Community Reacts to More Shootings


Community Reacts to More Shootings

There have been three shootings between Friday and Memorial Day. The most recent shooting happened at the Eastland Apartment complex Monday.

Emergency crews were sent to Eden Court around 7:00 Monday evening. When they arrived they found Donald Burkett who had been shot in the chest. Burkett was taken to St. Vincent Hospital Evansville. He is expected to survive.

“It was a dispute between the victim and a neighbor. Through that, our officers were able to find out and track down a neighbor and bring down the neighbor down for questioning and identified him as the suspect, Willie Picket Junior,” says Evansville Police Officer Phil Smith.

Willie Pickett, also known as ‘Pedro,’ is now behind bars facing charges of aggravated battery with a firearm.

Officials say there are still suspects in other crimes on the loose. One suspect who is responsible for shooting a man Sunday night outside an apartment on Cross Street. That man is in the hospital fighting for his life.

The victim of the shooting on Cross Street Sunday night is still alive, but he is not telling police who shot him.

Police are also looking for the person responsible for shooting three people at a house party around midnight, Friday. Authorities found a gun in the basement of that home, but they have not been able to figure out who left it there.

Evansville police say this surge in crime is not unusual for this time of the year with more people out and about.

“A lot of these incidents are happening amongst people who do know the offender so it’s not just random acts where people who are out shopping. Out and about are being, having crimes perpetrated against them,” says Officer Smith.