Breaking News: CORE Challenges the Legality of the Vote to Consolidate


The group opposing unification of the City and County governments, CORE has notified the election board that they request a meeting to present evidence that CORE alleges will show that the scheduled vote on unification has not met the proper legal criteria for inclusion on the ballot. The link below is to the letter asking for the meeting.

CORE’s Challenge to Legality of Vote

This is a developing story:


  1. Looks like the Vanderburgh County Clerk, Susan Kirk has another political problem to address concerning a sloppy bookkeeping issues within her office.

    • What did you read in that statement that makes you think this is a Susan Kirk issue?

    • This has absolutely nothing to do with Ms. Kirk’s office. The opponents to consolidation are apparently challenging, for reasons unknown at this time, whether the matter can legally be on the ballot this fall. The silly off-base criticism of Ms. Kirk reflects poorly on Mr. Davis, and I expect he should be upset as it is hurting him in many eyes.

  2. If CORE win this issue it shall be the end of Susan Kirk political career. I’m a strong supporter of unification government and shall be really pi—- off if CORE win this dispute!

  3. Ms. Kirk is having a bad week. First Bix Branson ballot issue and now this.

    Was planning to vote for Susan but she can forget it now.

  4. Re-elect Rick Davis as your next Vanderburgh County Treasurer.

    If Kirk can’t read a map and counts ballots we don’t need her in the Treasures office.

    Good bye Susan Kirk.

    • The Rick Davis bloggers should remember that Susan Kirk voted for Al Lindsey in the Mosby/Watts residence challenge when the Owen appointed Democrat voted against Lindsey. She’s the only reason Al Lindsey is in office and doing a very good job for the taxpayers.

  5. I really like Susan Kirk and have supported her everytime she has run for public office.

    However, the School Board ballot problem and the possible signiture issue concerning putting Unification vote on this November ballot have cost Susan Kirk my vote.

  6. How about we get all the details before jumping to conclusions. I didn’t read anything where it says who would have been at fault.

    • Don’t spoil the Democrats’ feeding frenzy with reason, rationale, and temperance. This overblown, premature rush to judgment might be their only shot at holding onto the Treasurer’s office.

  7. This is just silly. There is nothing presented that indicates this is anything other than a grievance letter. It won’t stop anything and, frankly, should be ignored as a red-herring and bad use of tax payer money if investigated. Anybody could write a letter like this, and they do, and should not be given serious consideration. If they want to stop the vote, file for an injunction and put their money where their mouth is.

    • Those laws are silly, ignore all of them. I am not privledged to their evidence, but if there is a violation, it MUST be considered.

  8. Does anybody else recalling reading an article about how doomed these people were as far as getting signatures in time to press forward with the referendum was concerned? Didn’t they come up with a whole bunch of signatures at the last minute?

  9. Susan Kirk has done a fine job as Clerk, in my estimation. She will still have my vote as Treasurer. I’m not saying she’s made no mistakes. Any office that handles the sheer amount of tasks her office handles would be inhuman, machine-like in fact, if it didn’t make a couple mistakes here or there. I am not aware of any mistakes she’s made, and it may turn out there is no basis for this legal challenge. I assure you from my dealings with her, the woman seems more than fair, honest, and right honorable, and if there have been mistakes made under her watch, my feeling is there is no malicious intent whatsoever involved. Chalk it up to the oftentimes esoteric morass we call the Indiana Administrative Code; my guess is pre factum, that’s what’s to blame here.

    It does seem the Democrat forces are pissing their pants to capitalize on this, however, and it’s fairly amusing to watch.

    While I’m at it, I might as well add my voice to the din of opposition to Consolidation as well. I’ve been conflicted on this issue so far and have reserved my judgment until now, but I am against it on the grounds that evidence is not clear it would would help in any of the ways we are told it should, and principally it’s never a good idea to move government controls further away from you. It’s like shortening the reigns so you can’t drive the cart.

  10. Good points. Susan Kirk also is against consolidation. Sad the Rick Davis far out supporters appear to have turned nasty and untrue on Ms. Kirk who has been nothing more than fair and honest.

      • I was tough on Al Lindsey after Maingate fiasco with Mosby and Weaver. However, Mr. Lindsey has been right as rain on many recent issues along with the always reliable Dan McGinn. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

        • Ah…and Mr. Lindsey is one of those “Rick Davis far out supporters.” And as you claim Ms. Kirk was a fine Clerk, I claim Mr. Davis has been a fine Treasurer. Furthermore, isn’t it you “conservative” types who whine and moan about political job switching and career politicians? Shouldn’t you be railing about term-locked Kirk running for another office?

          • Is it true that voters will have to choose in the County Treasurer’s race between a career politician with decades of administrative experience and a career politician who is a perennial candidate?

  11. The EVSC violated state statute by getting their referendum placed on the ballot a mere 3 months after pulling out of the petition and remonstrance procedure after the Vanderburgh County Taxpayers Association filed a remonstrance petition against them.

    Even though that was clearly a violation of statute, it sailed right through as if they had done nothing wrong.

    That is the way things work around here, and I thought I would throw in a picture of the help you will get from the local prosecutor’s office:


  12. joe biden let’s wait and see if the claims that the group from CORE are correct.

    If they are correct then Kirk should women up and accept blame. After all, the school board member ballot and the alledged issue brouht up by CORE falls under Ms. Kirk watch!

    Like it or not, the above issues shall be campaign issues in November!

  13. Those who hold Indianapolis’ 1970 UNIGOV up as an example of consolidated government probably know little about its history.

    Foe example, although UNIGOV passed in 1970, the Indianapolis Police Department (IPD) (September 1, 1854 – December 31, 2006) was the principal law enforcement agency of Indianapolis, under the jurisdiction of the Mayor of Indianapolis and Director of Public Safety. Prior to the consolidation of the Department and the Law Enforcement Division of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, by the City-County Council, approximately 1,200 sworn (police officers) and 350 civilian personnel were employed by the police department which provides service 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to the citizens of Indianapolis.

    So we can see that it took from Jan. 1970 to Dec. 2006 for the Indianapolis Police Department and the Marion County Sherrif’s Department to merge, a period of 36 years!

    UNIGOV is a living, breathing, constantly changing entity, as we can see in its latest iteration titled: UNIGOV 2.0.

    So what really happened in 1970 was the gavel of power was passed to a new group of individuals and they would shape the new government over time. Which is precisely what will happen here in Evansville and Vanderburgh county if this referendum is passed.

    I will say it as plainly as I can: You are not voting on a plan, you will be voting on passing the gavel of power to a new group (or not so new group) of individuals who will then shape the new government according to THEIR vision.

    It took INDY 36 years to combine its police departments. I have not researched its fire departments to see what has happened there, but I doubt that it was accomplished quickly either.

    If it is true that most of these combined government referendums are spurred on by the Chamber of Commerce it would not surprise me that such was the case in Indianapolis. Who does not remember the financial burden that the INDY Capital Improvement Board tied to the backs of taxpayers, not only in Indy but throughout the state, over the Lucas Stadium project?

    I will not vote to hand over power to a bunch of unnamed officeholders with no clear and enforceable plan of action adopted beforehand. It sounds like an open invitation to disaster.


    • Press is correct. We lived in one of the “donut counties” around Marion County from 1978 to 2010. There must be a plan that is more concrete than the one that has been compiled here in Evansville for consolidation. There will always be some changes in government because life is a process not an absolute but there must be a better structure to go forward with consolidation in this city.

      • I must add that the CIB/Lucas Oil Stadium fiasco was a sad affair. The whole process was a joke and we will be paying for the “laugh” for a long time.

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