by Marie WILLIAMS

    Today at noon the City-County Observer will recognize several public servants for their service to our community and thank them for their hard work, commitment to improving our quality of life, and willingness to be vulnerable.

    It could not be a more appropriate time to recognize goodness!

    Citizens in our community, like most of those throughout our country, have been faced with increasing challenges in the last few years.  The “United” within and among our States is seriously at risk.  Social media threatens the effective dialogue that has been the source of conflict resolution since the beginning of our nation.

    Political alliances have inhibited, if not prevented, negotiations for the best decisions in the interest of public welfare, and have promoted greed for power.  And the network media contribute to the chaos by spreading lies, half-truths, and attacking those who disagree with them.  All of this contributes to a world in which effective leaders resist stepping forward to seek and/or accept leadership positions in public service.

    Our community is blessed with many effective leaders who serve as outstanding stewards of their abundant gifts.  The City-County Observer is proud to recognize some of them tomorrow at our annual “Outstanding Community Service” luncheon at Bally’s-Evansville.

    While this event is a small token of our appreciation, it is an important one that we hope will encourage all to express their appreciation for all those who elect and are elected to make a positive difference in our lives.

    Please join us in thanking Attorney Charles L. Berger, retired Superior Court Judge Rich D’Amour, former County Treasurer and County Clerk-Susan Kirk, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, State Senator Vaneta Becker, City Councilman Alex Burton, and Community Volunteer Lisa Vaughn for their hard work, commitment to the community, and their willingness to take a risk on our behalf!



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