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Congressman Larry Bucshon to Hold Office Hours in Evansville



Congressman Larry Bucshon (IN-08) will hold Office Hours in his Evansville District Office on Monday, January 6, 2014.


What:                  Evansville Office Hours
When:                 Monday, January 6, 2014 from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM CST

Where:               101 NW Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Room 124, Evansville, IN 47708


Note:  Appointments will be scheduled in 15 minute increments on a first come, first served basis and can be arranged by calling Erin Pugh at (812) 232-0523.



    • He’ll cancel due to the weather. Big deal, he was going to grant audiences to 10 lucky constituents! What an embarrassment.

      • elkaybee: What do you suggest he do? Most people like to have one on one conversation with a Congressman. Your the one who is embarrassing with a silly statement like that.

        Who are you?

        • He can start by explaining with a straight face about why he voted to default on the debt of the United States of America.

          • A refusal to raise the debt ceiling is not a default. The bills still get paid.

            It’s all a stupid ruse anyway. The Fed prints our money in fiat. Our military is there to ensure countries around the world don’t dare screw with the US dollar hegemony. The fact you think the debt ceiling thing matter a toss means you have no real idea what’s actually going on. I though you were smarter than that.

          • slows down there brains yous kinda dumb thats shutsdowns helped thes economys stops bring that ups us liberals likes yous and me needs them obamas bucks to grows the economys

    • KnowNothing: “…Larry is leaving the country club for a little while” what a terrible totally non-factual statement. With a comment like that —you got a problem. It shows you”KnowNothing”.

      Who are you?

    • Here ya go Brent,Epic Pretreat,Fail, Evansville roads “pre-right now” as observed by radar and atmospheric pressure and temperatures.
      Well,the storm water drains shouldn’t freeze for a bit,until all the “pre-chemical ” goes down the creeks,into the river basin,and ultimately the gulf..
      Incremental,climate change action starts with viable planning balances. all the while as the frontal passage flash freezes the road surface quickly again. Like the previous event.

      Thought, I read as reported on the TRISTATE home page/ eyewitness news. yesterday the municipality across the river held off somewhat with their costing and pretreat timing per expected event,speculating and staging on actual thermodynamic precipitation conditional change over. Good! Incremental Climate Change action points there for environmental balance and sustainability*

      “insula Gilliganis

      Gilligans island.

    • Brent: Also, after retrieving observed data,maybe the location per/as listed in the above article, might,have some base level viability for Congressman DR.Larry Bucshon’s meeting in the district as projected in access timing as thereof.
      It seems the area surrounding the location had received extensive pre-treatment prior to this days weather event timing. [Downtown Evansville]
      Some of this might linger enough to affect road surface thermodynamics,however if that does “inflict itself” upon the combined sewer system in the downtown area and the rain is heavy enough,could be the pretreat might be re-applied to some other regionals conditional traces by the planet thermodynamics without the application cost “previously incurred” for a “sustainable road surface approach”*.
      Storm water Discharges along the entire Ohio basin ,lately, probably indicate a higher trace background salinity or pre-treat chemical influx with these changing weather related conditionals.
      [same waste water issues faced drilling or fracking for oil or gas surrounded by agricultural fields] ..”connected dots there”.

      With the Ohio and “other basin streams” at levels of overflow/and flooding backwaters,I wonder just what is the over all trace amount left in say an agricultural crop field backwater in the river bottoms. After,the drainage and sewer “outwash overflux” recedes.
      When talking overall impact [fails] verses true environmental balances,this could literally be “FOOD” for “THOUGHT”.. forward especially as your congressman heads to the Beltway again to represent the whole of the funding area of the Indiana 8th district,as well.

      “tim danaos et dona ferente’s”

      “I fear greeks even if they bring gifts” (Virgil)

  1. keep working for the people Dr. Bucshon……unlike barry who left a big carbon footprint on his trip to hawaii while the country is going up in flames……..i see now he left his wife so she can stay a few more days….yet one more big money waste and carbon footprint to pick her back up……although i cannot blame barry for leaving ms barry obama there……one second thought she more than likely told little barry to get lost…..http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/01/05/President-Leaves-Michelle-Obama-in-Hawaii-as-Birthday-Present

  2. Congressman Buchson is doing a good job and deserves to be re-elected. We are fortunate to having him representing us in Washington.

  3. Oh boy! A full day of meetings. I’m impressed Mr Bucshon took time out from his busy fundraising schedule with Indianapolis lawyers and military lobbyists to meet with a few constituents. I’m sure the 20 lucky people willing to battle the elements to get there will have just enough time for a photo-op and autograph for the fridge.

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