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Councilman H. Dan Adams: Letter to the Editor regarding Vectren


Dr. Dan Adams

Dear Editors:

It is the local perception by many that Vectren’s rates are too high for what they deliver. Without letting them explain why their rates are three times per kilowatt-hour than those from across the river, we seem to be rushing to judgment in this pre-election-charged, hyped up element…. perhaps looking to a cause for November 6th’s vote. I believe that in an attempt to stem noxious gas emissions and become very green that Vectren has gotten too far out in front of their surrounding colleagues with their charges. But I would want them to have the opportunity to explain the discrepancy before rushing to judgment.

Our air needs help without a doubt. I would think having an open dialogue with Vectren and discussing multiple ways to curb its corporate spending that could translate back to savings to the average customer is a worthy endeavor. By retaining O.25% of their share’s dividend toward that goal, by adjusting downward their internal, company-owned subsidiary unit charges …perhaps asking too much of the parent for coal and such, and by curbing their maybe-too-admirable efforts of give money to local projects, Vectren could stop trying to be all things to all people outside of electricity delivery.

By getting back to basics, they could save more money by being more of a meat-and-potatoes power company. Vectren needs to create a free, open forum to explain itself. Internally, Vectren is a black box to us all. And I am not a follow-the-leader guy, rather I find myself constantly trying to find my own way. As much as I want lower electric charges as anyone, without deep data, I will not sign a petition that has not much clout.

H. Dan Adams, MD MBA, Evansville City Councilman, At-Large


  1. Ironic:

    Should I start the litany of the “black box” decision making the Council has undergone (some under cover of ERC) apparently without “deep [enough] data”…?

  2. Dan, I agree, because the same applies to the city council. We homeowners outside the city limits continue to wonder why we pay 35% more for sewage processing than those of you inside the city. So far, the city council’s only explanation has been that the law allows the surcharge even though we in the county paid for the new sewers that were extended as part of our subdivision development. The sewer departments expense was inspecting and accepting the sewer lines after the fact.

    Additionally, there are sewer users all town whose property lies at a greater distance from the sewer treatment plants than some of our properties out in the county, yet those city customers pay far less for sewer processing than do we in the county, simply by virtue of their location within city limits.

    We in the county have waited a long time now for your or the water and sewer utility’s explanation of why we pay more than those of you in the city. It’s kind of the same as what you say about Vectren in this letter today, isn’t it?

  3. So Vectren says they’ve already installed all these [so called] pollution control upgrades and uses them as justification for their high rates. Where is the data that shows how these upgrades have improved their pollution output as compared to other utilities in our region that have not yet installed them? Are we getting what we are paying for?

  4. I’m just still not buying this “poor Vectren” scam being perpetrated upon the citizen customers. As much as I agree our air quality needs help, I fail to see how that should become the responsibility of customers who have no say, and are getting NO relief from the governmental entities charged with protecting the consumers (ie IURC). TELL VECTREN NO!!!

    • actually Vectren had no say in it either, they are pretty much at the mercy of the EPA

      • That is a lot of bull. No other utilities in the midwest went over the top to hurry up and comply with every rule they could dream up just to increase the revenue. Vectren has to live by the same rules as all the others. Vectren is just the best a milking it for all they can.

  5. If only everyone in politics were as thoughtful and considerate as Dan Adams, we might actually have a chance at good government.

  6. I believe much more needs to be learned about how Vectren operates. It is clear the IURC must approve any rate hikes which appears to be a mere formality at this point, the question then becomes are there ways to deregulate and allow some competition to bring down the cost of delivering the power. I understand the latest upgrades deal with replacing aging turbines at AE Brown but that seems to be cheaper than building new plants. I would encourage representatives from Vectren to offer a community forum to explain how their company operates and save the criticism for after we have all the facts. It may well be that they don’t need the rate increase but in all deference to one of the pillars of our business community lets save judgement for later.

    As to having the IURC come to affected areas, I would encourage any and all governmental or quasi-governmental entities to get out of Indy every now and then so all the citizens of Indiana can get a better grasp of how our government operates. Several years ago, our appellate and supreme courts began travelling to different areas to hear oral arguments around the state and I would say it has been a great success. The same should apply for these boards whether they be appointed or elected.

  7. Doc is a smart man but I gotta say that this stuff about Vectren having private meetings with council members is bull. What happens in those meetings? Donations, threats, intimidating looks from Sheriff Ellsworth, and what else? Thumbscrews or promises of a job later in life are what people say. Let the darn meetings be open to the public.

    If our council backs down on this in closed door meetings this is worst than the homestead tax grab that ended Weinzapfuls career and has his elf Winnecke on the defensive right now.

    • Dear Rev, I have had no back door meetings re: Vectren. I called the way I saw it … Dan

      • Wasn’t picking on you Doc. What I was picking on was that Vectren mouthpiece on TV last night that clearly does not want to come before council. Some of your council members will take the bait and go to Vectren for a one-on-one session to pick up a check and take their whooping. The council members worth keeping will stand firm and make Vectren explain itself on TV and before the council for all to see.

    • Rev, the secret April 1 Fools Day meeting in the Mayor’s office for the homestead tax grab was much, much worse than Vectren’s current attempt to silence elected officials and candidates over Vectren’s obscene rate increase request. The outgoing Mayor has been silent on the obscene Vectren rate request. Will he follow in Mr. Ellsworth’s footsteps? I also believe Dr. Dan, he is a maverick and certainly not a “yes” man for the current regime. That is why the Meanstream Democrats are against fellow Demos Dr. Dan, Mr Friend and Mr. Davis. They refused to blindly follow orders from the Mayor and Mr. Owen and must be punished.

  8. Doc–

    I suggest you get a new calendar. The Election is not Nov 6th—it is Nov 8. Question: Has Evansville air gotten better or worse in the last 50 years?

    • What political party has had a strangle hold on Evansville politics for the last 50 years? Then answer whether things are getting better in Evansville.

      • In Evansville, it’s not about political parties. It’s about insiders vs. outsiders.

        Make no mistake–the insiders are on both sides of the aisle.

      • The party of oligarchs that choose the winners is the party that has had a death grip on Evansville. They call themselves democrats and wave the blue flag but the reality is that they are loyal to the old boys club and party does not matter. They just call themselves democrats because it is easier to get elected that way.

        Think about how many republicans were part of the cartel that financed Weinzapfel’s campaign to become mayor.

        • Or how many democrats are supporting Mr Winnecke this year, it is truly as stated “the old boys club”, party affiliation has nothing to do with it, it is just a label (or cover) to hide behind.


        • Rev. Wright:

          Exactly. The only thing I would add is that, as a Republican, I know PLENTY of Republicans who are part of that old boys club, as well. The difference is that they stay well in the background.

          In general, their role is to ensure that the local Republican party is so disorganized and incompetent that it can’t mount any serious opposition to the ruling party.

          • If the job of the local Republicans is to make sure that their party is disorganized and incompetent then they are doing a fine job. Look at this years slate. Winnecke has more money than every other candidate all together yet he has not coattails. If Winnecke wants a Republican council he should help some if his Republican city council candidates out. Those clowns are out selling hot dogs and pizza to pay for some yard signs while he is on billboards all over town. He must want a Democratic council to keep himself in line.

          • The local Republicans spend more time, money, and energy knifing each other in the back than they do on mounting serious opposition.

            There are a select number of Republican insiders who work with the Democrats to make sure that no serious Republican opposition ever emerges.

            In exchange for this “service,” those Republican insiders are given plum offices and guarantees that the Democrats will not go after them.

            Look at the way the local party went after Cheryl Musgrave. Whether you supported her or not, you have to admit that Cheryl was one of the smartest, toughest, most effective people ever to pass through the Vanderburgh County GOP. And yet she was more “hated” by the GOP establishment than by most Democrats!

            The only this EVER changes is if people like Rick can break through the machine on the Democratic side. If Rick wins, he will have 4 years to dismantle the machine structure and reorganize the party along a more open plan.

            If he fails to do that, then the machine will live on and ultimately destroy him.

            A Republican mayor would have Zero chance of destroying the machine, especially if that Republican is only in office at the machine’s whim.

          • Thank you Andrew…..probably the most truthful post I’ve had the privilege to read on the CCO in a long time.


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