Contractor’s Lawsuit Against the EVSC




  1. I do not see how anyone can read the list of General Allegations in
    this suit and not come away with the conviction that EVSC had
    conspired to violate the competitive bidding requirements of IC 36-1-12-4

    One could ask why they went to this extreme, and I believe it was
    because the school corporation was maxed out on their bonding ability
    at the time and felt they had no other avenue except to try something “extra legal”.

    I still do not believe that EVSC can show where they had authority to
    approach ICI about a contract for the renovation before selling the
    property to their foundation, as at THAT PERIOD IN TIME they were
    still bound by IC 36-1-12-4

    If this fiction is allowed to stand it has state-wide implications for
    every taxing entity. This business, of taxing entities setting up
    501c3 corporations to do the sort of things that the taxing entity is
    prohibited by statute from doing, needs to be confronted head on.

    If it appears that no review of the judge’s opinion will be
    forthcoming, then we must ask the legislature to close the loophole in
    IC 36-1-12-4 that has allowed this to take place.

    The tax dollars at stake here are incalculable.


  2. You know Press, what is really a travesty is that all of those locally owned businesses believe that the EVSC are basically crooks. That damage is truly incalculable.

    • Architect

      The main actor in the play has moved on to the bigger, better deal and I am not sure that he ever gave a moments thought to the damage he would do to the relationship of which you speak.

      While he, individually, may not have understood the danger involved, I can not exempt his legal counsel. It was poorly advised to allow this to take place. I think many people who had their doubts about the way EVSC was being run, after seeing this, had their suspicions confirmed.

      The best thing that can come from it would be for the legislature to act fast to close the loophole.


      • Press,
        The “main actor” here was arrogant enough to believe that Evansville needed all his ideas, legal or illegal, to survive. I would wager he either did not check with counsel, or decided that the risk to proceed was worth it “for the kids”(joke) since he would be soon long gone.

        • 292

          As convoluted as this deal was, I can not imagine that counsel was not consulted first. I doubt the actor had the expertise necessary to conceive of such an action.


    • Speaking of crooks, how do you think that Klenck Construction feels about the City of Evansville?

          • a blogger a few months back suggested that Klenck should “return the twin piles of rubble” if they don’t get paid. Perhaps a little going-away present for JW ?

      • Maybe JW is planning to pay Klenck out of his pocket of campaign funds. In fact, on closer examination no better use for that fund can be found.

      • Speaking of Crooks, how about that 8th District county chair vote in Vincennes yesterday?

        • at least Owens and Robinson finally did what the local party wanted them to do, otherwise it was a great scam to beat us out of our vote in the matter

  3. Sorry, Henry, but what happened was they did what they wanted, it just happily coincided, or did it? They were in a big rush to get it counted and get out of there. The vote of the caucus should have decided, not influenced, they just offered the gesture of considering our suggestion. It’s like offering you a sandwich, tying a string around it, jerking it back out-then bragging that they bought you lunch-your belly’s still empty, but at least you got to swallow it. You know, like the Baurhaus fed us rubber chicken, but never got paid for it. Rubber checks, rubber chicken-and somebody borrowed your string and never gave it back. What gives with these people?

    • How many of the 19 county chairs other than in Vanderburgh gave their precinct committee captains an opportunty to vote before scampering up to Vincennes to do Parker and Long’s bidding?

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