance?

            Where is the $7M? Who did it go to? How come they can’t reconcile the bank accounts. Who would it implicate? Why is the release of the audit results been delayed beyond the standard 30 days after the exit conference. Why did Bob Jones and Winnecke give everyone the impression the $11.5M in private financing agreed to was in the bank. Why did Weizapful’s new law firm suddenly get millions in legal fees from the City?

            To say that you’re not interested in those questions would be generous. There are about 20 other questions that should be asked of this stinking adminsitration by you and all the local media but they could care less. Why?

          • Typical reply from a typical malcontent. Begin calling names and divert the conversation to a pile of generalities rather than answer the direct questions. Thanks for confirming again what sort of brains populate your little group of ineffective malcontents.

      • truth serum,

        Ms. Riley suspected collusion between the SBOA and the City Administration.

        She did EXACTLY THE RIGHT THING by providing the recording to the CCO.

        Let’s face it: CCO has distinguished itself by reporting the truth without spin or bias. Ms. Riley was assured by giving it to CCO that if the whitewash was in fact implemented, there would be a record of the fraud.

        • At this point I’m not ready to say collusion. The auditing process allows for confidential and sensitive information to excluded from the report and I think it is those exclusions (if there are any) SBR finds detrimental to an accurate view of the city finances. Personally if that is the case I agree with her. Additionally I don’t think any exclusions of any kind should be allowed.

    • It should never be considered unethical to expose the dirty tricks of politicians and government actors.

      • How many days has it been since the tape was delivered to the CCO editor, and what more do we know about its content or any alleged fraud? So what good did it do to send it that way?

        • T_S – give it a rest man. All the facts are not out and you keep beating the same horse about what was supposedly done. WHy not take a moment, count to 10 and wait until the information is given. Quit playing games with the hyopthetical situations.


    Without knowing ANYTHING: perhaps MS Riley distributed the tape to trusted allies in order to get the truth out, even if something dreadful might happen to her before she was able to publicly deliver.
    Further, the prospect of those potentially exposed having to deal with more than one source, has the effect of diminishing the danger to each. …

  36. I have read that both John Friend AND Jonathan Weaver are calling the taping of that meeting, which may disclose fraud, “unethical”.

    Now I am worried!

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