Congressman Bucshon Comments on President’s Gun Proposal


(Washington, DC) – Congressman Larry Bucshon (IN-08) released the following statement regarding President Obama’s proposal on gun control.

Congressman Bucshon (IN-08) stated:

“President Obama offered broad recommendations today that lack specifics or real evidence that the actions he proposed will significantly reduce violence. I believe we need to have a broader conversation about the causes and cures of violence in our society. More emphasis should be placed on addressing mental health issues and how to get proper treatment for those who suffer from mental illness. We should be addressing the poor economic situation some of our citizens are in as well as the illegal drugs epidemic we are facing, instead of playing politics. Creating new laws while we can’t enforce the current laws is simply expanding Government for no reason.

“The founding fathers intended that legislation be passed through Congress with meaningful consideration and debate, not by the stroke of a single pen. I do not support the use of executive order in an attempt to bypass Congress on this issue or any other issue. As a member of Congress, I have an obligation to protect the rights of my constituents, and I intend to keep that obligation.”


  1. Congressman Bucshon thank you for supporting the Constitution. There are entirely too many batos in Washington who are more than ready to shred the Bill of Rights in the name of socialism and “fairness.”. People with that mindset were born losers who will die losers.

  2. Unbelievable you mention “illegal drugs” as something we should focus on, yet by all accounts, all the shooters in the most recent shooting sprees were on LEGAL anti-depressant medication!

    Larry Buschon is supported by big pharma. Last thing he wants to do is draw attention to this culprit. He is acting as badly as Obama. He does not deserve applause for this press release.

    It’s Republicans like this that make me consider leaving the Party altogether.

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